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Muster Roll Call and Silver Taps

"In this ceremony we honor the memories of fellow A&M men and women whose death prevents their answering Roll Call at this annual Muster. The Roll is a symbolic Roll Call of all students and former students whom death has taken from our ranks, but whose memory lives on in our hearts. As each name is called, a comrade will answer: Here!"

Each Aggie's name is a link that goes to his or her online Silver Taps page. While this list is updated once a day, the Silver Taps obituaries on our News page are updated throughout the business day.  

To add a name to Roll Call, please email

To learn where an Aggie's name may be called for Muster, please visit


  • It is traditional for the names of Aggies killed in military service-related actions to be called at all Musters. To date, one such death has been reported since the 2018 Muster: Sgt. Charlton Franklin “Chuck” Clayton '07, a Brazos County deputy constable and county auditor, died Dec. 18, 2018, in a wreck while deployed on active duty with the U.S. Army National Guard near the U.S.-Mexico border. Clayton was a member of the Class of 2007 but graduated from Texas A&M in 2013.
  • The names of both former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush will be on the 2019 Worldwide Roll Call and will be called at the campus ceremony. Local Muster organizers are also encouraged to include both names on their local roll calls. Although  Barbara Bush passed away before the 2018 Muster, the family elected to defer her recognition at Aggie Muster to 2019, when her loved ones will have the opportunity to participate. It is common for families to elect to defer when a loved one's death occurs immediately before the annual Muster.
  • The annual Roll Call for the Absent includes the names of all Aggies whose deaths have been reported to The Association since the last Muster. Some of those deaths happened more than a year ago but, because the passing was not previously reported, the name has not previously been called at any Aggie Muster.

Viewing Current Muster Roll Call (Muster 2019)

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NameClass YearDate of PassingNotified onClub
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Dr. Mack McCullin '61 19611/1/20192/14/2019Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
LTC Francis Shay '59 19591/23/19982/14/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. David Middlebrooke '70 197010/29/20182/14/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. George Grubb '76 19762/12/20192/14/2019Coryell County A&M Club
Mr. Van Cammack '53 19532/13/20192/14/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. William Smith '26 192610/10/19952/14/2019Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. Brett Dodson '92 19922/1/20182/14/2019Wichita Falls A&M Club
Dr. John Pesek '43 19432/11/20192/13/2019 
Dr. William Harwood '60 19602/11/20192/13/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Bobby Sims '60 196012/14/20182/13/2019Canyon A&M Club
Mr. David Williams '55 19552/8/20192/13/2019Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Loyd Doering '51 19512/11/20192/13/2019North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. William Speckels '66 19666/17/20072/13/2019Coppell A&M Club
Mr. Audie Brewton '66 19661/15/20192/12/2019Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Jerry Bailey '75 19751/21/20192/12/2019Lamar County A&M Former Students Club
Mr. Thomas Vannoy '43 19431/5/20192/12/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Ms. Andrea Bookout '02 20022/6/20192/12/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Morris Chambless '50 19502/9/20192/12/2019Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. Robert Barton '84 198411/14/20182/12/2019Denver A&M Club
Mr. William Smedley '76 19762/8/20192/12/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Jason Spivey '94 19941/3/20192/12/2019Hunt County A&M Club
Dr. Robert Bower '61 19612/6/20192/11/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Arvel Baker '49 194910/17/20182/11/2019Del Rio A&M Club
Mr. David Copeland '70 19701/4/20192/11/2019Wharton County A&M Club
Mr. Brian Thompson '88 19882/5/20192/11/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. M. L. Cashion '53 19532/10/20192/11/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Ross James '46 19461/6/20192/11/2019Southwest Ohio Area A&M Club
Mr. Charles Walters '53 19532/8/20192/11/2019Gateway A&M Club
Dr. Kenneth Fletcher '75 19752/2/20192/8/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. James Edwards '66 19662/5/20192/8/2019Liberty County A&M Club
Mr. Gerald Spencer '60 19602/7/20192/8/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Dickey '59 19591/24/20192/8/2019Lamar County A&M Former Students Club
Mr. Zack Griffin '52 19522/2/20192/8/2019Northeast Panhandle A&M Club
Mrs. Patt Adams '95 19951/10/20192/8/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Tommy Butler '63 19631/4/20192/8/2019Pearland A&M Club
Mr. Steven Balls '75 19751/7/20192/8/2019Utah A&M Club
Mr. Don Frels '60 19602/3/20192/7/2019Rockport-Fulton Aggie Club
Mr. Donald Lively '62 19622/5/20192/7/2019Leon County A&M Club
