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Aggie Ring Warranty and Service

The Balfour Warranty

The following services are covered by Balfour's Limited Lifetime Warranty and will be performed without charge for the original owner of a Balfour college Ring purchased in 1972 or after, provided that the Ring is still under warranty:

  • Repairing of defects in workmanship or materials at the time of original delivery. If repairs cannot be made due to defects in workmanship or materials, the product will be replaced at Balfour's discretion.
  • Ring resizing (Ring can be resized up or down two sizes).
  • Cleaning and polishing.
  • Restoring the original antique finish (there is a charge for changing the finish).
  • Changing the graduation date prior to graduation. Any change of date must be approved and handled by the Aggie Ring Office.
  • No other change from the original order is permitted under the warranty.
  • If the Ring is damaged or worn beyond your satisfaction, it may be exchanged for a Ring of current design at Balfour's current remake charge. The same gold is not used.

What is not covered under this warranty:

  • Diamonds.
  • Damages resulting from improper handling, lack of care, or normal wear and tear.
  • Loss or theft of your Ring.
  • Balfour will not work on any Aggie Ring in which the engraving has been removed or altered since original ownership of the qualified student/former student cannot be determined.

This warranty is void if work is performed on your Ring by someone other than Balfour. A repair fee must be paid for any Ring not under warranty.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. The Balfour Company makes the final decision under the terms of the warranty. 


Rings under warranty can be resized free of charge.

  • Rings can be resized up or down 2 sizes, depending on their condition. If a Ring needs adjusting beyond these limits you must turn in your Ring and have it remade (refer to the "Remake" section below).
  • Resizing your Aggie Ring may require re-engraving your name. If your Ring must be re-engraved the current style will be used. Hand engraving, used prior to 1998, is no longer available.
  • Resizing a Ring not under warranty or that was manufactured prior to 1972 costs $16.24.
  • Resizing and refinishing a Ring not under warranty or that was manufactured prior to 1972 costs $32.48.

Ring Finish

If your Ring is under warranty, the original finish will be restored at no charge.

  • If you would like to change the finish on your Ring from Natural to Antique the cost is $16.24.
  • If you would like to change the finish on your Ring from Antique to Natural, a new Ring must be made (refer to the "Remake" section below).
  • If you are changing from white gold to yellow gold (or vice versa), a new Ring must be made (refer to the "Remake" section below).
  • Restoring the original antique finish on a Ring not under warranty or that was manufactured prior to 1972 costs $16.24.


If you have had your name changed with the university or would like to add a title that you earned from Texas A&M, you may choose to have your Aggie Ring re-engraved.

  • Re-engraving costs $16.24.
  • The A&M Script will be used since hand engraving, used prior to 1998, is no longer available.
  • The Aggie Ring Office must approve the engraving change.

Adding a Diamond

You can see diamond selections and pricing on the Build Your Aggie Ring page. Diamond mounting fees are as follows:

  • Men's 10pt or 20pt, and women's 3pt or 5pt costs $16.24 plus the cost of the diamond.
  • Men's 25pt or 30pt, and women's 10pt costs $54.13 plus the cost of the diamond (Note: your Ring must be turned in and a new Ring will be made with a white gold shield).

Class Year Changes

Balfour will change the graduation date on your Aggie Ring prior to graduation at no cost to you. If the year is changed after graduation, your Ring must be remade (refer to the "Remake" process below). All class year changes must be approved by the Aggie Ring Office.

Remaking Your Ring

Your Aggie Ring may be traded in for a new Ring. A remake is required if you have an Aggie Ring that is:

  • Damaged beyond repair.
  • Being resized up or down more than 2 sizes, depending on condition.
  • Missing the base, or has become damaged or worn beyond your satisfaction.
  • Changing the Class year
  • Class of '63-'66 and changing the lettering from "College" to "University" (or vice versa).

Remake pricing is as follows:

  • Rings purchased 1998 and after:
    • Men's/Women's 10K or 14K: $50
  • Rings purchased prior to 1998 (the entire Ring must be turned in):
    • Men's 10K: $80
    • Men's 14K: $90
    • Women's 10K: $70
    • Women's 14K: $75
  • Rings purchased prior to 1998 if the top piece is missing:
    • Men's 10K: $243
    • Men's 14K: $346
    • Women's 10K: $150
    • Women's 14K: $189

Remake Conditions:

  • If you have your Ring remade, you must turn in your Aggie Ring. The same gold will not be used to remake the new Ring.
  • If you have a personal diamond in your Aggie Ring you will need to have it removed prior to having it remade. Balfour will not remove or mount personal diamonds.
  • If changing from 10K to 14K gold, the remake fee plus the current price difference between 10K and 14K gold will be charged.
  • If changing from 14K to 10K gold no refund will be issued.
  • You cannot use another individual's Aggie Ring to remake your Ring. Aggie Ring ownership is non-transferable.
  • Prior to 1998 Aggie Rings were manufactured in two pieces (the band and top piece were soldered together). All Rings manufactured in 1998 and after are made in one solid mold.

