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Muster Roll Call and Silver Taps

"In this ceremony we honor the memories of fellow A&M men and women whose death prevents their answering Roll Call at this annual Muster. The Roll is a symbolic Roll Call of all students and former students whom death has taken from our ranks, but whose memory lives on in our hearts. As each name is called, a comrade will answer: Here!"

Each Aggie's name is a link that goes to his or her online Silver Taps page. While this list is updated once a day, the Silver Taps obituaries on our News page are updated throughout the business day.  To add a name to Roll Call, please email


  • To date, no reports of Aggies killed in military service-related actions have been reported since the last Muster.
  • The family of former U.S. first Lady Barbara Bush elected to defer her recognition at Aggie Muster to 2019, when her family will have the opportunity to participate. It is common for families to elect to defer when a loved one's death occurs immediately before the annual Muster.
  • The annual Roll Call for the Absent includes the names of all Aggies whose deaths have been reported to The Association since the last Muster. Some of those deaths happened more than a year ago but, because the passing was not previously reported, the name has not previously been called at any Aggie Muster.

Viewing Current Muster Roll Call (Muster 2019)

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NameClass YearDate of PassingNotified onClub
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Dr. Glenn Guy '77 19779/10/20189/21/2018El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jay Green '67 19679/5/20189/21/2018Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Haas '53 19539/16/20189/21/2018 
Mr. Walker Ragsdale '57 19579/9/20189/21/2018Brown County A&M Club
Mr. Harold Sanders '52 19529/14/20189/21/2018 
Dr. Donald Anderson '55 19559/18/20189/20/2018Denton County A&M Club
Dr. Harold Springfield '51 195111/12/20099/20/2018Rusk County A&M Club
Dr. Sarah Fox '95 19959/13/20189/20/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Coddou '48 19489/12/20189/20/2018Fayette County A&M Club
Mr. Louis Lane '78 19789/18/20189/20/2018Wichita Falls A&M Club
Mr. Bill Cowser '46 19469/18/20189/19/2018Utah A&M Club
Mr. David Anderson '51 19515/31/19849/19/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. James Brown '56 19569/9/20189/19/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. John O'Connor '61 19619/17/20189/19/2018Titus County A&M Club
Mr. Max Rychlik '52 19528/30/20189/19/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Kristie McFarling '01 20019/13/20189/19/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Gilbert Springfield '67 19679/11/20189/18/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Fluker '83 19839/14/20189/18/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. John Peterson '64 19649/16/20189/18/2018Gateway A&M Club
Mr. Orien Dean '43 194312/6/20049/18/2018Triangle Area A&M Club
Mr. Fritzie Kloppe '60 19609/15/20189/18/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Dr. Richard Fowler '65 19659/4/20189/17/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Dr. Florence Hayden '79 19798/17/20189/17/2018Walker County A&M Club
LTC Roy Jones '49 19499/10/20189/17/2018Inland Northwest A&M Club
Mr. Charles Tinnemeyer '66 19667/1/20019/17/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Spencer Bulger '60 19609/12/20189/17/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Steven Drillette '83 19834/21/20189/17/2018Central Arkansas A&M Club
Mrs. Cynthia Gatica '90 19909/15/20189/17/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Ralph Stribling '24 192412/1/19729/17/2018 
Mr. Robert Martin '48 19489/6/20189/17/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Adam Winters '35 19352/8/20089/14/2018Beaumont A&M Club
Dr. Winfield Parsons '78 19789/13/20189/14/2018New York A&M Club
Mr. Lee Milazzo '22 192210/16/19909/14/2018Hope A&M Club
Mr. Rory Gillies '83 19839/13/20189/14/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Floron Faries '64 19649/11/20189/13/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Randall Deutsch '65 19659/4/20189/13/2018 
Mr. Edmund Dusek '55 19558/31/20189/13/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Daren Dalton '09 20099/10/20189/13/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Flesher '01 20015/7/20189/13/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Terrence Jares '71 19719/4/20189/13/2018Northern Colorado A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Fleshman '65 19653/20/19969/13/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Kevin Hartzog '13 20139/9/20189/13/2018Williamson County A&M Club
COL Bernard Bruns '53 19539/10/20189/12/2018Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Steen Oldenburg Burrell '96 19969/6/20189/12/2018Costa Rica A&M Club
Mr. Therman Henderson '31 19311/2/19809/12/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Calvin Otto '72 19729/10/20189/12/2018Liberty County A&M Club