Mr. Gregory Wood '69 19692/4/20192/7/2019Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Jerry Kahlbau '48 19481/6/20192/7/2019Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Marlin Keathley '48 194810/18/20182/7/2019Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Maxel Powell '49 19494/9/20142/7/2019Walker County A&M Club
Dr. James Earle '54 19542/4/20192/7/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Jack Balderas '50 195011/15/20182/7/2019Howard County A&M Club
Mr. Noel Kelley '60 196011/7/20172/6/2019Dallas A&M Club
Ms. Kay Cannon '80 198010/29/20182/6/2019Kentuckiana A&M Club
Mr. Robert Childress '53 19532/5/20192/6/2019Johnson County A&M Club
Professor Robert Meredith '44 19442/10/20182/6/2019New England A&M Club
Mr. Gerald King '42 194212/28/20152/6/2019 
Mr. Arthur Gorman '50 19501/23/20192/5/2019El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. Gilbert Drab '59 195910/23/20182/5/2019Kaufman County A & M Club
Mr. Eric Rios Delgado '70 19709/14/20182/5/2019Panama A&M Club
Mr. James Willmann '56 19568/8/20182/5/2019Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Kenton Ahrens '57 19571/26/20192/5/2019Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Flake '50 19501/28/20192/5/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Patrick Brune '58 19582/3/20192/5/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Michael Gray '90 19902/3/20192/5/2019Tampa Bay A&M Club
Mr. Charles McGuire '64 19642/2/20192/5/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Richard Pridemore '51 19512/2/20192/5/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Kollman '45 194512/11/20182/5/2019 
Dr. Charles Wiseman '57 19572/2/20192/4/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Albert Springs '47 19472/1/20192/4/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Paul Waldo '80 198012/30/20182/4/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Wayne Miller '91 19911/30/20192/4/2019Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Richard Jones '55 19551/29/20192/4/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charles Moss '50 19501/17/20192/4/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mrs. Janet Wilson '85 19851/19/20192/4/2019Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mrs. Jacqueline Book '75 19755/25/20182/4/2019Hunt County A&M Club
Mrs. Patsy Moore '67 19671/5/20192/4/2019Pikes Peak A&M Club
Mr. Billy Heath '77 19771/27/20192/4/2019Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Dr. Gordon Welch '66 19661/29/20192/1/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Gary Napper '71 19711/29/20192/1/2019Guadalupe County A&M Club
Mr. Matthew Grantham '92 19921/11/20192/1/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Lewis Wilkinson '60 19601/27/20192/1/2019Hood & Somervell County A&M Club
Mr. J. Wood '52 19521/29/20192/1/2019Denton County A&M Club
Mrs. Donna Veale '80 19801/24/20192/1/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Brooks Doughtie '73 19731/28/20191/30/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Maj. Gen. Charles Cargill '53 19531/28/20191/30/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. John Andrews '82 19821/23/20191/30/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. James Gathings '45 19451/17/20191/30/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Gordon Hyatt '69 19691/26/20191/30/2019Lampasas County A&M Club
Mr. Marcus Williams '54 19545/5/20121/30/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Ms. Kristen Moss '15 201512/15/20181/30/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Noah Gunhouse '19 20191/16/20191/30/2019Houston A&M Club
Dr. Ralph Vosdingh '59 19591/28/20191/29/2019Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Antonio Rivera '65 196511/20/20181/29/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Apolonio Flores '62 19621/26/20191/29/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Dr. Wilmoth McArthur '47 19471/26/20191/29/2019Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. James Orr '82 19821/21/20191/29/2019Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Dirk Richmond '01 200112/23/20181/29/2019Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. Joe Cantu '53 19531/23/20191/29/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. David Sanchez '75 19751/22/20191/28/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Phil Calvin '68 19681/2/20191/28/2019Navarro County A&M Club
Mr. William Brown '09 20091/23/20191/28/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Chudej '78 19781/12/20191/28/2019West Michigan A&M Club
Mr. Stanley Staples '10 20101/6/20191/28/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. William Goode '57 195712/31/20181/28/2019Dallas A&M Club
COL Danny Burkard '54 19541/19/20191/25/2019Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Ivan Williams '58 19588/21/20181/25/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Julian Craigmiles '74 19741/22/20191/25/2019Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. Robert Lane '48 19481/23/20191/25/2019New Orleans A&M Club
Mrs. Carol Mahaney '82 19821/5/20191/25/2019 
Mr. Maury Babin '49 19491/23/20191/25/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Noel Chaplin '57 195712/2/20181/25/2019Central Arkansas A&M Club
Mr. Cicero Sprinkle '42 19421/11/20191/24/2019Northeast Florida A&M Club
