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Muster Roll Call and Silver Taps

"In this ceremony we honor the memories of fellow A&M men and women whose death prevents their answering Roll Call at this annual Muster. The Roll is a symbolic Roll Call of all students and former students whom death has taken from our ranks, but whose memory lives on in our hearts. As each name is called, a comrade will answer: Here!"

Each Aggie's name is a link that goes to his or her online Silver Taps page. While this list is updated once a day, the Silver Taps obituaries on our News page are updated throughout the business day.  To add a name to Roll Call, please email




Viewing Current Muster Roll Call (Muster 2018)

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NameClass YearDate of PassingNotified onClub
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 1178 items in 3 pages
Lt. Col. Andres Cuellar '54 195412/26/20171/12/2018Laredo A&M Club
Mr. James McGahee '48 19483/9/20171/12/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Louie Barbe '46 19461/8/20181/12/2018 
Mrs. Margaret Simpson '74 19746/23/20131/12/2018 
Ms. Flo Hannah '00 20001/10/20181/12/2018Houston A&M Club
COL Robert Mitchell '50 195011/17/20171/11/2018Oahu A&M Club
Dr. Horace Van Cleave '52 19521/7/20181/11/2018 
Mr. Robert Farid '92 199212/1/20171/11/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Frank Ragland '48 19481/5/20181/11/2018Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. Thomas Dollahite '54 19541/8/20181/11/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Thomas McGannon '45 194511/1/20171/11/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Aidia Davis '00 200012/12/20171/11/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Cad Powell '55 19551/6/20181/10/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Harlan Wensel '55 19551/6/20181/10/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. William West '68 19681/8/20181/10/2018 
Mr. Thomas Merritt '71 19711/5/20181/10/2018Wichita Falls A&M Club
Mr. Warren Tenney '56 195612/28/20171/10/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Fred Seroyer '50 19505/14/20171/10/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Jennings '78 197812/29/20171/10/2018Baytown Texas A&M Club
Mr. William Stewart '65 19651/6/20181/10/2018Laredo A&M Club
Dr. Ray Gleason '63 196312/24/20171/9/2018New England A&M Club
Mr. Bruce King '78 197811/22/20171/9/2018Coppell A&M Club
Mr. Anthony Drummond '99 19991/5/20181/9/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Harold Roberson '48 194812/22/20171/9/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Rau '52 19521/3/20181/9/2018Baton Rouge A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Rinnert '54 19541/8/20181/9/2018Texarkana Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Wayne Neely '67 19671/4/20181/9/2018Highland Lakes A&M Club
Ms. Valorie Greer '85 198512/24/20171/9/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. William Gass '75 197512/9/20171/9/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Allen Davis '54 195412/29/20171/8/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Billy Richardson '46 19461/3/20181/8/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. John DuMenil '86 19861/4/20181/8/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Gerald Jendrusch '66 19661/5/20181/8/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Robert Haney '50 195012/20/20171/8/2018Ozark A&M Club
Mr. John Stiles '74 19741/4/20181/8/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Kohutek '77 19771/1/20181/8/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. William Hamilton '40 19401/4/20181/8/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. L. Young '54 195412/20/20171/8/2018Wharton County A&M Club
Mr. Richard Strain '52 19521/2/20181/8/2018Palo Pinto County A&M Club
Mr. Howard Elder '94 199412/16/20171/8/2018 
Dr. Louis Bariola '69 196912/23/20171/4/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Oswald '61 19611/1/20181/4/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Charles Bowers '45 19451/28/20131/4/2018Kentuckiana A&M Club
Mr. George McClelland '43 194312/21/20171/4/2018Rusk County A&M Club
Mr. Joshua Armstrong '02 200212/25/20171/4/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Jeff New '59 195912/26/20171/4/2018Victoria County A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Whitson '45 194512/24/20171/4/2018New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Robert Klawiter '54 195412/21/20171/4/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Roy Neely '48 194812/24/20171/4/2018Midland A&M Club
Col. Edward Bale '42 194212/21/20171/3/2018Houston A&M Club
Dr. Robert Egenolf '74 197412/4/20171/3/2018Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Candelario Gonzalez '74 197412/30/20171/3/2018Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Ben Thigpen '48 194812/30/20171/3/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Edward Sewell '54 195412/30/20171/3/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Jerry Woods '75 197512/28/20171/3/2018Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. Louis Piazza '61 196112/26/20171/3/2018Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. William Wilshire '53 19531/1/20181/3/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Marshall Huffman '60 196012/31/20171/3/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Gary Grote '72 197212/25/20171/2/2018 