2LT Charles Bishop '68 19683/9/19909/11/2018San Antonio A&M Club
The Honorable George Boyett '57 19579/7/20189/11/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Dave Fricke '68 19689/8/20189/10/2018New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Leon Gerlich '54 19549/2/20189/10/2018Denver A&M Club
Mr. John Lilly '85 19859/7/20189/10/2018 
Mr. Shannon Theeck '92 19929/5/20189/10/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mrs. Dorothy Gause '70 19709/7/20189/10/2018 
Mr. Robert Brown '86 19869/4/20189/10/2018 
Mr. Volney Shields '47 194712/8/20089/10/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. W.J. Richmond '48 194810/8/20159/10/2018Midland A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Tansil '62 19629/5/20189/10/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Roy Clayton '00 20009/6/20189/10/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
LTC Ernest Fincher '54 19549/5/20189/7/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Robert Knapp '21 192110/4/19899/7/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Jeff Sellers '82 19828/23/20189/7/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Melvin Judah '46 19469/4/20189/7/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Samuel Red '21 192112/8/19899/7/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Larry Parsons '69 19698/14/20189/7/2018Bastrop County A&M Club
Mr. William Hunkler '51 19514/8/20179/7/2018Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Albert Whipple '69 19697/16/20189/6/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Dr. Raymond Dietrich '56 19569/5/20189/6/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Everett McKeen '21 19217/31/19909/6/2018San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Glenn Beadle '51 19512/27/20189/6/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. John Ragland '57 19578/30/20189/6/2018Washington County A&M Club
Mr. Lloyd Childress '69 19698/31/20189/6/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Delvige '70 19707/14/20189/6/2018Central Ohio A&M Club
Dr. Lee Holden '52 19529/3/20189/5/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. Kevin Kisthardt '90 19909/2/20189/5/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Eagleson '51 19513/10/20159/5/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mrs. Joan Lamkin '70 19709/1/20189/5/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. William Boyd '45 19457/24/20189/5/2018Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Wimer '40 19409/3/20189/4/2018Tampa Bay A&M Club
Dr. Homer Hensler '47 194712/9/20049/4/2018Central Indiana A&M Club
Mr. Carl Haglund '66 19668/30/20189/4/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Juan Gonzalez '75 19759/3/20189/4/2018 
Mr. Marvin Kelly '28 19283/18/19769/4/2018El Paso Texas A&M Club
Maj. Gen. Billy McCoy '63 19638/23/20189/3/2018Las Vegas Texas A&M Club
Mr. Donald Smith '79 19796/9/20189/3/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
Mr. Raymond Kubala '64 19648/30/20189/3/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Ms. Emily Chaffin '20 20205/19/20189/3/2018Tomball Area A&M Club
Mr. W. Heye '23 19237/14/19719/3/2018Central California A&M Club
Mr. Bob Posey '43 19434/30/20158/31/2018 
Mr. Charles Sutton '30 19302/7/19888/31/2018Beaumont A&M Club
Dr. Royce Roberts '66 19668/14/20188/31/2018Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Cummings '52 19528/26/20188/31/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Brandon Freeman '17 20178/26/20188/31/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Mark Wilson '18 20188/9/20188/31/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Ms. Shirley Sowers '68 19688/28/20188/31/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Markham Patton '66 19668/27/20188/30/2018Grayson County A&M Club
Dr. Peggy Coghlan '76 19768/23/20188/30/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jerry Fischer '73 19738/23/20188/30/2018Dewitt/Yoakum A&M Club
Mr. Thanh Ly '95 19958/19/20188/30/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Wayne Marion '74 19748/20/20188/29/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Hoy Owen '20 192010/26/19718/29/2018Anderson County A&M Club
Mr. Forrest White '70 19708/27/20188/29/2018Van Zandt County Aggie Club
Mr. Peter Manos '53 19536/2/20178/29/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Wayne Thompson '49 19498/28/20188/29/2018 
COL Milton Thompson '43 19438/23/20188/28/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Kimberly McDole '89 19898/27/20188/28/2018Wabash Valley A&M Club
LTC Charles Sprague '61 19618/21/20188/28/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Alan Curry '49 19498/25/20188/28/2018Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Freeman '61 19618/24/20188/28/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Edward Batcheler '65 19658/24/20188/28/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Gregory Lain '77 19778/24/20188/28/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Turner White '28 19287/24/20018/28/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Ms. Sarah Sappington '15 20158/25/20188/28/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Tom Sammons '55 19558/23/20188/28/2018 