Mr. Frederick Gaugler '51 19511/15/20161/24/2019Dallas A&M Club
Ms. Carol Evans '77 19771/16/20191/24/2019Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. John Coston '34 1934N/A1/24/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Ramiro Martinez '50 19501/21/20191/24/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Abner Zachry '58 19581/11/20191/24/2019Denver A&M Club
Mr. John Gudelman '75 19751/18/20191/24/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. James Gleason '77 19771/15/20191/23/2019Victoria County A&M Club
Mr. Billy Heck '66 19661/19/20191/23/2019Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Frank Alexander '79 19791/12/20191/23/2019Guadalupe County A&M Club
Mr. Randall Blair '82 19821/19/20191/23/2019Laredo A&M Club
Mr. George Pyle '57 19571/19/20191/23/2019Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Ramirez '96 19961/16/20191/23/2019Odessa A&M Club
Mr. Landon Svatek '08 20081/18/20191/23/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Paul Napper '46 19461/19/20191/23/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Richard Vander Stucken '61 19611/13/20191/23/2019Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. William Huffman '45 19451/20/20191/23/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Marvin Cole '50 19501/20/20191/23/2019Charlotte Area A&M Club
LTC Edsel Jones '52 19521/17/20191/22/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. C. Britton '65 196511/20/20181/22/2019New England A&M Club
Mr. Ervin Baumann '53 19531/13/20191/22/2019Midland A&M Club
Mr. Winston Loehr '60 19601/7/20191/22/2019Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mrs. Jean Mahnke '79 19791/14/20191/22/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. James Copeland '44 194410/24/20021/22/2019Midland A&M Club
Dr. Donald Brown '71 19711/4/20191/22/2019Galveston County A&M Club
COL Michael Howell '79 19791/16/20191/18/2019North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Jason Carter '93 19931/6/20191/18/2019Jackson County A&M Club
Mr. Jeffery Alexander '86 198612/17/20181/18/2019Connecticut A&M Club
Mr. Harold Gassen '68 196812/19/20181/18/2019Robertson County A&M Club
Dr. Morris Gelber '51 19511/14/20191/17/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Cave Wann '52 19521/10/20191/17/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Frederic Contreras '72 197212/29/20181/17/2019Middle Tennessee A&M Club
Mr. Max Holland '54 19547/18/20181/17/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Dr. Timothy Scroggins '86 19869/14/20181/16/2019Northeast Ohio A&M Club
Mr. Clarence Chachere '43 194312/30/20181/16/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Gary Clark '06 200612/17/20181/16/2019Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. James Allums '55 195512/28/20181/16/2019Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Charles Ferguson '92 19921/2/20191/15/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Floyd Joyer '67 196712/30/20181/15/2019Mid-South A&M Club
Mr. John Brumbelow '42 19421/4/20171/15/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Savins '47 19471/11/20191/15/2019Ellis A&M Club
Mr. James Clifton '46 194611/5/19901/15/2019Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. James Sanders '64 196412/23/20181/14/2019 
Mr. Michael Richmond '90 19901/2/20191/14/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. William Freeman '48 19481/7/20191/14/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Ricky DeWolfe '93 19931/10/20191/14/2019Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Marion Gerbig '88 198812/28/20181/14/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Grant Hernandez '21 20211/6/20191/11/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Colin Richey '99 19991/8/20191/11/2019Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. James Jenkins '40 19402/3/19771/11/2019Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Donald Balch '70 19701/9/20191/11/2019Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Santiago de los Santos '68 196812/20/20181/11/2019 
Dr. Harold Brown '58 195812/23/20181/10/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jack McCrary '86 19861/3/20191/10/2019Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Delmer Teet '70 19706/27/20181/10/2019Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mrs. Margaret Griffith '96 199612/30/20181/10/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Robert Stevens '72 197212/22/20181/10/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
COL John Massingale '59 19599/5/20111/9/2019Dallas A&M Club
Dr. George Ryan '72 197212/8/20181/9/2019Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Donald Morbitzer '59 19591/21/20171/9/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Dan Dailey '50 195012/22/20181/9/2019Young County A&M Club
Mr. Billy Chesser '50 19501/7/20191/9/2019 
Mr. Donald Redwine '63 19631/6/20191/9/2019Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Linda Long '75 19751/3/20191/9/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Dr. Jerry Michel '54 195412/23/20181/8/2019Mid-South A&M Club
