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Muster Roll Call and Silver Taps

"In this ceremony we honor the memories of fellow A&M men and women whose death prevents their answering Roll Call at this annual Muster. The Roll is a symbolic Roll Call of all students and former students whom death has taken from our ranks, but whose memory lives on in our hearts. As each name is called, a comrade will answer: Here!"

Each Aggie's name is a link that goes to his or her online Silver Taps page. While this list is updated once a day, the Silver Taps obituaries on our News page are updated throughout the business day.  

To add a name to Roll Call, please email

To learn where an Aggie's name may be called for Muster, please visit


  • It is traditional for the names of Aggies killed in military service-related actions to be called at all Musters. To date, no such deaths have been reported since the 2019 Muster.
  • The annual Roll Call for the Absent includes the names of all Aggies whose deaths have been reported to The Association since the last Muster. Some of those deaths happened more than a year ago but, because the passing was not previously reported, the name has not previously been called at any Aggie Muster.

Viewing Current Muster Roll Call (Muster 2020)

Name Class YearDate of PassingNotified onClub
Dr. Leon Russell '65  19656/17/20196/21/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Lt. Col. Christopher Smith '54  19546/1/20196/21/2019Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Carlos Blanco '62  19625/28/20096/21/2019Guatemala City A&M Club
Mr. Douglas Scott '54  19542/26/20196/21/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Hall '53  19536/10/20196/21/2019Hunt County A&M Club
Mr. Vicente Shields '75  19759/5/20186/21/2019Panama A&M Club
Mrs. Glenda Dennison '10  20106/11/20196/21/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Dustan Havard '02  20026/19/20196/21/2019Texas A&M Club of Angelina County
Mr. Carl Martin '66  19662/5/20196/20/2019Leon County A&M Club
Mr. John Leidner '74  19746/18/20196/20/2019 
Mr. Kenneth Bobo '60  19606/18/20196/20/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Michael Barnett '79  19796/6/20196/20/2019Leon County A&M Club
Mrs. Mable Hudson '76  19766/19/20196/20/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mrs. Janice Zapata '66  19664/18/20196/20/2019 
Mrs. Peggy Leeton '38  19382/11/20186/20/2019Midland A&M Club
Mr. Joe Swindle '49  19496/17/20196/19/2019Grayson County A&M Club
Mrs. Arrenia Ellis '69  19696/13/20196/19/2019Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Ms. M. Abbe '73  19736/15/20196/19/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. George Dugan '85  19856/10/20196/19/2019Hope A&M Club
Mr. Roger Wendt '83  198310/30/20186/19/2019Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Henry Kallina '38  19385/13/19836/18/2019Dewitt/Yoakum A&M Club
Mr. John Fulbright '44  19446/14/20196/18/2019Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. William Fort '45  19455/20/20136/18/2019Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Manaf Hamoudi '74  19741/18/20186/18/2019 
Mr. James Waggoner '59  19597/20/20006/18/2019Lafayette A&M Club
Mr. Warren White '58  195811/27/20186/18/2019Middle Tennessee A&M Club
LTC Frank Baldwin '69  19696/13/20196/17/2019Charlotte Area A&M Club
Dr. David Hohlt '79  19796/15/20196/17/2019Washington County A&M Club
Dr. Steven Roach '68  19686/13/20196/17/2019South Carolina A&M Club
Mr. Jerry Pyle '55  19556/12/20196/17/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Donald Cole '69  19696/11/20196/17/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Steven Miller '75  19755/25/20196/17/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mrs. Judy Winn '76  19766/14/20196/17/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Frank Thompson '45  194511/25/20186/17/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. George Graves '45  19456/11/20196/17/2019 
Mr. John Aycock '47  19476/12/20196/17/2019Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Enrique Elizondo '20  20206/9/20196/17/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Ms. Lorraine Billeaud '88  19886/12/20196/17/2019Lafayette A&M Club
Mr. Michael Hyde '65  19656/11/20196/17/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. William Maxwell '46  19466/14/20196/17/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. H. Dorris '79  19795/24/20196/14/2019Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Howard Templin '58  195811/29/20186/14/2019Dewitt/Yoakum A&M Club
Mr. James Freeman '75  19755/9/20196/14/2019Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. Jonathan Hackett '83  19835/19/20196/14/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Dr. Alson Kennedy '55  19555/17/20196/13/2019Central Arkansas A&M Club
Dr. Robert Krause '50  19505/26/20196/13/2019Collin County A&M Club