Legacy Rings

If you want to pass down your Aggie Ring to another qualified Aggie, the following rules apply:

  • The individual receiving the Aggie Ring must be a qualified current or former student.
  • The same Ring must be used. It cannot be remade into a new Aggie Ring for another individual.
  • The original engraving in the Aggie Ring must be legible.
    • Relationship to the recipient must be verified by the Aggie Ring Program. We will not accept Rings without an engraving, with an altered engraving or those purchased through auctions and pawn shops.
  • The original class year on the Ring cannot be altered.
  • The Ring must fit the qualified Aggie or be within resizing limits.
    • Depending on condition, it may be altered up to 2 sizes. A resizing fee of $16.24 may apply.
  • The Ring may be changed from Natural to Antique finish for $16.24. The finish cannot change from Antique to Natural since the Ring cannot be remade.
  • The qualified recipient’s name and class year must be engraved inside the band below the original owner’s name. A $16.24 engraving fee will apply.
    • o Balfour will try to save the original engraving unless it will not allow room for the name of the new owner. In the event both names will not fit, Balfour will remove the original engraving and engrave both names in the new A&M script.

Ring Repairs

In addition to the above changes that you can make to your Aggie Ring, Balfour can also perform the following repairs:

  • Repairing the palm side of the Ring (except in some instances).
  • Reattaching the base and top on any Ring manufactured before April 1998.

Submitting Your Ring Directly to Balfour 

If you are unable to visit the Aggie Ring Office, you may ship your Ring directly to Balfour. Once Balfour receives your Ring they will contact you about any applicable charges that are in addition to the return shipping fee.

Ship a completed Ring Repair Form, along with your Aggie Ring to:

  • Balfour Company
    Attn: Darlene Celestino / Repair Dept.
    7211 Circle S Rd.
    Austin, TX 78745

Please note:

  • Do not ship your Ring Box with your Ring, as it will not be returned with your repaired Ring.
  • All Aggie Rings are cleaned and polished during service. It may also include re-pebbling, reapplying antique finish and removing nicks and scratches; it is recommended to review the repair images for assistance in your decision.
  • It is highly recommended that you ship your Ring through the U.S. Postal Service by registered mail, with insurance for the current replacement value. Should there be a diamond mounted in the Aggie Ring, please include the amount of the diamond in the total insured value. Please be aware that other shippers (i.e. Airborne Express, UPS, Federal Express, etc.) either may not offer insurance, or have coverage up to the full replacement value.
  • Rings sent directly to Balfour will take approximately 4-6 weeks to return. Please allow additional time around the holidays seasons. 

Please feel free to call Balfour at (800) 996-8636 with any questions about this process.

Submitting Your Ring to the Ring Office

If you prefer to submit your Ring for service via the Aggie Ring Office, we are happy to help out. Simply bring your Ring to our office and present a valid driver's license. Upon the return of your Ring from Balfour, the same ID must be presented to take delivery of the Ring.

If someone is bringing in your Aggie Ring for you, the owner's acknowledgement is required before proceeding with any service. A letter or email should include the Ring owner's name, desired service, and how they would like the Ring returned upon completion. Also, please include a daytime phone number should we have any questions and an email address to invoice any applicable fees. Emails may be sent to

If you are shipping your Ring to us:

  • Please follow the instructions detailed in the "What to include with your Ring" section under the "Submitting Your Ring Directly to Balfour" heading. You must include an additional $10 to cover our shipping your Ring to Balfour.
  • Ship the package to:
    • The Association of Former Students
      Attn: Aggie Ring Office
      505 George Bush Drive
      College Station, TX 77840
  • If you prefer to have your Ring shipped back to you, rather than picking it up at the Aggie Ring Office, please include a physical address and the appropriate fee. Rings are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight and will require a signature upon delivery. For current fees see our Shipping Policy.
  • Rings sent to Balfour will take approximately 4-6 weeks to return. Please allow additional time around the holidays seasons.

Service for Rings Made Prior to 1949

For inquiries on service for Aggie Rings manufactured by Jostens (1940-1948), please call (800) 854-7464.

For inquiries on service for Aggie Rings manufactured by Herff Jones (early 1930s), please call (800) 837-4235.

If your Aggie Ring was manufactured by Star Engraving prior to 1940, a private jeweler may be able to assist you with resizing or repairing the palm side of your Ring.


505 George Bush Drive
College Station, TX 77840

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(979) 845-7514

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