Dr. A. Palms '45 194512/31/20171/2/2018Grayson County A&M Club
LTC Hugh McGinty '42 194212/23/20171/2/2018El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. Alton Meyer '60 196012/24/20171/2/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Edward Miles '50 195012/24/20171/2/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Elmer Elkins '49 194912/24/20171/2/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Joe Bell '49 194912/29/20171/2/2018Hill County A&M Club
Mr. Marshall Johnson '49 194912/29/20171/2/2018San Angelo A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Smith '79 197912/22/20171/2/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mrs. Laura Stabell '82 198212/25/20171/2/2018Tomball Area A&M Club
Mr. Francis Raymond '62 196212/28/20171/2/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. John Eagleston '45 194512/20/201712/22/2017Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. Theodore Vera '66 196610/3/201712/21/2017 
LTC James McDaniel '67 196712/8/201712/21/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. William Hajek '71 197112/20/201712/21/2017Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Bene De Los Santos '14 201411/8/201712/20/2017Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Dr. William Dorries '55 195512/11/201712/20/2017Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. John Meadows '70 197012/10/201712/20/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Morris Schulman '18 201812/16/201712/20/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Jeremy Gaspar '07 200712/16/201712/20/2017Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Robert Fahr '43 194312/16/201712/19/2017Central Arkansas A&M Club
Mr. David Emison '43 19438/12/201012/19/2017Tomball Area A&M Club
Mr. Glenn Emison '49 194910/9/201712/19/2017San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Bernard Kostroun '71 197112/11/201712/19/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. John Quinn '74 197412/18/201712/19/2017New York A&M Club
Mr. Patrick Sumbera '58 195812/13/201712/19/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Donald Wertz '35 193512/8/201712/19/2017Yoakum A&M Club
Mr. T. Dossey '52 195212/13/201712/19/2017Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Jay Holt '49 194912/11/201712/18/2017Mid-Kansas A&M Club
Mr. Bert Miller '55 195512/11/201712/18/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. James Hartley '60 196012/16/201712/18/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. John Quinn '83 198312/15/201712/18/2017Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Blahitka '87 198712/15/201712/18/2017Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Chester Julian '61 196112/11/201712/18/2017Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Edgar Musser '53 195312/13/201712/15/2017Canyon A&M Club
Mr. Tony Hudler '52 195212/11/201712/15/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Carson Wrinkle '17 201712/2/201712/14/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Alex Weems '43 19437/5/200312/13/2017Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. James Staehs '55 195512/5/201712/13/2017San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. George Burt '44 19445/16/201712/13/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Albert Cohn '33 19334/17/199612/13/2017Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Auline Goerdel '56 195612/11/201712/13/2017 
Mr. Carter Glass '82 198211/29/201712/13/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
Dr. George Toups '73 197312/9/201712/12/2017Baton Rouge A&M Club
Mr. William Smith '47 19475/14/197812/12/2017Houston A&M Club
Dr. Brian Harper '78 197812/5/201712/11/2017Central Ohio A&M Club
Miss Beth Myers '86 19867/6/201312/11/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charles Perry '46 194612/6/201712/11/2017Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Duane Boenig '52 195212/2/201712/11/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Maj. Gen. Jay Edwards '62 196212/8/201712/11/2017Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Lonnie Price '77 19779/9/201712/11/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Oscar Seth '56 195612/10/201712/11/2017Mid-Kansas A&M Club
Mr. Russell Krueger '73 197312/8/201712/11/2017Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Miss Beth Myers '86 19867/6/201312/11/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Richmond Striegler '22 19227/7/198512/8/2017Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Saunders '62 196211/24/201712/8/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Swan '52 195212/5/201712/8/2017Robertson County A&M Club
Mrs. Elisabeth Hitt '01 200111/27/201712/8/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
Maj. Gaudencio Viloria '83 198311/28/201712/7/2017Central California A&M Club