Mr. Charles Gallaway '44 194412/27/20181/8/2019Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. James Lenwood Wallace '74 19741/4/20191/8/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Darryl Dincans '92 199212/29/20181/8/2019Victoria County A&M Club
Mr. James Cartier '85 19851/4/20191/8/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Gregory Schreiber '15 201512/30/20181/8/2019South Florida A&M Club
Mr. Tommy Splittgerber '49 194912/3/20181/8/2019 
Mr. Monty Montz '67 196712/29/20181/7/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Harris '52 195212/30/20181/7/2019Cross Timbers A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Monroe Mirsky '48 19481/3/20191/7/2019Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mrs. Jill Roberts '80 198012/29/20181/7/2019Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. Wilburn Smith '59 195911/26/20181/7/2019Collin County A&M Club
Rev. Andrew Parker '83 198312/18/20181/7/2019Houston A&M Club
Dr. Joseph Coulter '50 19501/2/20191/7/2019Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Hankins '56 19561/2/20191/7/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Dr. William Dickens '95 199512/31/20181/4/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
COL Milton Bell '51 19511/3/20191/4/2019Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Albert Reinert '70 197012/31/20181/4/2019Hays County A&M Club
Dr. James Walker '66 196612/26/20181/4/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Harold Offield '63 196312/29/20181/4/2019 
Mr. John Ray '69 196912/24/20181/4/2019Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Robert Havard '53 19531/2/20191/4/2019Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. James Simpson '60 196012/28/20181/4/2019East Tennessee A&M Club
Mr. Robert Westmoreland '94 199412/13/20181/4/2019Wichita Falls A&M Club
Mrs. Kathy Keenon '80 198012/22/20181/4/2019Matagorda County A&M Club
Dr. Stanley Allen Self '48 194812/22/20181/3/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. L. Pattillo '71 197112/29/20181/3/2019Nacogdoches A&M Club
Dr. Jordan Brooks '66 196612/27/20181/3/2019New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Hal Jones '62 196212/20/20181/3/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Lance Bertrand '92 199212/30/20181/3/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Lynn Lane '49 194912/24/20181/3/2019Hood & Somervell County A&M Club
Mr. William Pyle '62 19621/1/20191/3/2019Fayette County A&M Club
Mr. Victor Williams '45 194512/21/20181/3/2019Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Wade Calvert '96 199612/23/20181/3/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Stanley Kucherka '50 195012/27/20181/3/2019Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Davison '53 195312/21/20181/3/2019 
Dr. James Cook '53 195311/21/20181/2/2019Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. Charles Menke '63 196312/18/20181/2/2019Waller County A&M Club
Mr. Ken Gerstenberg '58 195812/23/20181/2/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Charlton Clayton '07 200712/18/20181/2/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Norlyn Allison '79 19799/9/20181/2/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. James McBride '62 196212/31/20181/2/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Earley '65 196512/20/20181/2/2019Coastal A&M Club
Mr. William Burkes '52 195212/20/20181/2/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Goldberg '49 19498/13/201812/21/2018Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. Billy Lightfoot '60 196012/19/201812/21/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. James Tarver '44 19446/12/199612/20/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Dr. David Hughes '64 196412/12/201812/20/2018North Alabama A&M Club
Dr. Clarence Jones '51 195112/15/201812/20/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Clifford Brock '71 197112/24/201612/20/2018 
Mr. D. Springer '44 19441/28/200112/20/2018Navarro County A&M Club
Mr. David Arnold '60 196012/14/201812/20/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Paul Barrios '49 19494/12/201512/20/2018San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Jorge Giron '10 201011/26/201812/20/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Howard Anderson '50 195012/9/197912/20/2018Beaumont A&M Club
Dr. Yasin Ishaq '83 198312/12/201812/19/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Albert Thielemann '61 196112/2/201812/19/2018Austin County A&M Club
Mr. Larry Schilling '76 197612/15/201812/19/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
The Honorable Cread Ray '52 195212/9/201812/19/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Maurice Wood '49 194912/17/201812/19/2018 
Dr. Howard Sanders '68 19682/1/201712/18/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Franklyn Dahlberg '58 195812/12/201812/18/2018Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. James Alford '43 194312/14/201812/18/2018Gonzales County A&M Club
Mrs. Janene Fowler '86 198612/15/201812/18/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Dr. Elige Hickman '54 195412/13/201812/17/2018Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Dr. Valerie Carswell '84 19844/11/201812/17/2018Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. George Logan '63 196312/12/201812/17/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Walter Cannon '60 196012/13/201812/17/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Angela Zavodny '94 199412/14/201812/17/2018Houston A&M Club
