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"In this ceremony we honor the memories of fellow A&M men and women whose death prevents their answering Roll Call at this annual Muster. The Roll is a symbolic Roll Call of all students and former students whom death has taken from our ranks, but whose memory lives on in our hearts. As each name is called, a comrade will answer: Here!"

Each Aggie's name is a link that goes to his or her online Silver Taps page. While this list is updated once a day, the Silver Taps obituaries on our News page are updated throughout the business day.

To add a name for the April 2021 Roll Call,  please email

To learn where an Aggie's name may be called for Muster, please visit


  • It is traditional for the names of Aggies killed in military service-related actions to be called at all Musters. To date, no such deaths have been reported since the 2020 Muster.
  • The annual Roll Call for the Absent includes the names of all Aggies whose deaths have been reported to The Association since the last Muster. Some of those deaths happened more than a year ago but, because the passing was not previously reported, the name is included on this year's roll.
  • In some cases, most commonly when an Aggie passes shortly before April 21, the family elects to defer their loved one's Muster recognition to the following year. In 2020, there were more deferrals than usual due to the COVID pandemic. 

ATTENTION, MUSTER CHAIRS: New names are constantly being added to the Worldwide Roll as The Association receives new reports every day of Aggies who have passed away. After you pull the Roll to call at your local event, you should check back regularly through April 20 to see if we have added any new names relevant to your geogaphic area, Class year or interest group.      

Viewing Current Muster Roll Call (Muster 2022)