Mr. Allen Shepherd '39 19396/27/201612/7/2017Central Ohio A&M Club
Mr. Charles Guthrie '74 197411/22/201712/7/2017Central Arkansas A&M Club
Mr. Irvin Birnbaum '39 19399/2/200812/7/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. John Hudson '58 195811/15/201712/7/2017San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Frank Jordan '59 195911/24/201712/7/2017Golden Triangle A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Midkiff '57 195711/11/201712/7/2017Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mrs. Janet Martinez '81 198111/29/201712/7/2017Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. Orville Hampton '97 199711/27/201712/7/2017Northern Colorado A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Bates '39 19391/27/199512/7/2017Albuquerque A&M Club
Dr. Robert Fleet '72 197212/4/201712/6/2017Nacogdoches A&M Club
Dr. Ralph Gilby '50 195011/25/201712/6/2017Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Donald Ledford '86 198612/1/201712/6/2017Central Arkansas A&M Club
Mr. Perry Dawson '52 195211/23/201712/6/2017Brazoria County A&M Club
Mrs. Ruthie Smith '91 199112/1/201712/6/2017Huntsville A&M Club
Mr. Neil Redshaw '68 196812/3/201712/6/2017Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Katrina Reyna '00 200011/17/201712/6/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Amogh Kulkarni '18 201811/16/201712/5/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Dr. Martha Mead '81 198111/30/201712/5/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Gerald Oglesby '65 196511/19/201712/5/2017Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. James DuBose '45 194512/1/201712/5/2017Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Michael McNett '82 198212/2/201712/5/2017Nacogdoches A&M Club
Mr. John Holden '10 201011/22/201712/5/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Thurmond Munson '52 195211/28/201712/5/2017Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Linton Lipscomb '57 195711/30/201712/5/2017Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
MAJ Paul Whalen '44 194411/9/199212/1/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Dr. Marvin Kays '68 196811/18/201712/1/2017Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Douglas Smith '47 194711/28/201712/1/2017Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Judith McClendon '79 197911/12/201712/1/2017Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. William Hughes '76 197611/2/201712/1/2017 
Mr. William Steinberg '73 197311/20/201712/1/2017D.A.M. A&M Club
Mr. George Slover '32 19321/1/198311/30/2017Guadalupe County A&M Club
Mr. Jack Rector '42 194211/17/201711/30/2017Cedar Valley A&M Club
Mr. John Glover '57 195711/17/201711/30/2017Wichita Falls A&M Club
Mr. Gary Hawthorne '88 198811/26/201711/30/2017Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. Delbert Ballengee '45 194511/23/201711/30/2017Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Brookman '50 195011/25/201711/30/2017Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Edgar Drake '69 196911/26/201711/29/2017Northern Colorado A&M Club
Dr. Sharon Rogers '84 198411/21/201711/29/2017Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Pry '45 19452/15/201211/29/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
Ms. Rebecca Rosson '97 199711/11/201711/29/2017Guadalupe County A&M Club
Mr. John Cass '90 199011/22/201711/29/2017 
Mr. S. Jones '45 194511/27/201711/29/2017 
Mr. Charles Phillips '53 195311/3/201711/28/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Christopher Conrad '83 1983N/A11/28/2017Uvalde Area A&M Club
Mr. Jack Japp '53 195311/14/201711/28/2017Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. William Johnson '46 19462/8/200811/28/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. James Rackel '50 195011/30/199211/28/2017Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Steven Roman '11 201111/18/201711/28/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Duncan McHolme '45 194511/25/201711/28/2017West Michigan A&M Club
Dr. Charles Hawkins '76 197611/22/201711/27/2017El Paso Texas A&M Club
COL Wilbur Ballentine '51 19518/23/201211/27/2017Bastrop County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Humphrys '49 194911/26/201711/27/2017Southwest Ohio Area A&M Club
Mr. Fred Valenta '63 196311/17/201711/27/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Henry Prochazka '53 195311/26/201711/27/2017Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Johnnie McKay '50 195011/21/201711/27/2017 
Mr. William Copenhaver '95 199511/22/201711/27/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Silas Grider '47 194711/24/201711/27/2017Lamar County A&M Former Students Club
Mrs. Beverly Baker '74 197411/22/201711/27/2017Beaumont A&M Club
Dr. William Holmes '92 199210/15/201711/22/2017Wilson County A&M Club
Mr. James Hodges '65 196511/14/201711/22/2017Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Lloyd Nelson '49 194911/19/201711/22/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Birchum '69 196911/20/201711/22/2017DeWitt County A&M Club