Ms. Alana Watts '01 200112/5/201812/17/2018Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Eric Walker '02 200212/10/201812/14/2018Pittsburgh A&M Club
COL Charles Finch '51 195112/2/201812/14/2018Tampa Bay A&M Club
Mr. Bill Wakefield '46 19468/9/201512/14/2018 
Mr. James Jones '47 194712/12/201812/14/2018Lamar County A&M Former Students Club
Mr. Maurice Hasson '10 201012/5/201812/14/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Maurice Robinowitz '48 194812/11/201812/14/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Kilpatrick '61 196112/11/201812/14/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Willard Woodruff '46 19464/27/201812/14/2018Cross Timbers A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Debra Hamman '81 198112/4/201812/14/2018Wharton County A&M Club
Mr. Harry McCampbell '54 195412/12/201812/14/2018Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Weldon Williams '49 19499/10/199612/14/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Lawrence Rothe '71 197111/26/201812/13/2018San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Lt. Col. Charles Crawford '72 197212/2/201812/13/2018Uvalde Area A&M Club
Mr. Scott Ritterhouse '89 198912/5/201812/13/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Thomas '70 197011/18/201812/13/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Don Fisher '50 195011/13/201812/13/2018Tulsa A&M Club
Mr. Floyd Bridges '69 196911/26/201812/13/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Tommy Gosdin '66 196611/18/201812/13/2018Hood & Somervell County A&M Club
Mr. Carter Franklin '61 196112/8/201812/12/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charles Dean '56 195612/9/201812/12/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. James Wasson '60 196011/7/201812/12/2018Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Homer Anderson '56 195610/31/201812/12/2018Cross Timbers A&M Club, Inc.
Ms. Brandi Collins '01 200112/7/201812/12/2018D.A.M. A&M Club
Mr. Paul Jamison '37 19371/5/196612/12/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Edward Phillips '69 196912/8/201812/12/2018Leon County A&M Club
COL Billy Poston '51 195112/8/201812/11/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Curtis Rea '62 196211/2/201812/11/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Gary Granade '69 196911/14/201812/11/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Harold Walker '47 194712/2/201812/11/2018Hamilton County A&M Club
Mr. Lowell Jones '54 195412/9/201812/11/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Thomas Shifflett '62 196212/9/201812/11/2018Highland Lakes A&M Club
Mr. David Coslett '51 195112/8/201812/11/2018Brazoria County A&M Club
Mrs. Kelly Koonsman '17 201711/21/201812/11/2018Hamilton County A&M Club
Dr. Harry Greenbaum '55 195512/6/201812/10/2018 
Dr. Richard Vogel '68 196811/27/201812/10/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Mintz '62 196212/4/201812/10/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Gary Kitchens '69 196912/7/201812/10/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Gary Nace '76 197612/7/201812/10/2018Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. John Borthayre '94 199412/3/201812/10/2018McKinney A&M Club
Mr. Warren Herrmann '63 196312/1/201812/10/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. J. Hambright '49 194912/4/201812/10/2018Mid-Kansas A&M Club
Dr. Jack Mobley '53 195312/6/201812/7/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Col. William Murray '61 196111/24/201812/7/2018Denver A&M Club
Dr. William Ledbetter '56 195612/1/201812/7/2018Upstate A&M Club
Mr. Fred McGinn '65 196512/3/201812/7/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Harry Thompson '90 199012/4/201812/7/2018New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Charles Burk '52 195212/2/201812/7/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Menzies '67 196712/2/201812/7/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Jimmy Boswell '58 195812/4/201812/7/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Richard Morris '51 195111/30/201812/7/2018Midland A&M Club
Mr. George Burcham '70 197011/13/201812/3/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Jay Hays '88 198811/22/201812/3/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Bradford '52 195211/22/201812/3/2018Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Charles Hall '54 195411/27/201811/30/2018 
Mr. Bobby McCarn '56 195611/4/201811/30/2018Austin County A&M Club
Mr. Clifton Fields '50 195011/28/201811/30/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jack Purcell '55 195511/10/201811/30/2018Coryell County A&M Club
Mr. Jay Wampler '88 19884/8/201811/30/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Jon Taylor '75 197512/4/201711/30/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. John Beckmeyer '64 196410/22/201811/30/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Samuel Allen '45 194511/18/201811/30/2018Lamar County A&M Former Students Club
Mr. Robert Breitschopf '57 195711/14/201811/30/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Andrew Grimland '72 197210/15/201811/29/2018Nacogdoches A&M Club