Dr. Roy McDonald '64 19648/20/20188/27/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Foxworth '54 19548/23/20188/27/2018Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Daniel Kallus '53 19538/24/20188/27/2018Midland A&M Club
Mr. Erik Hanson '21 20218/12/20188/27/2018 
Mr. James Holley '69 19698/25/20188/27/2018Hill County A&M Club
Mr. Leonard Coleman '48 19488/24/20188/27/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Richard Semlinger '52 19528/22/20188/27/2018Angelina County A&M Club
Dr. Thomas Nartker '66 19668/13/20188/24/2018Southwest Ohio Area A&M Club
Dr. Shirley Kidd '96 19968/13/20188/24/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Billie Davis '49 19498/22/20188/24/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Roderick Saddler '87 19878/19/20188/24/2018Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Faburn Murray '49 19498/23/20188/24/2018Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Ann Marsh '66 19668/22/20188/24/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Garrett Maxwell '55 19558/18/20188/23/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Arlen Reese '52 19528/21/20188/23/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Clayton Cates '60 19608/21/20188/23/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Trevor Lynch '18 20188/17/20188/23/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Robert Jolly '82 19821/23/20168/23/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Allen '64 19648/17/20188/23/2018 
Mr. Erle Schmidt '53 19538/16/20188/23/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Daniel Nelsen '48 19488/19/20188/22/2018Victoria County A&M Club
MG William Hefley '27 19278/15/19918/22/2018Emerald Coast A&M Club
Dr. Robert Harle '70 19708/17/20188/22/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Thomas Followwill '19 20198/16/20188/22/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Leman '26 192610/10/19858/21/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Clarence Hooper '53 19538/19/20188/21/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Karl Kuehn '57 19578/13/20188/21/2018Wichita Falls A&M Club
Mr. Wesley Hays '44 19448/17/20188/21/2018Brown County A&M Club
Mrs. Sophia Stanley '09 20098/17/20188/21/2018 
Mr. Howard Lancaster '81 19817/17/20188/20/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Shouse '86 19868/12/20188/20/2018Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Norman Ribble '92 19928/11/20188/20/2018Northern Colorado A&M Club
Mr. Wayman Corbell '51 19517/12/20188/20/2018Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Manley Osterhoudt '46 19468/9/20188/20/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Collier '51 19518/13/20188/20/2018Maryland A&M Club
Dr. Paul Park '57 19578/2/20188/17/2018Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
COL James Gilland '52 19528/16/20188/17/2018Northeast Ohio A&M Club
Mr. Alonzo Hodgson '50 19508/9/20188/16/2018Cypress Valley A&M Club
Dr. Michael McKay '72 19728/5/20188/16/2018Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Bull '65 19658/9/20188/16/2018 
Mr. Odis Muennink '42 19428/3/20188/16/2018Baytown Texas A&M Club
Mr. George Andrus '52 19528/11/20188/16/2018Brazoria County A&M Club
LTC Dennis Garbis '70 19708/14/20188/15/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Powell '50 19508/13/20188/15/2018 
Mr. Henry Eulenfeld '33 19339/11/19748/15/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Randolph Watson '65 19658/6/20188/15/2018Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Sam Barnes '50 19508/5/20188/15/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Aaron Schwartz '47 19478/10/20188/14/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. A. Keller '00 20004/27/20188/14/2018Bakersfield A&M Club
Mr. Bill Carter '50 19508/2/20188/14/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Klein '57 19573/24/20058/14/2018Rockwall County A&M Club
Dr. Wilson Weatherford '53 19538/8/20188/13/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Carlos Cordero '83 19838/10/20188/13/2018Frisco A&M Club
Mr. Charles Blaschke '63 19638/5/20188/13/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Dr. John Decker '64 19648/11/20188/13/2018Nacogdoches A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Pankey '43 19438/6/20188/13/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Kimbro Ogilvie '73 19738/7/20188/13/2018Virginia Blue Ridge A&M Club
Mr. R. Folk '40 19407/22/20188/13/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mrs. Vannette Bollier '74 19748/11/20188/13/2018Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Little '46 19468/3/20188/13/2018Gateway A&M Club
Dr. William Hancock '48 19489/14/19928/10/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Wendell Dedman '41 19412/27/20108/10/2018Connecticut A&M Club
Mr. Dale Lake '58 19587/12/20188/10/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