Mr. Harry Krewsun '84 198411/19/201711/22/2017Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Dr. James Ritter '46 194611/18/201711/21/2017Beaumont A&M Club
Dr. Vladimir de Jong '80 198011/8/201711/21/2017Dallas A&M Club
MAJ Robert Ackermann '58 19588/6/198811/21/2017Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jim Kinder '91 199111/19/201711/21/2017Coppell A&M Club
Mrs. Laura Butler '88 198811/18/201711/21/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Harold Wellbaum '69 196911/16/201711/21/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. James Dowell '54 195411/15/201711/21/2017Northeast Florida A&M Club
Mr. William Rick '70 197011/17/201711/21/2017Denton County A&M Club
Dr. Louis Ramsey '75 197510/27/198011/20/2017Washington County A&M Club
Mr. Chester Williams '36 19361/22/199211/20/2017 
Mr. Gustave Mistrot '50 195011/16/201711/20/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Everett Boyd '50 19508/21/201711/20/2017Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Welton Scott '41 19411/6/197711/20/2017Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. John Cain '56 195611/14/201711/20/2017Middle Tennessee A&M Club
Dr. Lynn Bellamy '62 19622/7/201711/17/2017 
Mr. George Doering '58 195811/6/201711/17/2017Northern Colorado A&M Club
Mr. Clifford Carr '68 19687/20/200711/17/2017Sierra Nevada A&M Club
Mr. Ralph Yeilding '50 195011/21/201211/17/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Victor Zuckero '57 195711/6/201711/17/2017Houston County A&M Club
Mrs. Deborah McNeill '81 198111/4/201711/17/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Jones '53 195311/15/201711/17/2017Highland Lakes A&M Club
Dr. John Stransky '76 19769/19/201211/17/2017Nacogdoches A&M Club
Mr. Gordon Morriss '74 197410/26/201711/17/2017Kerr County A&M Club
Dr. Joseph Luther '75 197510/25/201711/16/2017Kerr County A&M Club
Dr. John Scott '69 196911/6/201711/16/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Floyd Humphries '47 194711/14/201711/16/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Phillip Garrett '78 197810/30/201711/16/2017Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Jeffrey Janner '82 198210/29/201711/16/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Ralph Watts '44 194411/9/201711/16/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jasper Northcutt '65 196511/12/201711/16/2017Wood/Rains County Aggie Club
MAJ Katharine Daspit '71 197111/7/201711/15/2017New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Plackemeier '75 197511/11/201711/15/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Don Simpson '63 196311/4/201711/15/2017Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Richard Griffith '77 197711/1/201711/15/2017Lafayette A&M Club
Mr. Walter Scott '44 194411/14/201711/15/2017Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. Taber McMordie '54 19549/8/201711/15/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. William Hightower '53 195311/14/201711/15/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Ron Stork '91 199110/20/201711/14/2017Washington County A&M Club
Ms. Sharon Coughran '84 198411/11/201711/14/2017Odessa A&M Club
Mr. Todd Anderson '90 199011/12/201711/14/2017Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. William Adair '48 194811/10/201711/14/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Alvin Camp '40 19409/6/198811/13/2017Bastrop County A&M Club
Mr. Allen Cocanougher '52 195211/11/201711/13/2017Cross Timbers A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. David Leff '44 194411/9/201711/13/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Larry Hammes '68 196811/3/201711/13/2017New England A&M Club
Mr. Clarence Curl '54 195411/10/201711/13/2017Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Stanford '62 196210/31/201711/13/2017San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Travis Cannon '62 196210/23/201711/13/2017Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Matthew Barrera '09 200911/9/201711/13/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Mark Hancock '74 197411/9/201711/13/2017Cross Timbers A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Claude Onxley '51 195110/20/201711/13/2017Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Edward Stallwitz '55 195511/10/201711/13/2017Moore County A&M Club
Mr. Byron Anderson '54 195411/4/201711/10/2017Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Charlie Jones '46 194611/10/201711/10/2017 
Mr. Donald Andrews '51 19518/27/201711/10/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. John Corgan '48 194811/1/201711/10/2017Denver A&M Club
Mr. Richard Smith '69 196911/8/201711/10/2017Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Ms. Shalini Singh '19 20199/2/201711/10/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Marc Luther '76 197611/6/201711/10/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Nathan Foyil '07 200710/30/201711/10/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Philip Gougler '50 195011/8/201711/10/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Ms. Shalini Singh '19 20199/2/201711/10/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mrs. Allison Crow '00 200011/7/201711/10/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Jack Holloway '51 195111/3/201711/9/2017Robertson County A&M Club