CAPT Donald Brackett '83  19835/18/20196/13/2019Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. Euclid Francis '50  19505/20/20196/13/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Samuel Rhodes '62  19624/29/20196/13/2019Dallas A&M Club
Reverend Erik Spencer '65  19656/12/20196/13/2019Central Indiana A&M Club
Mr. Tommy Darnell '57  19576/10/20196/13/2019Denton County A&M Club
Mrs. Donna Verner '12  20126/10/20196/13/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Chester Howell '42  19426/9/20196/12/2019Greater Waco A&M Club
Mr. Louis Stone '77  19776/10/20196/12/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mrs. Mary Alexander '77  19776/9/20196/12/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Stephen Blanton '86  19865/31/20196/12/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. J. Smith '57  195710/13/19926/12/2019Collin County A&M Club
Dr. Dudley Smith '79  19796/8/20196/11/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Gordon Flack '51  19516/8/20196/11/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Frederick Waddell '90  19904/23/20196/11/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Pete Scamardo '47  19476/7/20196/11/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Howard Hicks '50  19501/13/20196/11/2019Medina County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Horndt '78  19782/22/20166/11/2019 
Mr. Lenard Gabert '47  19476/6/20196/10/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Mark Zahn '72  19723/7/20116/10/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Ronald Kennedy '57  19576/6/20196/10/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Gordon Zahn '49  19496/27/20186/10/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Forrest Wilson '45  19456/6/20196/10/2019Caldwell County A&M Club
Mr. Lester Fincher '45  19456/4/20196/10/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Louis Koym '63  196312/22/20186/10/2019Gillespie County A&M Club
Mr. Melvin Sparks '64  19646/7/20196/10/2019 
Dr. Patrick Jarrett '74  19746/6/20196/7/2019 
LTC James Zumwalt '65  19655/7/20196/7/2019Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Judge Ted Butler '49  19496/4/20126/7/2019Karnes County A&M Club
Mr. Christopher Askew '90  19905/12/20196/7/2019 
Mr. Rodger Kloppe '69  19695/9/20196/7/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Stanley Barnes '57  19575/14/20196/7/2019Pikes Peak A&M Club
Mr. David Wilson '89  19896/3/20196/6/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Gilberto Ferreira '68  19685/4/20196/6/2019Chicagoland Texas A&M Club
Mr. John Gibson '52  19526/4/20196/6/2019High Plains A&M Club
Mr. Peter Kley '85  19856/1/20196/6/2019Collin County A&M Club
Ms. Andrea Berg '84  19845/23/20196/6/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Reverend Robert Fesler '71  19717/30/20176/6/2019Sacramento Area Texas A&M Club
Dr. Gregory Wood '84  19845/30/20196/5/2019Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Arthur Catanach '50  19505/6/20196/5/2019Nacogdoches A&M Club
Mr. Horace Simpson '49  19495/5/20196/5/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Jeffrey Zimmerman '80  19805/3/20196/5/2019Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Durward Stayton '45  19455/2/20196/5/2019Atlanta Texas A&M Club
Mr. Hugh McCarley '59  19596/1/20196/5/2019McKinney A&M Club
Mr. John Gordon '81  19816/3/20196/5/2019Leon County A&M Club
Mr. Bryan Zimmerman '51  19511/21/19836/5/2019 
Mr. James Forman '65  19655/8/20196/5/2019Victoria County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Burnette '59  19595/20/20196/4/2019Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. John Kirkpatrick '57  19575/31/20196/4/2019North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. James Smith '58  19585/24/20196/4/2019Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mr. Willie Starr '68  19685/23/20196/4/2019Upshur County A&M Club
Mr. Edward Martin '54  19545/25/20196/3/2019Texas A&M Club of Angelina County
Mr. Frank Weinberger '57  195712/28/20186/3/2019Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. John Cochran '45  19455/5/20196/3/2019Connecticut A&M Club
Mr. Wilfred Brugger '58  19582/23/20146/3/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Marvin Radle '61  19615/28/20196/3/2019Greater Waco A&M Club
Dr. Sarah Luna '10  20105/20/20195/31/2019Bakersfield A&M Club
Mr. Carl Frentress '68  19685/2/20195/31/2019Henderson County A&M Club
Mr. Donald Hurley '83  19832/23/20195/31/2019Western Washington A&M Club
Mr. Jack Sandlin '59  19595/2/20195/31/2019Deep East Texas A&M Club
Mr. Samuel Weaver '69  19695/13/20195/31/2019Panola County A&M Club
Dr. Harve Pearson '63  19635/28/20195/31/2019Amarillo A&M Club
Dr. Charles Wendt '51  19515/28/20195/30/2019Lubbock A&M Club Foundation
Dr. Mary DeShazo '68  19684/21/20195/30/2019Walker County A&M Club
Mr. David Wolf '86  19864/30/20195/30/2019Greater Omaha A&M Club
Mr. Alan Mitsdarffer '85  19854/25/20195/30/2019Katy Area A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. John Strange '67  19674/27/20195/30/2019East Tennessee Texas A&M Club