BG Mike Cokinos '43 19438/9/20188/9/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Clifton Teague '85 19857/25/20188/9/2018Waller County A&M Club
Mr. Leon Musick '49 19497/6/20098/9/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Ms. Marila Palmer '09 20097/28/20188/9/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Wayne Dolive '50 19507/26/20188/9/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
CAPT Robert Strobel '81 19815/19/20188/8/2018 
Miss Laura Peterson '82 19821/31/20188/8/2018Central Indiana A&M Club
Mr. Mehrzad Monzavi '20 20205/5/20188/8/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Phil Wagner '66 196610/9/20068/8/2018 
Mr. Marshall Vose '71 19718/13/20118/8/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Ms. Ruth White '90 19908/3/20188/8/2018New York A&M Club
Mr. William Gano '19 20198/1/20188/8/2018Albuquerque A&M Club
Mr. Roy Squyres '50 19507/24/20178/8/2018 
MAJ Joe Jerry Jones '54 19547/31/20188/7/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Danny Hindes '83 19837/20/20188/7/2018Collin County A&M Club
LTC Willie Williamson '44 194410/10/19888/7/2018 
Mr. Irven Burch '50 195011/18/19808/7/2018Waller County A&M Club
Mr. Otto Yelton '50 19509/5/20008/7/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Ray Means '60 19606/7/20168/7/2018Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Richard Parnell '48 19485/2/20058/7/2018Tulsa A&M Club
Dr. Samuel Gautier '54 19548/3/20188/6/2018Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. Alfred Padbury '59 19599/29/20148/6/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Edward Stephenson '59 19597/18/20188/6/2018Southern Arizona Texas A&M Club
Dr. James Owens '65 19658/28/20178/6/2018Virginia Blue Ridge A&M Club
Dr. Robin Parker Flowers '80 19808/2/20188/6/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Beverly Wood '87 19877/31/20188/6/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. James Bowen '90 19908/3/20188/6/2018Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. Robert Meyer '54 19547/11/20188/6/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Rodney Roan '85 19858/1/20188/6/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Sidney Pitts '59 19598/3/20188/6/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Dr. Bridget Feldhaus '12 20127/19/20188/2/2018San Angelo A&M Club
Mr. David Steger '77 19772/7/20178/2/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. George Reynolds '72 197211/9/19688/2/2018Brush Country A&M Club
Mr. John Walmsley '43 19437/29/20188/2/2018Sierra Nevada A&M Club
Mr. John Groves '69 196911/9/19688/2/2018 
Mr. William Lee '61 19617/31/20188/2/2018Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Taylor Whitley '02 20028/1/20188/2/2018Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. William Coker '42 19425/30/20188/2/2018 
Mr. Donald Coward '72 197211/9/19688/2/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Jim Gamble '63 19637/29/20188/2/2018Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Randall Engelke '80 19807/29/20188/2/2018Caldwell County A&M Club
COL Robert Holmes '38 19384/15/19988/1/2018 
Dr. Robert Lewis '34 19344/30/19938/1/2018Tampa Bay A&M Club
Dr. Zui Chang '69 19695/11/20158/1/2018Southern California Texas A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Nedbalek '42 19421/18/19957/31/2018Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Donald Willis '63 19636/25/20187/31/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Richard Scholl '58 19587/30/20187/31/2018Kaufman County A & M Club
Mr. Max Weltens '94 19947/27/20187/31/2018Bandera County A&M Club
Mr. Stephen Condon '50 19505/24/20087/31/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Dr. Robert Maniha '58 19587/17/20187/30/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charles Harris '49 19497/24/20187/30/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Wilbur Zingery '50 19507/27/20187/30/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mrs. Felicia Fernandes '97 19977/24/20187/30/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Brandon Dick '65 19657/12/20187/27/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Earl Tweed '53 19538/18/20177/27/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Giang Tran '93 19934/4/20167/27/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Armin Herrmann '64 19648/10/19987/27/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. John Hayter '49 19497/25/20187/27/2018Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
MAJ Deryl Broers '59 19597/23/20187/26/2018Gateway A&M Club
Mr. James Brown '60 196012/16/20177/26/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Ora Hale '45 19452/8/20017/26/2018Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. Duane Strother '50 19507/11/20187/26/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Jack O'Grady '78 19787/25/20187/26/2018Middle Tennessee A&M Club
Mr. Leerie Giese '44 19445/18/20187/26/2018Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Oscar Martin '48 19486/30/20017/26/2018 