Name Class YearDate of PassingNotified onClub
Mr. James Allcorn '99  19995/2/20215/7/2021Collin County A&M Club
Dr. Herbert Rogers '49  19494/24/20215/7/2021Texarkana Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Alejandro Torres '14  20144/28/20215/7/2021D.A.M. A&M Club
LTC Marcus Loader '53  19532/29/20205/7/2021Highland Lakes A&M Club
Mr. Allen Turner '55  19554/26/20215/7/2021Brown County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Erwin '82  19824/23/20215/7/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Guy Leflar '69  19696/29/20205/6/2021Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Willmann '54  19543/14/20215/5/2021San Diego County A&M Club
Dr. Aditi Angirasa '79  19791/5/20215/5/2021Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Golladay '68  19684/18/20215/5/2021Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Ted Sullins '50  19504/25/20215/5/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mrs. Cheryl Henry '86  19864/5/20215/5/2021Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Lyle McCurdy '85  19854/7/20215/5/2021Southern Arizona Texas A&M Club
Mr. William Hipp '58  19584/16/20215/5/2021South Florida A&M Club
Mr. William Goldston '51  19511/1/20205/5/2021Canyon A&M Club
Mr. Conrad Ohlendorf '50  19504/6/20215/5/2021Caldwell County A&M Club
Mr. Benny Fichte '57  19575/1/20215/5/2021Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Dr. Donald Elfert '76  19764/11/20215/5/2021 
Mr. James Everett '64  19644/24/20215/5/2021El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Gloria Morton '65  1965N/A5/5/2021 
Mr. Jerome Clary '78  19781/3/20215/4/2021Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Isaac Hickman '41  19419/6/20145/4/2021Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. Samuel Sullivan '57  19574/23/20215/4/2021New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. John Rowan '87  19874/28/20215/4/2021Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Owen Jones '41  19414/11/20095/4/2021Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. Lawrence Sample '41  194110/10/19865/4/2021Las Vegas Texas A&M Club
Mr. Carl Newman '40  1940N/A5/4/2021Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Campion '41  19412/12/20145/4/2021Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Johnny Harrod '40  19401/22/20175/4/2021Tulsa A&M Club
Dr. Curtis Harlin '50  19509/5/20205/4/2021Kentuckiana A&M Club
Mr. Gary Johnson '64  19644/28/20215/4/2021Denver A&M Club
Mr. Frank Catalena '65  196512/17/20205/3/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. Melvin Newman '72  19723/28/20215/3/2021Mid-South A&M Club
Dr. Carolyn Marshall '94  19944/21/20215/3/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Frank Herbert '70  197010/6/20205/3/2021Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Lawrence Havard '74  19744/29/20215/3/2021Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Don Tedder '56  19564/27/20215/3/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Stanley Jenkins '65  19654/26/20215/3/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Richard Wornat '50  19503/25/20215/3/2021North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Gurwitz '47  19474/30/20215/3/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Henry Ground '48  19484/28/20215/3/2021Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. William Collins '72  19724/16/20214/30/2021Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. William Garrett '47  19474/10/20214/30/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Cooper '52  19521/8/20214/30/2021Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Travis Brice '64  19644/18/20214/30/2021Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Laurence Raba '63  19634/26/20214/29/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Dr. John Armstrong '86  19864/26/20214/29/2021Denver A&M Club
Mr. Vernon Aldridge '75  19755/1/20124/29/2021Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. James Hatlestad '75  197512/7/20204/29/2021Minnesota/Western Wisconsin A&M Club
Mr. Tony Corso '72  19724/23/20214/29/2021Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Donnie Yates '72  19722/13/20214/29/2021Hays County A&M Club
Dr. Phil Davis '44  19444/24/20214/29/2021 
Mr. Richard Van Pelt '65  19652/14/20214/29/2021Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. William Durrwachter '73  19734/1/20214/29/2021North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. John Scott '54  19544/22/20214/29/2021Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Seth Martin '41  19417/4/19964/29/2021 
Mr. Paul Cronenberger '64  19644/19/20214/29/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Theodore Rohling '02  20023/22/20214/29/2021San Antonio A&M Club
LTC Mead Bramlett '56  19564/21/20214/26/2021Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Emil Eichblatt '59  19591/21/20214/26/2021Tomball Area A&M Club
Mr. Ross Todaro '59  19594/27/20204/26/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. John Harlan '55  19553/29/20214/26/2021Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Alvin Greenberg '62  19628/20/20204/26/2021Wyoming A&M Club
Mrs. Barbara Love Noe '72  19723/19/20214/26/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
CAPT Calvin Hunziker '70  19703/25/20214/26/2021Western Washington A&M Club
Mrs. Florence Steward '86  19864/28/20204/26/2021Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Travis Erskine '99  19994/16/20214/26/2021Houston A&M Club
Dr. Walter Deutsch '68  196811/16/20174/26/2021 
Mr. Karl Rubinstein '65  19652/25/20204/26/2021Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. James Ryan '68  19684/18/20214/26/2021Gonzales County A&M Club
Mr. Andrew Costen '84  19844/7/20214/26/2021New England A&M Club
Mr. Manuel Gonzalez '97  199712/17/20204/26/2021Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Barry Baker '67  196712/20/20164/23/2021Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Carroll Miller '63  196312/8/20204/23/2021Texas A&M Club of Angelina County
Mr. John Hughson '51  19513/16/20204/23/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. James Powell '71  19714/9/20214/23/2021Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Burkle Carmichael '46  19464/4/20214/23/2021 
Mr. Willliam Tekell '84  198411/19/20204/23/2021Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Douglas Angiel '09  20098/14/20204/23/2021Rockwall County A&M Club
Mr. Brent Brentzel '82  19822/20/20214/23/2021 
Mr. Rudolph McDuff '54  19541/21/20214/23/2021Hill County A&M Club
MAJ Manuel Robinson '81  19815/4/20204/23/2021Wharton County A&M Club
Mr. Joe Kerley '69  19692/6/20214/23/2021Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Charles Warlick '62  19627/30/20204/22/2021Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Terry Bonn '73  19734/19/20214/22/2021Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. John Moody '83  19834/16/20214/22/2021Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Myron Thompson '81  19812/10/20214/22/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Lt. Col. Rex Easley '59  19594/20/20214/22/2021 
Mr. Stephen Sharpless '69  19697/5/20194/22/2021Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jimmie Cogburn '53  19535/14/20204/22/2021Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Jose Santillan '77  19772/4/20214/22/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Kuhn '58  19588/25/20204/22/2021Bastrop County A&M Club