Mr. James Burks '55  19555/25/20195/30/2019Central Florida A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Amox '67  19675/27/20195/30/2019Mobile Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Harold Ogden '59  19595/24/20195/30/2019Houston A&M Club
Dr. Susan Vajdak '09  20095/25/20195/29/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. Andrew Cotten '50  19505/25/20195/29/2019Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Harold Carter '60  19605/13/20195/29/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Morris Bankler '45  19455/5/20195/29/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mrs. Regina Psencik '74  19745/23/20195/29/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. William Rosan '57  19575/17/20195/29/2019New England A&M Club
Dr. Alicia Wills '78  19785/22/20195/28/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Clarence McLean '55  19554/3/20195/28/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Cagle '48  19485/20/20195/28/2019Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Rodger Adams '49  19495/19/20195/28/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mrs. Carey Lacina '75  19755/26/20195/28/2019Washington County A&M Club
Mr. James Winch '65  19655/19/20195/28/2019Laredo A&M Club
Lt.Col. James Denard '56  19565/14/20195/24/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Frank Hebner '49  19495/16/20195/24/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Joe Mann '51  19515/16/20195/24/2019Kerr County A&M Club
Mr. Morton Rachofsky '51  19515/20/20195/24/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Ronald Tagliabue '76  19765/16/20195/24/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Lindon Roberson '59  195912/4/20175/24/2019 
Ms. Samantha Tschoepe '16  20165/21/20195/24/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Joe White '02  20025/16/20195/21/2019Midland A&M Club
Mrs. Anne South '89  19895/18/20195/21/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mrs. Martha Pollock '85  19855/4/20195/21/2019Wyoming A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Kavanaugh '57  19575/16/20195/21/2019 
Mr. William Bergdoll '84  19845/18/20195/21/2019Mobile Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Charles Ferguson '98  19985/16/20195/20/2019Houston A&M Club
LTC Leroy Matthys '57  19575/17/20195/20/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Joe Gilbert '65  19654/15/19965/20/2019Mid-South A&M Club
Mr. Joseph Young '37  193712/16/19785/20/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Ricardo Mireles '78  19785/15/20195/20/2019Comal County A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Charlie Hildebrand '47  19474/15/20195/17/2019Cooke County A&M Club
Mr. Clifton Johnson '42  19424/11/20195/17/2019Wood/Rains County Aggie Club
Mr. James Wooldridge '52  19525/21/19985/17/2019Abilene A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. George Ramsey '85  19854/17/20195/17/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Robert Hyde '59  19595/15/20195/17/2019Texas A&M Club of North Louisiana
Mr. James Gallatin '61  19614/10/20195/17/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Paul Pate '66  19664/18/20195/17/2019Collin County A&M Club
Dr. Lyle Kallenbach '69  19695/13/20195/16/2019Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Howell '73  19734/18/20195/16/2019Hopkins County A&M Club
Mr. Thomas Maness '52  19521/1/20045/16/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Waldo Henslee '54  19544/4/20195/16/2019Houston A&M Club
Dr. Hubert Glover '92  19925/6/20195/15/2019National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Charles Fowlkes '50  19505/11/20195/15/2019Amarillo A&M Club
Dr. Laura Forest '83  19835/7/20195/15/2019 
Mr. David Konderla '57  19575/12/20195/15/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. David Miller '57  19575/9/20195/15/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Sammy George '64  19644/25/20195/15/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Dr. Hoyt Morris '74  19744/1/20195/15/2019Oklahoma City A&M Club
Dr. Virgil Mayabb '73  19735/11/20195/14/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Richard Yeakley '60  19604/7/20195/14/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Stephen Dunning '10  20105/10/20195/14/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Wescomb Jones '51  19514/1/20195/14/2019Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Mr. James Leeton '40  19409/6/20035/14/2019Midland A&M Club
Lt. Col. Edwin Higgins '63  19635/9/20195/13/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Dr. Reuben Koenig '49  19493/26/20195/13/2019Kerr County A&M Club
Dr. Wendell Nedderman '49  19495/8/20195/13/2019 
Mrs. Barbara Woodard '74  19743/27/20195/13/2019Deep East Texas A&M Club
Dr. Enrique Ospina '78  19783/29/20195/13/2019Central Arkansas A&M Club
Mr. Billy Schnerr '54  19545/2/20195/13/2019Capital City A&M Club, Inc.