Dr. Frank Yturria '46 194611/26/201811/29/2018Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Louis Igo '69 196911/12/201811/29/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Ralph Turner '28 19281/3/196311/29/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. William Massengale '73 197311/24/201811/29/2018Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. William Wahrmund '50 195011/12/201811/29/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Lt. Col. Gene Box '62 196211/11/201811/28/2018New England A&M Club
Dr. Carey Horne '65 196511/26/201811/28/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Clark Holloway '57 195711/27/201811/28/2018North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Michael Cekosky '78 197811/15/201811/28/2018Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Harold Jackson '50 195011/25/201811/27/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Dr. Kenneth Dorris '60 196011/24/201811/27/2018Erath County A&M Club
Mr. George Loveland '61 196111/23/201811/27/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Delbert Whitaker '41 19414/13/201711/27/2018Dallas A&M Club
Ms. Robin Cooksey '83 198311/22/201811/27/2018Bastrop County A&M Club
Dr. Albert Hilton '52 195211/23/201811/26/2018Dallas A&M Club
1LT Peter Edwin Donohue '70 197011/21/201811/26/2018Fort Rucker Texas Aggies
Dr. James Cooper '56 195611/20/201811/26/2018Houston A&M Club
Judge John Yates '56 195611/11/201811/26/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. James Dailey '68 196811/15/201811/26/2018Matagorda County A&M Club
Mr. John Dunbar '60 196011/22/201811/26/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Randall House '08 200811/20/201811/26/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Rowe Caldwell '54 195411/18/201811/26/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Lucy Roverse '86 198611/15/201811/26/2018Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. Chad Atken '84 19845/17/201811/26/2018Hays County A&M Club
Mr. H. Martin '34 193412/24/199811/21/2018San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. James Montgomery '76 197611/9/200411/21/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. J. Henderson '73 197311/17/201811/21/2018Hope A&M Club
Mr. John Warren '67 196710/28/201811/21/2018Bay Area A&M Club
COL Victor Wegenhoft '40 19403/8/201311/20/2018Pikes Peak A&M Club
Mr. Franklin Parks '40 19408/16/200211/20/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jess Mills '39 19392/4/199511/20/2018Atascosa County A&M Club
Mr. Buck Miller '40 194011/24/201511/20/2018 
Mr. John Simpson '40 19404/22/198511/20/2018 
Mr. James Patton '40 19405/22/201711/20/2018 
Mr. Ted Hatcher '50 195011/17/201811/20/2018Highland Lakes A&M Club
Mr. George Grobowsky '55 195511/18/201811/20/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Dr. Jorge Rodriguez-Arias '45 194512/29/199811/20/2018Puerto Rico A&M Club
Dr. Roy Mefferd '40 19405/22/200511/20/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
LTC Orville Counselman '39 19391/12/201011/20/2018Richmond Area A&M Club
Mr. Alex Mosesman '40 19404/30/200711/20/2018Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Billy Lee '55 195511/10/201811/20/2018Dallas A&M Club
MAJ W. Edmonds '38 193811/15/201811/19/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Clinton Gwin '52 19529/21/201811/19/2018Middle Tennessee A&M Club
Mr. Gordon Lewis '71 197111/16/201811/19/2018Nacogdoches A&M Club
Mr. H. Byrd '55 195511/14/201811/19/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Speier '46 194611/17/201811/19/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. George Curtis '50 195011/14/201811/19/2018Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. Paul Henderson '69 196911/16/201811/19/2018Utah A&M Club
Mrs. Lauretta Hoelscher '90 199011/16/201811/19/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Lee Burrier '62 196211/12/201811/19/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Maurice Pearce '40 194012/1/198011/19/2018Greater Omaha A&M Club
Dr. Jason Campbell '39 193911/13/201811/16/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Dr. Adrian Hutton '68 196810/9/201611/16/2018Gateway A&M Club
Mr. Austin Taylor '50 195011/12/201811/16/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jack Cunningham '46 1946N/A11/16/2018Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. Randall Rosenbaum '85 198511/13/201811/16/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. William Shields '49 19497/28/201811/16/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Donald Weber '61 196111/4/201811/15/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Randall Willis '77 197711/7/201811/15/2018Ennis A&M Club
Mr. Frank Norris '54 195411/2/201811/15/2018Ennis A&M Club
Mr. Albert Bright '73 197311/8/201811/14/2018Southwest Ohio Area A&M Club
Mr. Conant King '39 193911/16/200411/14/2018 
Mr. Dan Murphy '39 193910/9/199211/14/2018San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Collins '54 19549/1/199511/14/2018Southern Arizona Texas A&M Club
Mr. Oscar Wilson '42 19429/22/198111/14/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. William Barrington '61 196111/7/201811/14/2018 
Mr. Harold Ray '70 19706/13/201011/14/2018Washington County A&M Club