Mr. James Milam '74 197411/7/201711/9/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Guadalupe Camargo '57 195711/6/201711/9/2017Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. William White '45 194510/5/201411/9/2017 
Dr. Gary Hall '71 197111/5/201711/8/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Bert Huebner '50 195011/5/201711/8/2017Matagorda County A&M Club
Mr. Ralph Easley '33 19333/4/199811/8/2017Denver A&M Club
Mr. Charles Garner '44 194411/2/201711/8/2017Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Daniel Holt '06 200610/31/201711/7/2017Howard County A&M Club
Dr. Jill Mutschler-Fontenot '84 198411/1/201711/7/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. James Nance '40 19405/4/199811/7/2017 
Mr. Dudley Ksionda '60 196011/6/201711/7/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. James Henry '39 193910/24/194411/7/2017 
Mr. Willis Culp '38 19388/25/197211/7/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Robert Lee '56 195610/8/201711/7/2017Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Willie Martens '50 195011/6/201711/7/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Dr. Mark Westerman '95 19958/30/201711/6/2017San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Billy Eitel '60 196011/4/201711/6/2017Upshur County A&M Club
Mr. David Thomas Killough '65 196510/3/201611/6/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Kaspar '49 194911/4/201711/6/2017Yoakum A&M Club
Mr. John King '22 192212/15/194411/6/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Eugene Lewis '26 19261/31/194511/6/2017 
Mr. George Peets '30 193012/22/194411/6/2017 
Mrs. Margaret Nance '78 197810/20/201711/6/2017Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. John Wier '49 194911/5/201711/6/2017Houston A&M Club
Dr. James Taylor '86 198610/25/201711/3/2017 
Mr. Darren Stang '85 198510/21/201711/3/2017Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. David Evans '61 196110/24/201711/3/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Allen Sheppard '39 19391/13/200711/3/2017Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Wilbur Petsick '48 194810/23/201311/3/2017Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Mark Banneyer '77 197711/1/201711/3/2017D.A.M. A&M Club
Mr. Keith Hargrove '76 197610/30/201711/3/2017Coastal A&M Club
Dr. John Tucker '58 19584/5/197811/2/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. August Bering '66 196610/28/201711/2/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Frank Martin '50 19509/22/199311/2/2017Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Hugh Hunt '38 1938N/A11/2/2017Panola County A&M Club
Mr. Tommy Meinecke '71 197110/30/201711/2/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Williford '52 195210/31/201711/2/2017Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Edward Mach '68 19686/2/201311/1/2017Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Otho Simms '38 19383/4/200311/1/2017Central Indiana A&M Club
Mr. Calvin Cunningham '38 19381/18/201311/1/2017Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Joe Sandlin '55 195510/29/201711/1/2017Baytown Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Mary Jensen '65 19657/31/201411/1/2017 
Dr. Gordon Schumacher '59 19599/21/201710/31/2017San Diego County A&M Club
Dr. Grady Kane '55 195510/24/201710/31/2017Rockport-Fulton Aggie Club
Miss Ebony Lanier '07 200710/21/201710/31/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Mark Pettigrew '78 197810/20/201710/31/2017Heart of America A&M Club
Ms. Rebecca Carter '82 198212/28/200610/31/2017Killeen - Fort Hood Area A&M Club
Mr. Weldon Birdwell '49 19494/3/200810/31/2017Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Gordon Irwin '45 194510/10/201410/31/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Timothy Pettigrew '05 20052/25/201710/31/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Teddy Estes '61 19612/16/201110/31/2017Williamson County A&M Club
COL James Isbell '42 19429/9/200310/30/2017 
Mr. Edward Mikulenka '58 195810/23/201710/30/2017Mobile Alabama A&M Club
LTC Norris Stewart '44 19446/19/199610/30/2017Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Redmund McCowen '58 19588/11/201710/30/2017Gateway A&M Club
Mr. Orville Maze '82 19822/14/201710/30/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. John Tatum '69 196910/26/201710/30/2017Waller County A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Voigt '72 197210/26/201710/30/2017Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
LTC Charles Schwarz '52 195210/26/201710/27/2017Snake River Valley A&M Club
Mr. H. Welch '70 19704/21/200710/27/2017Middle Tennessee A&M Club
Mr. Murry Page '51 195110/24/201710/27/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Leland White '56 195610/5/201710/27/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Mrs. Cheryl Wyatt '76 197610/25/201710/27/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Jacob Cahoon '19 201910/19/201710/27/2017Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Dr. Donald Sellers '66 196610/24/201710/26/2017Dallas A&M Club