Mr. Hector Cardenas '58  19585/6/20195/13/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Albert Ball '59  19593/24/20195/10/2019Pearland A&M Club
Mr. Colin Bates '83  19832/24/20195/10/2019Northeast Florida A&M Club
Mr. Henry Harding '45  19455/6/20195/10/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Robert Canfield '68  19684/16/20195/10/2019Baton Rouge A&M Club
Dr. Kerry Livengood '81  19813/27/20195/10/2019Middle Tennessee A&M Club
Mr. Hoyt Stevens '58  19585/4/20195/10/2019 
Ms. Helen Sewell '78  19785/9/20195/10/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. D. Crowley '54  19545/7/20195/9/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Glenn Green '75  19753/12/20195/9/2019Oklahoma City A&M Club
Mr. Howard Holcomb '63  19632/21/20195/9/2019National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mr. Maurilio Ollervides '52  195210/23/20135/9/2019San Diego County A&M Club
Mr. Timothy McPeak '77  197712/7/20045/9/2019Denver A&M Club
Mr. Sean Crowley '82  19825/4/20195/9/2019Collin County A&M Club
Ms. Julia Spinn '81  19813/19/20195/9/2019Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Margaret Bains '67  19674/19/20195/9/2019Hays County A&M Club
COL James Sullivan '63  196312/11/19855/8/2019San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club
Dr. Glenn Hansen '75  19753/3/20195/8/2019Cedar Valley A&M Club
Dr. Roger White '64  19643/11/20195/8/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Mr. Billy Wallace '54  19543/13/20195/8/2019Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Hodges '72  19723/12/20195/8/2019Ozark A&M Club
Mr. Jack New '51  19515/4/20195/8/2019Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Paul Ramirez '86  19865/5/20195/8/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mrs. Melissa James '95  19953/2/20195/8/2019Dallas A&M Club
LTC James McCulley '49  19494/28/20195/7/2019National Capital Texas A&M Club
Dr. Henry Foster '77  19773/13/20195/7/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Edward Hegmann '53  19532/10/20195/7/2019New Orleans A&M Club
Mr. Lawrence Sweet '74  19742/19/20195/7/2019Hill Country A&M Club
Mr. L. Seale '44  19443/4/20195/7/2019Dewitt/Yoakum A&M Club
Mr. Robert Matus '58  19585/3/20195/7/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Robert Stokes '84  19844/28/20195/6/2019Heart of America A&M Club
Mr. Eugene Thorne '42  194212/14/20185/6/2019San Angelo A&M Club
Mr. Frank Litterst '68  19683/2/20195/6/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. Herbert Stoner '59  19594/28/20195/6/2019Amarillo A&M Club
Mr. James Smith '87  19875/1/20195/6/2019Kaufman County A & M Club
Mr. Joseph Featherhoff '48  19483/7/20195/6/2019Brazoria County A&M Club
Mr. Harold Stanford '76  19764/27/20195/6/2019Williamson County A&M Club
Mr. William Dickerson '41  19411/14/19715/6/2019Greater Temple Area A&M Club
Dr. Wayne Pray '69  19692/23/20195/3/2019 
Mr. William Brinkley '61  19613/2/20195/3/2019Collin County A&M Club
Dr. Francis Cazayoux '55  19554/27/20195/2/2019Baton Rouge A&M Club
Mr. Alton Gilbert '76  19764/16/20195/2/2019Houston County A&M Club
Mr. John O'Bryan '61  19611/21/20195/2/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. James Higgins '51  19512/24/20195/2/2019Canyon A&M Club
Mr. Jimmy Reegs '75  19754/12/20195/2/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Olin Brown '60  19604/30/20195/2/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. Samuel Wilson '49  19494/28/20195/2/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Gerald Gilbert '15  20154/29/20195/2/2019Houston A&M Club
Dr. Frank Koenig '52  19522/19/20195/1/2019Greater Omaha A&M Club
Mr. Douglas Wiederstein '76  19762/11/20195/1/2019Northeast Indiana A&M Club
Mr. Tom Sathre '70  19702/3/20195/1/2019Denver A&M Club
Mr. Terrell Graham '39  193911/7/19935/1/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Joe Able '57  19573/28/20195/1/2019 
Mr. Steven Williams '76  19764/28/20194/30/2019High Plains A&M Club
Ms. Deborah Jessup '85  19858/21/20164/30/2019Bastrop County A&M Club