Dr. Clay Pierce '74 197411/12/201811/13/2018New Orleans A&M Club
Dr. Howard Sturkie '47 19471/14/199611/13/2018Anderson County A&M Club
Dr. William Neel '52 19522/11/201211/13/2018Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. George Perfect '39 19391/5/199311/13/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Art Stranz '47 194711/10/201811/13/2018Collin County A&M Club
Professor Albert Smith '62 196212/22/200311/13/2018 
Mr. Eddie Thompson '54 195411/10/201811/13/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Ira Sturkie '36 19366/13/199511/13/2018Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. James Cooper '79 197911/10/201811/13/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Robbie Godwin '61 196111/11/201811/13/2018Blanco County A&M Club
Mr. Willie Webster '51 19512/14/201411/13/2018Charleston A&M Club
Mr. Jim Neatherlin '02 200210/23/201811/12/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. James Thompson '53 195310/28/201811/12/2018Henderson County A&M Club
Mr. Earnest Hightower '60 196010/28/201811/12/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. John Fowler '53 195311/11/201811/12/2018Southwest Louisiana A&M Club
Mr. Fred Rodriguez '58 195811/4/201811/12/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Robert Callaway '52 195211/4/201811/12/2018Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Timothy Scott '80 198011/7/201811/12/2018Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Ward Vogel '51 195110/26/201811/12/2018El Paso Texas A&M Club
Dr. James Gillaspy '40 19407/14/200911/9/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. James Tower '43 19435/30/200111/9/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Evan Eichblatt '42 19429/29/200211/9/2018Brush Country A&M Club
Mr. Homer Shanks '58 195811/4/201811/9/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Francisco Coronado '53 195311/7/201811/9/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Frank Glenn '60 19604/12/201811/9/2018Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. James Cunningham '74 197410/2/201811/9/2018 
Mr. James Green '40 19409/1/199811/9/2018 
Mrs. Renee Madsen '94 199411/5/201811/9/2018Maryland A&M Club
Dr. Judith Finn '74 197410/23/201811/9/2018Tulsa A&M Club
Dr. Wendell Arnold '69 196910/30/201811/8/2018South Florida A&M Club
CPT G. Brown '40 194012/16/198411/8/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Raymond Kunze '51 195111/4/201811/8/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Kuratko '39 19397/25/199911/8/2018Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. John Dieb '38 19381/5/199311/8/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Paige Stasney '65 196511/6/201811/8/2018 
Mrs. Andrea Herrin '95 199511/6/201811/8/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. William Ward '08 200811/3/201811/8/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Roger Carter '60 196010/25/201811/8/2018 
Miss Ethel Hutson '95 18956/12/195111/7/2018Mobile Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Elwood Kettler '55 19553/6/201811/7/2018 
Mr. Daniel Reetz '17 201711/5/201811/7/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Gary New '63 196311/4/201811/7/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jackson Duncan '15 201511/2/201811/7/2018Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Rashelle Butschek '92 199211/5/201811/7/2018Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. J. Beckman '59 195911/5/201811/7/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Phillip Benton '54 19546/3/201811/7/2018Denver A&M Club
Mr. Paul Landry '69 196912/29/201711/6/2018South Florida A&M Club
Mr. Robert Schmidt '48 194811/1/201811/6/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Harbour '14 201411/5/201811/6/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Timothy Henderson '80 198011/2/201811/6/2018Caldwell County A&M Club
Lt.Col. William Highsmith '53 19532/15/201711/5/2018 
Mr. Andrew Kalinke '21 20216/4/201811/5/2018McKinney A&M Club
Mr. George Spangle '68 196810/30/201811/5/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. John Cummings '50 195010/9/201811/5/2018San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Jonathan Foreman '22 20229/3/201811/5/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Col. Kenneth Yancey '63 196310/24/201811/5/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Dr. Norma Berry '87 198710/20/201811/5/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Little '22 20228/28/201811/5/2018Houston A&M Club
COL Jerry Cobb '56 195610/22/201811/1/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Dr. Sigmund Hoverson '74 197410/23/201811/1/2018Columbia Basin A&M Club
Mr. Frederick Kiechle '39 193912/15/199711/1/2018Wabash Valley A&M Club
Mr. Frederick Becker '56 19566/6/201211/1/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. James McGinnes '73 19739/6/197111/1/2018San Angelo A&M Club
Mr. Charles Peacock '52 195210/14/201811/1/2018Wood/Rains County Aggie Club
Mr. Eugene Richter '67 196710/16/201811/1/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. Wirron Willson '40 19403/14/198611/1/2018 
Dr. Billie Ball '62 196211/1/201811/1/2018Golden Triangle A&M Club