LTC Franklin Waddell '56 195610/25/201710/26/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Stocker '46 194610/25/201710/26/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. William Nicol '48 19489/14/201710/26/2017Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Justin Weaver '04 200410/18/201710/26/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Paul Elliott '45 19452/26/198410/26/2017Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Martin '37 19375/17/197810/26/2017Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Jelle DeBoer '55 195511/11/200710/25/2017Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Rodriguez '63 196310/19/201710/25/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. John Moore '69 19693/14/201110/25/2017Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Thurmond Munson '01 200110/18/201710/25/2017Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Spoon '88 198810/21/201710/25/2017Odessa A&M Club
Mr. Andy Bonds '67 19672/12/200910/24/2017Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Brent Hemphill '98 199810/22/201710/24/2017Brown County A&M Club
Mr. Randall Schulze '71 197110/13/201710/24/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Samuel Moore '53 195310/6/201710/24/2017San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. John DuBose '57 195710/22/201710/24/2017Gonzales County A&M Club
Dr. Eugene Ross '75 197510/12/201710/23/2017New England A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Daniel '21 19219/8/196810/23/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Luke Wade '06 200610/18/201710/23/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Richard Haas '70 197010/10/201710/23/2017 
Mr. Jules Griffin '52 19528/26/200610/23/2017Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Vernon Lane '46 194610/2/201710/23/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Lucian Morgan '49 194910/15/201710/23/2017Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Dr. Dan Dalgard '64 19645/22/200110/20/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
LCDR Richard Dalberg '61 196112/27/201110/20/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Danmeyer '64 19642/28/200210/20/2017San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Holt Daniels '44 194412/15/197310/20/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Willis Edwards '50 19509/15/201710/20/2017 
Dr. James Jordan '58 195810/17/201710/19/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Dr. Donald Blocker '55 195510/16/201710/19/2017Southwest Louisiana A&M Club
Dr. Bolton Williams '70 197010/11/201710/19/2017Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Mills '57 19579/19/201710/19/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Medford Underwood '44 19442/7/200810/19/2017Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. James Ertell Johnson '67 196710/6/201710/18/2017Waller County A&M Club
Dr. Prabhaker Ghangurde '69 196910/15/201710/18/2017 
Mr. Frank Poole '47 194710/14/201710/18/2017Rockwall County A&M Club
Mr. Ricardo Garza '69 196910/27/201710/18/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Lonnie Boerm '50 19509/12/200110/18/2017Junction A&M Club
Mr. William Watkins '18 19181/5/199010/18/2017Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Ben Cordell '47 194710/6/201710/17/2017Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. David Mullen '85 198510/10/201710/17/2017Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. David Beck '72 197210/7/201710/17/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Joel O'Berry '53 195310/9/201710/17/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Ralph Merritt '64 196410/12/201710/17/2017Lee County A&M Club
Dr. Arthur Haws '48 19489/24/201710/16/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Daniel Kelley '62 19629/23/201710/16/2017Huntsville A&M Club
Dr. Greta Fryxell '69 19699/24/201710/16/2017Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. Daniel Weber '75 197510/10/201710/16/2017Henderson County A&M Club
Mr. Louis Poorter '59 195910/8/201710/16/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Richard Murrah '53 195310/12/201710/16/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. John Mayfield '51 195110/15/201710/16/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Dr. Billy Smith '59 195910/12/201710/13/2017Charlotte Area A&M Club
Dr. Clyde Parks '63 196310/12/201710/13/2017Upstate A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Holliday '56 195610/10/201710/13/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charlie Strauss '72 19729/29/201710/13/2017Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. George Resley '68 19688/15/201710/13/2017Midland A&M Club
Mr. James Alford '69 196910/10/201710/13/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Nokomis Jackson '70 19708/21/201710/13/2017Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Carl Peterson '52 195210/7/201710/12/2017Lee County A&M Club
Mr. Dick Reed '65 196510/9/201710/12/2017Palo Pinto County A&M Club
Mr. Gilbert Hurley '76 197610/10/201710/12/2017Young County A&M Club