Dr. Albert Harris '63 1963N/A7/25/2018Birmingham A&M Club
Dr. E. Greene '49 19497/30/19757/25/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mrs. Carolyn Pettey '56 19562/4/20187/25/2018Leon County A&M Club
Reverend Harold Dungan '49 19494/14/20187/25/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Miss Ann Dobbs '82 19827/16/20187/24/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Kara Sitton '60 19607/24/20187/24/2018Nacogdoches A&M Club
Mr. James Hanna '49 19497/14/19867/24/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Ms. Sandra Moore-Duarte '89 198912/7/20177/24/2018 
LTC Richard Titley '42 19427/21/20187/23/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Chester Chandler '79 19797/18/20187/23/2018Emerald Coast A&M Club
Mr. Creed Ford '75 19757/20/20187/23/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. John Keller '43 19437/20/20187/23/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Miles Taylor '99 19997/15/20187/23/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Leonel Fuentes '53 19537/17/20187/23/2018Laredo A&M Club
Mr. Neil Madeley '44 19447/18/20187/23/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Dr. James Tucker '62 19627/17/20187/20/2018 
Mr. Joe Hess '48 19481/26/19937/20/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Scott Mosty '64 19647/18/20187/20/2018Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Monty Gearner '71 19717/17/20187/20/2018Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Robert Halbrook '84 19842/19/20187/20/2018Tampa Bay A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Cowen '75 19757/4/20187/20/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Wimberly '86 19867/3/20187/20/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Rodney Starnes '81 19817/18/20187/20/2018Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Allen Hughes '45 19457/8/20187/19/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Alfred Berry '60 19607/12/20187/19/2018Erath County A&M Club
Mr. James Robertson '50 19507/17/20187/19/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. Norman Willey '40 19407/5/20187/19/2018Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. John Curry '60 196011/26/20177/19/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Capt. William Randolph '15 19152/17/19287/18/2018 
Dr. John Simmons '58 19581/3/20147/18/2018Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Daniel Hurst '46 19467/15/20187/18/2018Utah A&M Club
Mr. Curtis Erwin '45 19457/12/20187/18/2018Midland A&M Club
Mr. Larry Moore '75 19757/5/20187/18/2018Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. William Howerton '61 19617/7/20187/18/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Richardson '71 19716/29/20187/18/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Willie Snow '46 19467/15/20187/18/2018Van Zandt County Aggie Club
Dr. James Rawson '58 19587/16/20187/17/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Dr. John Tunnell '74 19747/14/20187/17/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. Philip Miller '59 19597/6/20187/17/2018Rockwall County A&M Club
Mr. James Restivo '63 19637/14/20187/17/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. William Fox '46 19467/4/20187/17/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Clarence Chandler '61 19617/14/20187/17/2018Midland A&M Club
Dr. Charles Schenck '58 19587/10/20187/16/2018New York A&M Club
Dr. Larry Holder '83 19837/12/20187/16/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Andrew Konradi '64 19647/5/20187/16/2018Dallas A&M Club
Dr. Waylon Ward '65 19656/25/20187/16/2018Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Joe Whitley '55 19557/11/20187/16/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Dale Hamilton '60 19607/13/20187/16/2018Collin County A&M Club
Ms. Jennifer Sholund St. Charles '99 19996/25/20187/16/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mrs. Monica Fitzgerald '80 19807/5/20187/16/2018Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Rice '67 19677/6/20187/16/2018Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Cletus Kleen '73 19736/19/20187/13/2018Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Ewell Nelson '55 19557/9/20187/13/2018Brown County A&M Club
Mr. James Wiley '46 19467/8/20187/13/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Steele Nixon '43 19437/10/20187/13/2018Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. W. Russell '58 19587/11/20187/13/2018Houston A&M Club
Ms. Clardana Hutchins-Robinson '08 20087/3/20187/13/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Rogers '49 19496/22/20187/13/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Kyle Owen '80 19807/11/20187/13/2018Palo Pinto County A&M Club
Dr. Ray Carroll '50 19506/30/20187/12/2018Navarro County A&M Club
Mr. James Schmidt '82 19824/8/20107/12/2018Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Warren Roberts '58 19586/21/20187/12/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Ms. Dee Harris '90 19907/9/20187/12/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Rollins Bilby '58 19587/10/20187/12/2018Cross Timbers A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. David Wood '74 19747/2/20187/11/2018Leon County A&M Club