Mrs. Gladys Koontz '77  19774/17/20194/30/2019Galveston County A&M Club
Mr. Samuel Jenkins '46  19464/26/20194/30/2019El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. Don Peterson '59  19594/23/20194/30/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. William Griffin '76  19761/1/20144/30/2019Virginia Blue Ridge A&M Club
Mrs. Shandi Sellars '08  20084/25/20194/30/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Larry Maresh '67  19674/26/20194/29/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. William Blake '86  19864/23/20194/29/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Shell Newman '38  19388/26/19894/29/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Herbert Cheshire '38  19384/9/19934/29/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. John Arnold '57  19573/15/20194/29/2019Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Dr. Donald Cleveland '70  19704/17/20194/26/2019Denton County A&M Club
Mr. Louis Solomon '45  19454/11/20194/26/2019Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Elaine Smith '80  19809/16/20184/26/2019 
Mr. James Wilson '47  19474/1/20194/26/2019El Paso Texas A&M Club
Mr. Jeffery Maness '82  19824/5/20194/26/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Mr. Enrique Villarreal '55  19554/18/20194/25/2019Cameron/Willacy Counties A&M Club
Mr. Danny Seale '69  19694/20/20194/25/2019Beaumont A&M Club
Mr. Bythel Oney '58  19584/18/20194/25/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Tommy Hall '53  19534/17/20194/25/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Romeo Garcia '67  19674/23/20194/25/2019National Capital Texas A&M Club
Mrs. Kathleen Davis '81  19814/19/20194/25/2019Houston A&M Club
Mrs. Sarah Derkowski '01  20014/20/20194/25/2019Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Nathan Matos '19  20194/20/20194/25/2019Delaware Valley Texas A&M Club
Dr. Ausbon Brown '90  199010/10/20174/24/2019Central Florida A&M Club
Dr. W. Griffith '57  195712/12/20184/24/2019Matagorda County A&M Club
Mr. Eugene Berger '66  19663/13/20194/24/2019Fayette County A&M Club
Mr. Gerald Darby '47  19474/20/20194/24/2019Virginia Blue Ridge A&M Club
Mr. Joe Rowland '74  19744/17/20194/24/2019Matagorda County A&M Club
Mr. Eugene Robbins '50  19504/19/20194/24/2019San Antonio A&M Club
Mr. Jack Spell '55  19554/14/20194/24/2019Houston A&M Club
Lt. Col. Robert Marshall '82  19824/20/20194/24/2019North Alabama A&M Club
Mr. Garland Wright '63  19634/17/20194/24/2019Tyler-Smith County A&M Club
Mrs. Marla Jones '83  19834/19/20194/24/2019Montgomery County A&M Club
Mr. Kenneth Rollins '52  19521/30/20194/23/2019Henderson County A&M Club
Mr. Pablo Mayers '65  19654/2/20194/23/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. James Story '69  19694/17/20194/23/2019Bay Area A&M Club
Mr. Phillip Waldrup '71  19713/9/20194/23/2019Fort Bend County A&M Club
Mr. Charles Tate '48  19482/6/20194/19/2019Denver A&M Club
Mr. Cuong Ngo '10  20104/16/20194/19/2019Houston A&M Club
COL Charles Davenport '55  19554/15/20194/18/2019Fort Worth-Tarrant County A&M Club
Dr. Michael Quick '80  19804/12/20194/18/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
LTC Bradley Sweeney '50  19504/17/20194/18/2019Gillespie County A&M Club
Miss Sharyna Hightower '98  19981/4/20184/18/2019Dallas A&M Club
Mr. Edward George '66  19664/11/20194/18/2019Maryland A&M Club
Mr. Reynaldo Ortiz '78  19784/11/20194/18/2019Laredo A&M Club
Mr. Robert Ferguson '50  19504/15/20194/18/2019Hays County A&M Club
Mr. Don Patton '52  19524/15/20194/18/2019Bosque County A&M Club
Mrs. Jennifer Faltys '97  19971/7/20194/18/2019Northeast Tarrant County A&M Club
Mrs. Julie Martin '85  19854/16/20194/18/2019Houston A&M Club
Dr. Luciano Herrera '64  19644/5/20194/17/2019Hidalgo-Starr County A&M Club
Mr. Clifton Smith '50  19504/17/20194/17/2019Brazos County A&M Club,Inc.
Mr. T. Russell '52  195210/27/20164/17/2019Mobile Alabama A&M Club
Mrs. Angelique Montes Gaumard '02  20025/15/20184/17/2019Houston A&M Club
Mr. Richard Berry '79  19791/5/20164/17/2019Dallas A&M Club

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