Mr. Johnny Matthews '43 19438/29/200510/12/2017 
Mr. Billy Hutson '61 196110/10/201710/12/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Claude Hall '65 196510/6/201710/12/2017Austin County A&M Club
Mr. Marvis Koon '52 19524/21/200110/12/2017Texarkana Area Texas A&M Club
Dr. Guy Johnson '43 19438/30/201710/11/2017Northern Colorado A&M Club
Mr. Marvin Isaacks '78 19789/30/201710/11/2017Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Jay Bisbey '59 195910/8/201710/11/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. James Hart '45 19454/20/201010/11/2017Denver A&M Club
Mr. Robert Dudek '56 195610/9/201710/11/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Ansell Outlaw '55 19551/27/201710/10/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Gary Eldridge '73 197310/2/201710/10/2017Wharton County A&M Club
Mr. Calvin Fuchs '50 19508/17/201710/10/2017Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Daniel Felcman '78 197810/7/201710/10/2017Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. James Alderson '69 196910/2/201710/10/2017Mills County A&M Club
Mr. Phillip Fry '63 196310/6/201710/10/2017Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. Thomas Criswell '52 195210/7/201710/10/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Richard Pigg '58 195810/1/201710/10/2017Ellis A&M Club
Dr. Charles Boyd '44 194410/4/201710/9/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Maj. Gen. James Boatner '50 195010/7/201710/9/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Wendell Stropp '96 199610/5/201710/9/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Jacob Nagode '16 201610/2/201710/9/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Robert Hearn '40 19404/20/201110/9/2017Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Hogan '45 194510/6/201710/9/2017Odessa A&M Club
Mr. William Blair '53 19539/29/201710/9/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. George Caudill '42 19422/5/200710/6/2017Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Paul Steed '44 194410/4/201710/6/2017New England A&M Club
Mr. Peter Godfrey '46 194610/5/201710/6/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Walter Caughran '42 19421/22/200410/6/2017Rockwall County A&M Club
Mr. John Overly '52 195210/1/201710/6/2017Houston A&M Club
Dr. James Ginn '73 19739/28/201710/5/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. John Mackin '54 19549/16/201510/5/2017Coryell County A&M Club
Mr. William White '49 19498/31/201710/5/2017Denver A&M Club
Mr. Don Burk '40 194012/3/198310/4/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. J. Tate '25 19254/24/199710/4/2017Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. William Glenn '81 19819/23/201710/4/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Ray Epps '60 196010/1/201710/4/2017Houston A&M Club
Ms. Megan Howe '18 20189/26/201710/4/2017Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Paul Otto '65 19659/30/201710/3/2017 
Mr. Franklin Moore '72 19729/26/201710/3/2017Matagorda County A&M Club
Mr. Don Winans '59 19599/26/201710/3/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Joshua Dickinson '09 20099/25/201710/3/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Watson '45 19459/29/201710/3/2017Tomball Area A&M Club
Mr. Ryan Aleksandrowicz '20 20209/28/201710/3/2017Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Hutton '50 19509/23/201710/3/2017Williamson County A&M Club
MAJ David Smithhart '86 19869/28/201710/3/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Charlie Cummings '34 19344/23/199210/2/2017Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. George Grimmer '39 19399/27/201710/2/2017Coppell A&M Club
Mr. Donald Olson '44 19449/28/201710/2/2017Canyon A&M Club
Mr. James Rindfuss '59 19598/15/201710/2/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Nolan Holt '43 19439/28/201710/2/2017High Plains A&M Club
Mr. William Dickens '66 19669/29/201710/2/2017Collin County A&M Club
Dr. J. Rochelle '49 19499/29/201710/2/2017Ellis A&M Club
Mrs. Paula Hewes '69 19699/24/201710/2/2017Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Bobby Verdine '55 19559/28/20179/29/2017D.A.M. A&M Club
Mr. Roy Burchfield '39 19396/29/19979/29/2017Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Lee Hartwell '92 19925/14/20139/29/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. William Forsyth '48 19482/20/19909/29/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Dieterich '48 19489/23/20179/28/2017Hopkins County A&M Club
Mr. James Yarnell '45 194511/20/20019/28/2017New England A&M Club
Mr. Perry Pierce '59 19599/26/20179/28/2017Victoria County A&M Club
Mr. Richard Golden '79 19799/24/20179/28/2017Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Stanley Schrider '52 19528/16/20179/28/2017North Central Florida A&M Club
Ms. L. Cormier '82 19829/26/20179/28/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jessie Smith '68 19684/13/20019/28/2017Midland A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Willis '77 19779/24/20179/27/2017Montgomery County A&M Club