Dr. Jessie Buel '81 198110/27/201810/31/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Richard Fitzgerald '52 195210/11/201810/31/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Timothy Moltz '85 198510/27/201810/31/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Evelyn Carrell '59 19599/19/201810/31/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Archie Kahan '59 19592/18/200710/30/2018 
Dr. Preston Prause '57 195710/16/201810/30/2018 
Mr. Blase Pantuso '54 195410/27/201810/30/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Donald Newton '59 195910/13/201810/30/2018Del Rio A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Walsh '65 196510/17/201810/30/2018Central Mississippi A&M Club
Mr. Robert Murray '94 199410/24/201810/30/2018 
Mr. Larry Todd '61 196110/24/201810/30/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Wilbur Stanford '51 19512/16/200810/30/2018Hays County A&M Club
Mrs. Karen Wilkerson '93 199310/23/201810/30/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. John Watt Page '41 19412/26/200910/30/2018Albuquerque A&M Club
Dr. Henry Heatherly '59 19599/23/201810/29/2018Lafayette A&M Club
COL Arthur Noll '51 195110/25/201810/29/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. Aylmer Cheng '67 196710/25/201810/29/2018Houston A&M Club
COL Robert Beaver '55 195511/10/200210/29/2018San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Bonnie Cocanougher '53 195310/26/201810/29/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Paul John '38 19386/19/199910/29/2018Baytown Texas A&M Club
Mr. Troy Spencer '64 19647/7/201610/29/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Wilfred Habermann '41 194111/29/197810/29/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Reed Rankin '55 195510/25/201810/29/2018Guadalupe County A&M Club
COL Grover White '38 19388/19/200010/26/2018Upstate A&M Club
Dr. John Williams '55 195510/22/201810/26/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. Laura Burrell '90 199010/18/201810/26/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Brehm '81 198110/13/201810/26/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Bowne '55 195510/11/201810/26/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Freddy Johnson '80 198010/6/201810/26/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. James Todd '40 19402/22/200810/26/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Riley Wilson '39 193910/17/201110/26/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Betanzo '38 1938N/A10/26/2018 
Mr. Thomas Williams '46 19466/22/200410/26/2018Henderson County A&M Club
Dr. Wesley Walker '43 19434/18/199110/26/2018 
Mr. David Fortenberry '81 198110/25/201810/26/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
CAPT Kevin McKenna '72 197210/5/201810/25/2018Richmond Area A&M Club
Dr. Rexford Lord '52 195210/9/201810/25/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Grimes '41 19416/20/201110/25/2018Bosque County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Grant '38 19385/20/201210/25/2018Hamilton County A&M Club
Mr. Edward Hollahan '68 196810/23/201810/25/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Walter Williams '55 195510/23/201810/25/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Jose Solis '51 195110/13/201810/25/2018 
Mr. Charles Sebesta '52 195210/24/201810/25/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
LTC James Welch '53 195310/20/201810/24/2018Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Roy Graves '39 19391/12/201310/24/2018Tulsa A&M Club
Mr. Burton Frazier '38 193812/20/199010/24/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Jan Cupit '63 19639/21/201810/24/2018Highland Lakes A&M Club
Mr. Douglas Culpon '82 198210/20/201810/24/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Thetas Wilkins '73 197310/2/201810/24/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. James Sutherlin '75 197510/22/201810/24/2018Beaumont A&M Club
Dr. George Knippel '55 19557/15/199410/24/2018Central Ohio A&M Club
LTC Roy White '48 19482/15/199810/24/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Dr. Betsy Smith '80 198010/19/201810/23/2018Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Dr. Robert Pappas '93 199310/18/201810/23/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Ben Fain '46 194610/20/201810/23/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Allen Guthrie '67 196710/17/201810/23/2018Emerald Coast A&M Club
Dr. Stacia Spillane '93 199310/21/201810/23/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Tommy Casey '40 19401/17/199710/23/2018El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. Charles Fisher '90 199010/18/201810/22/2018Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Howard Payne '60 196010/19/201810/22/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Michael Paulus '79 197910/16/201810/22/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Nicholas Settanni '58 195810/18/201810/22/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Terry Bleck '78 197810/17/201810/22/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. John Greaner '59 195910/19/201810/22/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Marq Synwolt '79 197910/11/201810/22/2018Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.

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