Mr. Adolphus Rabel '62 19624/5/20167/11/2018 
Mr. James Lewis '51 19514/18/20187/11/2018Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. John Winn '52 19525/2/20187/11/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. James Hill '86 19867/1/20187/11/2018Houston A&M Club
1st Lt. Samuel Davis '19 191912/28/19217/10/2018Southern Arizona Texas A&M Club
Dr. Kenneth Summy '78 19786/30/20187/10/2018Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. James Carrao '60 19601/15/20187/10/2018Dallas A&M Club
Ms. Kris Martin '95 19957/7/20187/10/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Patrick Campbell '47 194711/13/20047/10/2018Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Carl Cobb '57 19577/9/20187/10/2018Wichita Falls A&M Club
Dr. Courtney Cook '08 20086/22/20187/9/2018Pearland A&M Club
Dr. Robert Russell '47 19477/4/20187/9/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Charles Skillman '57 19577/3/20187/9/2018Richmond Area A&M Club
Mr. James Johnson '52 19527/7/20187/9/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Richard Mills '58 19586/19/20187/9/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Steven Garrett '72 19726/22/20187/9/2018Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Michael Whitehead '14 20147/3/20187/9/2018Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Pendergrass '46 19466/21/20187/9/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Sean O'Brien '00 20007/1/20187/9/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Dr. Charles Heller '72 19727/2/20187/6/2018Washington County A&M Club
Dr. William Sorenson '63 19634/17/20177/6/2018San Diego County A&M Club
MAJ Michael Shaw '64 19646/2/20187/6/2018Johnson County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Bodemuller '46 19465/19/20037/6/2018New England A&M Club
Mr. Edward Templin '51 19516/27/20187/6/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Charles Pollock '65 19655/24/20187/6/2018Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Glenn Martin '82 19826/27/20187/6/2018McKinney A&M Club
Mr. Norman Yentzen '55 19556/26/20187/6/2018Lafayette A&M Club
Dr. Walter Toxey '47 19476/30/20187/5/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Albert Schram '43 19436/24/20187/5/2018Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Cameron Ingram '99 19996/29/20187/5/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Michael Macklin '09 20096/21/20187/5/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Johnson '46 19466/15/20187/5/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Ms. Mary Kroenung '92 19926/25/20187/5/2018Collin County A&M Club
Ms. Marla Pullin '93 19937/2/20187/5/2018Hays County A&M Club
Mr. James Spinks '86 19867/2/20187/5/2018Midland A&M Club
Mr. Jimmy Czajkowski '94 19947/1/20187/5/2018Robertson County A&M Club
Mr. Christopher Austin '81 19815/13/20187/3/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Ms. Jari Parker '16 20166/4/20187/3/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Shaun Black '93 19936/20/20187/3/2018Southeast Michigan A&M Club
Mr. Christopher Villegas '16 20166/30/20187/3/2018Nueces County A&M Club
Mr. George Groschke '59 19596/19/20187/2/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Charles Boenig '70 19706/27/20187/2/2018 
Mr. John Gentry '78 19786/27/20187/2/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Mike Duncan '16 20166/21/20187/2/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mrs. Jennifer Birchmeier '94 19946/27/20187/2/2018 
Mrs. Atri Das '73 197311/12/20157/2/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Jimmy Roberts '88 19886/21/20186/28/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Brian Robertson '99 19996/27/20186/28/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Bill Nichols '49 194912/28/20066/28/2018Northern Colorado A&M Club
Mr. Christopher Clifford '98 19986/21/20186/28/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Josh Callaway '56 19566/19/20186/28/2018Central Mississippi A&M Club
Mr. Alan Swiedom '79 19796/19/20186/28/2018Moore County A&M Club
Mr. Daniel Anthony '43 194310/30/20016/27/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Harold Williams '52 19526/11/20186/27/2018Bakersfield A&M Club
Mr. Warren Schulze '42 19426/25/20186/27/2018Upstate A&M Club
Mr. William Ashburn '56 19566/26/20186/27/2018Grayson County A&M Club
Mr. William Clark '51 19516/20/20186/27/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Robert Huffaker '59 19596/25/20186/27/2018Denton County A&M Club
Dr. Behzad Rohani '66 19666/23/20186/26/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Hector Ybanez '85 19853/17/20166/26/2018Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Lynn Williams '48 19486/28/20026/26/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. William Broaddus '56 19566/24/20186/26/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. William Lewis '52 19526/16/20186/25/2018Triangle Area A&M Club