Mrs. Sandra Peterson '65 19658/12/20179/27/2017Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Alvin Deck '51 19518/19/20179/26/2017National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. James Giles '61 19619/23/20179/26/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Kerry Linares '91 19919/19/20179/26/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Hess '92 19929/17/20179/26/2017Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Victor Kahlich '48 19489/22/20179/26/2017Matagorda County A&M Club
Mr. Dustin McEntire '20 20209/17/20179/26/2017Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Herman Stoner '50 19509/23/20179/26/2017Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. Tedford Harrod '57 19579/22/20179/26/2017Dallas A&M Club
Ms. Allison Moherek '14 20147/23/20179/26/2017Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Kathleen Feisel '81 19819/18/20179/25/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. A. Fischer '64 19649/24/20179/25/2017Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. E. Walker '53 19539/21/20179/25/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Thompson Welch '44 19449/20/20179/22/2017XIT A&M Club
Mr. Norman Warminski '68 19689/21/20179/22/2017Mid-Kansas A&M Club
Mr. Charles Yeager '89 19899/19/20179/21/2017Robertson County A&M Club
Mr. Fred Campbell '50 19509/15/20179/21/2017San Angelo A&M Club
Mr. James Cossey '14 20149/17/20179/21/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. George McArthur '69 19699/19/20179/21/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. John Ellisor '86 19869/17/20179/21/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Moliere Scarborough '47 19479/3/20179/21/2017Midland A&M Club
Mr. Joe Strayhorn '45 19457/12/20059/21/2017 
Mr. Ricky Coates '86 19868/30/20179/21/2017Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
CPT James Melcher '51 19516/4/19739/20/2017Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Donald Davis '68 19689/11/20179/20/2017Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Hal Kaufman '81 19819/10/20179/20/2017D.A.M. A&M Club
Mr. Henry Schaefer '46 19469/10/20179/20/2017Pearland A&M Club
Mr. William Sims '50 19507/24/20029/20/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. William Sims '41 19419/24/20149/20/2017Western Washington A&M Club
COL Gerhard Schriever '35 193510/13/20169/19/2017San Antonio A&M Club
LTC Brantley Pate '36 19364/29/19889/19/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Francis Winn '49 19499/13/20179/19/2017Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. Guy Johnson '22 19229/21/19469/19/2017Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Saunders Schreiber '55 195511/4/19889/19/2017Galveston County A&M Club
Dr. Hugo Estrada '60 19605/22/20049/18/2017Williamson County A&M Club
Dr. James Reeb '91 19919/7/20179/18/2017 
Mr. E. Chapman '49 19499/12/20179/18/2017Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Donald Browning '59 19599/15/20179/18/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Craig Owen '69 19699/12/20179/18/2017San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Milton Gugenheim '44 19449/14/20179/18/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. John Watson '32 193212/6/19469/18/2017Hays County A&M Club
CPT Billy Coleman '55 19553/22/19959/15/2017Rusk County A&M Club
Mr. Carl Gilchriest '50 19506/29/20159/15/2017Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. Fredrick Novak '76 19767/21/20179/15/2017Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Julius Todd '66 19661/15/20159/15/2017Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Stack '62 196210/6/20129/15/2017San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Garnet Neely '49 19499/13/20179/14/2017North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Mittel '58 19589/1/20179/14/2017San Angelo A&M Club
Ms. Kelly Winters '95 19958/24/20179/14/2017Matagorda County A&M Club
Ms. Michelle Koch '13 20139/7/20179/13/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Reverend Dr. James Talmadge Moore '73 19739/10/20179/13/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. John Kirschke '59 19599/6/20179/12/2017McKinney A&M Club
Mr. Alberto Volpe '68 19688/28/20179/12/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charles McKim '45 19458/26/20179/12/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Joe Riley '88 19883/2/20149/12/2017Tampa Bay A&M Club
Mr. Huel Tucker '53 19538/25/20179/12/2017Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Terry Kopfer '95 19958/30/20179/12/2017Frisco A&M Club
Ms. Penny Halstead '80 19809/1/20179/12/2017Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Casey '48 19487/16/20109/12/2017Houston A&M Club
Mr. Timothy Rush '80 19807/17/20179/12/2017 
Mrs. Allison Morrison '87 19878/19/20099/12/2017Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Charles Fischer '55 19558/2/20179/12/2017Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Gregory Gantt '82 19828/29/20179/12/2017Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Hillry Ranson '60 19609/7/20179/11/2017Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Dr. Dale Inman '74 19749/7/20179/11/2017Northwest Texas A&M Club

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