Mr. Gary Kirk '64  196411/23/20204/22/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Michael Gunter '77  197710/21/20204/22/2021Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Dr. Mark Riggs '76  197612/14/20204/22/2021Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Mickey Chambliss '66  19663/29/20214/22/2021Odessa A&M Club
Ms. Lori Correll '87  198712/18/20204/22/2021El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. John Balzer '52  195211/20/20204/22/2021Bay Area A&M Club
Dr. Daniel Simpson '83  198310/22/20204/22/2021Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Christopher Jenkins '04  20041/20/20214/22/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mrs. Berniece Thompson '79  19793/26/20204/22/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. William Tolleson '66  19663/5/20214/22/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mrs. Linda Whitley '76  19761/16/20204/22/2021Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mrs. Talitha Guarniere '88  19884/17/20204/21/2021Houston A&M Club
Lt. Col. Robert Bynes '52  19524/19/20214/21/2021Williamson County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Sherman Baranowski '72  19724/16/20214/21/2021Greater Waco A&M Club
Dr. Joseph Barry '61  19611/4/20214/21/2021Lafayette A&M Club
Dr. Donald Johnson '57  19571/7/20214/21/2021Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Basil Hoyl '83  1983N/A4/21/2021Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Paul Owen '94  19942/20/20214/21/2021Williamson County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Larry Taff '73  197312/9/20204/21/2021Liberty County A&M Club
Mr. Jermont Powers '12  2012N/A4/21/2021Houston A&M Club
Mr. Bailey Gully '20  202011/2/20204/21/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mrs. M. Lynette Roland '75  19752/9/20214/21/2021Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Arge Brockles '52  19526/24/20204/20/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Forrest Garb '51  19514/10/20214/20/2021Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Insall '53  19533/16/20214/20/2021Central Arkansas A&M Club
Miss Ginger Durrill '87  19872/5/20214/20/2021Houston A&M Club
Mr. Benedict Giusti '70  19704/12/20214/20/2021Houston A&M Club
Ms. Thlisha Washington '97  19974/11/20214/20/2021Collin County A&M Club
Dr. Ann Thomas '89  19893/19/20214/20/2021Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Arnold '74  1974N/A4/20/2021New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Benjamin Schertz '76  19764/18/20214/20/2021 
Mr. Benjamin Macias '01  20014/15/20214/20/2021Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Francis Edwards '42  19424/9/20214/20/2021Kerr County A&M Club
Ms. Samantha Holle '17  201711/20/20204/20/2021Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Edward Woolson '80  19804/12/20214/19/2021Victoria County A&M Club
Dr. Ezekiel Chimbombi '98  19981/31/20214/19/2021 
Mr. John Merrill '53  19534/5/20214/19/2021Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Cecil Ford '58  19587/5/20204/19/2021Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Willard Green '53  195312/23/20204/19/2021Midland A&M Club
Mr. Kevin Morgan '14  20148/28/20204/19/2021Denver A&M Club
Mr. William Wimberly '59  19591/16/20214/19/2021Denton County A&M Club
Mr. John Neal '61  19614/17/20214/19/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Theron Higginbotham '53  19533/2/20214/19/2021Tomball Area A&M Club
Mr. Richard Dres '58  19584/5/20214/19/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Edward Oefinger '76  197610/14/20204/16/2021 
Mr. Dennis Nickel '79  19793/11/20214/15/2021Williamson County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Charles Rentz '82  198212/23/20204/15/2021National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Paul Sanders '52  19521/20/20214/15/2021Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Cuong Nguyen '88  19883/16/20214/15/2021Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Ms. Sara Mitchell '88  19888/20/20204/15/2021Denver A&M Club
Mr. Timothy Pollock '80  19801/21/20214/14/2021Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. John Fay '76  19763/29/20204/14/2021Northeast Ohio A&M Club
Mr. Chih Yin '95  199510/23/20204/14/2021Houston A&M Club
Mr. Michael Mann '67  196712/19/20204/14/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Doyle Nash '51  195110/9/20204/14/2021Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Kyle Pitman '88  19881/17/20214/14/2021Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. David LaRue '77  19777/28/20204/14/2021Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. James Mortensen '48  194810/6/20204/14/2021Uvalde Area A&M Club
Mr. Dale Stephenson '57  19571/13/20214/14/2021Williamson County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Gifton Underwood '59  19594/11/20214/14/2021Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Howard Conner '65  1965N/A4/14/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Brian Hemphill '03  20033/22/20214/14/2021San Angelo A&M Club
Mr. Micah Farrell '13  201310/12/20144/14/2021Mills County A&M Club
Mr. Adam Bob '90  19907/16/20194/14/2021Dallas A&M Club
Mr. James Melson '44  19441/27/20214/14/2021Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Charles Zinsmeyer '86  19864/4/20214/14/2021Medina County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Winters '55  19554/16/20064/14/2021Mills County A&M Club
Mr. James Jeffers '87  198711/21/20204/14/2021Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Steven Haldeman '88  19884/3/20214/13/2021Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Lawrence Lane '86  19869/30/20204/13/2021San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Charles Willis '50  195012/20/20204/13/2021 
Mr. Frederick Hink '62  19622/26/20214/13/2021Washington County A&M Club
Mr. Jack Brooks '55  19554/11/20214/13/2021 
Dr. Chao-Cheng Mai '76  19763/6/20194/13/2021 
Mr. Enrique Soler '59  195911/28/20204/13/2021Costa Rica A&M Club
Ms. Erica Chang '18  20184/6/20214/13/2021Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Elias Gil '66  19661/26/20214/13/2021Houston A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Hardgrove '55  19554/9/20214/13/2021Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Bartolome Garcia '58  19584/10/20214/13/2021Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Dalton Horn '16  20164/10/20214/13/2021Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Philip Crawford '77  19773/7/20214/13/2021Hill County A&M Club
Miss Kelley Tanner '90  19906/14/20204/13/2021Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Furber '65  19653/26/20214/13/2021Las Vegas Texas A&M Club
Ms. Rebecca Shepard '87  19873/20/20214/13/2021Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Frederic Sjostrom '67  19673/28/20214/13/2021East Tennessee Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Melissa Ragan '93  19937/14/20204/13/2021Tampa Bay A&M Club
Mr. Michael Sharp '73  19734/1/20214/13/2021Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Edwar Shamshoum '85  19853/11/20214/13/2021Triangle Area A&M Club

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