Mr. Brent Gattis '95 19956/17/20186/25/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Greek '50 19503/21/20186/25/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Nimitz '61 19616/14/20186/25/2018Fayette County A&M Club
Mr. James Kerr '58 19586/16/20186/25/2018Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Mr. Matthew Wiese '14 20146/21/20186/25/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. John Bullister '80 19806/13/20186/25/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Warren Pennington '47 19476/22/20186/25/2018Fayette County A&M Club
Mr. Billy Bumpus '62 19626/22/20186/25/2018Ellis A&M Club
Mr. Fred Stoerkel '56 19566/17/20186/22/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. George Wessels '54 19546/12/20186/22/2018Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. James Mercer '75 19756/17/20186/22/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Richmond Harper '46 19464/11/19936/22/2018Laredo A&M Club
Reverend Allan Hohlt '54 19546/14/20186/22/2018New England A&M Club
Mr. John Baggett '88 19886/13/20186/22/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Mark Williams '77 19776/17/20186/22/2018Albuquerque A&M Club
Mrs. Anna Thompson '78 19786/12/20186/22/2018Matagorda County A&M Club
Dr. James Metcalf '75 19756/15/20186/21/2018 
Mr. Anthony Alotto '83 19836/10/20186/21/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Hightower '48 19486/13/20186/21/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Bernardo de la Garza '59 19596/17/20186/21/2018Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Richards '57 19576/7/20186/21/2018Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. James Edge '74 19744/18/20186/21/2018New England A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Underriner '05 20056/14/20186/21/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Michael Boydston '66 19666/16/20186/21/2018Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Robbie Reynolds '77 19776/16/20186/21/2018 
Dr. William Cooper '57 19575/31/20186/20/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Ben Chambers '51 19516/5/20186/20/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Cecil Neely '55 19556/1/20186/20/2018 
Mr. John Howell '48 194811/23/20146/20/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. William Davison '43 194312/19/19996/20/2018Bastrop County A&M Club
Mrs. Peggy Shafer '90 19906/15/20186/20/2018Brazos County A&M Club
COL Willis Tomsen '60 19606/4/20186/19/2018Tulsa A&M Club
LTC Ernest Smith '78 19786/9/20186/19/2018Tampa Bay A&M Club
CDR Jarrell Henson '59 19594/16/20186/19/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Alfred Branch '71 19716/14/20186/19/2018Hood & Somervell County A&M Club
Dr. Jesse Fletcher '52 19526/14/20186/19/2018Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. G. Tippett '46 19466/9/20186/19/2018Northern Colorado A&M Club
Dr. Marvin Hinds '71 19716/2/20186/19/2018Central Indiana A&M Club
Mr. Hugh Dauffenbach '03 20036/15/20186/19/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. James McKelvey '68 19685/4/20186/19/2018Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Robert Lutz '56 19566/15/20186/19/2018Valley of the Sun A&M Club
2LT Donald Hall '65 19655/10/20096/15/2018 
Mr. Charles Morgan '39 19398/25/19876/15/2018 
Mr. Ralph Barrows '64 19646/6/20186/15/2018New England A&M Club
Mr. Melvin Sueltenfuss '46 19466/13/20186/15/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Royce Brimberry '51 19513/11/20046/15/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mrs. Karen Tegeler '91 19916/1/20186/15/2018McKinney A&M Club
Dr. Martin Brillhart '70 19706/9/20186/13/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Col. Donald Ellis '54 19546/10/20186/13/2018Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Tommy Elting '55 19557/26/20166/13/2018 
Mr. William Haley '51 19516/11/20186/13/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Dr. Akin Simpson '44 19441/5/19976/12/2018Howard County A&M Club
Dr. David McGee '73 19735/27/20186/12/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Billy Goolsby '58 19586/11/20186/12/2018 
Mr. Charles Hipp '59 19596/8/20186/12/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Chauncey '70 19706/1/20186/12/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Mr. Elton Simpson '77 19775/30/20186/12/2018Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Henry Stout '68 19685/23/20186/12/2018New York A&M Club
Mr. Andrew Jarnagin '46 19466/7/20186/12/2018Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Sharon Juen '78 19786/3/20186/12/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Mikita '63 19635/30/20186/12/2018Houston A&M Club
Dr. Brandey Ackerman '01 20016/7/20186/11/2018Midland A&M Club
Mr. Clyde Sommers '50 19506/3/20186/11/2018Washington County A&M Club
Lt. Col. Willard Mumford '69 19696/4/20186/11/2018Maryland A&M Club
Mr. Norman Brown '49 19496/4/20186/11/2018Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Robert Lockett '57 19576/6/20186/11/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mrs. Emily Strode '08 20086/6/20186/11/2018Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Richard Pipes '51 19516/1/20186/11/2018Hill Country A&M Club
Dr. Jesse Cocke '76 19765/23/20186/8/2018Erath County A&M Club
Dr. Robert Wesselhoft '55 19552/16/20176/8/2018 
Mr. Bill Edwards '46 194611/3/20006/8/2018Houston A&M Club
Dr. Richard Cowart '76 19766/5/20186/8/2018Cedar Valley A&M Club
Mr. H. Smith '46 19465/20/20186/8/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Leonard Thompson '71 19715/20/20186/8/2018Denver A&M Club
Mr. Lawrence Fox '60 19606/3/20186/8/2018Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. Henry Carter '75 19755/19/20186/7/2018Henderson County A&M Club
Mr. Joe Allen '45 19459/23/20046/7/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Rufus Lyne '64 19645/12/20186/7/2018 
Mr. Robert Robinson '11 20113/6/20186/7/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. William Hartley '77 19775/26/20186/7/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mrs. Joanne Mueller '82 19825/19/20186/7/2018Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Warren Martin '56 19566/4/20186/7/2018Greater Waco A&M Club
Dr. Philip Hamman '53 19535/31/20186/6/2018Kerr County A&M Club
Dr. Winfield Massie '56 19565/17/20186/6/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Manuel Castrejana '77 19776/4/20186/6/2018Houston A&M Club
Dr. Kathryn Lang '87 19876/1/20186/5/2018Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Dr. Meredith Ward '77 19772/2/20186/5/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Edwin Conrad '66 196611/11/20176/5/2018Killeen - Fort Hood Area A&M Club
Mr. Richard Jacobsen '69 19695/28/20186/5/2018Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Joseph Prior '56 19565/8/20186/5/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Ms. Erin Miller '17 20175/26/20186/5/2018Hays County A&M Club
Dr. Johnny Jones '63 19636/4/20186/4/2018 
Dr. Alexander Edward '15 20155/27/20186/4/2018Oregon A&M Club
Mr. Bruce Head '66 19665/31/20186/4/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Charles Scott '58 19585/31/20186/4/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Arthur Wright '41 19415/23/20186/4/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Johnny Spannagel '55 19556/1/20186/4/2018Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Moody Courtney '51 19516/2/20186/4/2018Coryell County A&M Club
Mr. Richard Brown '48 19485/24/20186/4/2018Collin County A&M Club
Mr. Terry Koy '70 19706/1/20186/4/2018Austin County A&M Club
Mr. James Presnal '49 19495/30/20186/4/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. Randall Jones '59 19595/31/20186/4/2018Highland Lakes A&M Club
Mr. A. Hill '61 19615/13/20186/1/2018Brazos County A&M Club
Mr. David Hebert '11 20115/19/20186/1/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Dr. Patricia Fazio '95 19954/30/20186/1/2018Wyoming A&M Club
Mr. Harrison Hughes '17 20175/16/20186/1/2018Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mrs. Ann Landry '82 19825/16/20186/1/2018Charleston A&M Club
Mr. Linney Lyles '76 197612/19/20175/31/2018Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Travis Booher '92 19925/29/20185/31/2018Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. William Swann '56 19565/13/20185/31/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mrs. Cynthia Holt '84 19845/29/20185/31/2018Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Dr. V. Speights '75 19755/23/20185/30/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
COL Harold James '43 19435/17/20185/30/2018Greater Temple Area A&M Club
LTC John Godfrey '69 19695/25/20185/30/2018Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. Kurt Racca '84 198411/12/20145/30/2018 
Mr. Jack Stroman '50 19505/25/20185/30/2018El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Irma Cuellar '77 19775/27/20185/30/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Walter Corneille '71 19715/24/20185/30/2018Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Williams '64 19645/24/20185/29/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Joe Kelly '50 19505/23/20185/29/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Stephen Long '90 19905/19/20185/29/2018Houston A&M Club
Mr. Walter Moseley '48 19485/6/20185/29/2018Guadalupe County A&M Club
Mr. Sean Renaghan '09 20095/15/20185/29/2018Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. James Wall '40 19405/25/20185/29/2018Charlotte Area A&M Club
Mr. Wayne Noster '64 19645/19/20185/29/2018San Antonio A&M Club
Miss Aimee Picheloup '94 19945/21/20185/25/2018Dallas A&M Club
Mr. David Hill '47 19479/25/20135/25/2018National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jonathan Jacobson '91 19915/5/20185/25/2018Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Willard Hutto '58 19585/23/20185/25/2018Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Hanszen '79 19795/19/20185/25/2018Highland Lakes A&M Club
Dr. Robert Wolf '65 19654/15/20185/24/2018Central Arkansas A&M Club

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