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Constituent Networks

Since the beginning, former students of Texas A&M have organized themselves into groups according to their common interests. The most numerous and well-known are individual Classes (such as the Class of 1964) and location-based A&M Clubs (such as the Houston A&M Club), but other special interests groups have existed for generations. Aggies have gathered in clubs for Aggie mothers, for Aggies in a given profession (such as the Texas Aggie Bar Association), for Aggies who participated in specific student activities (such as the Student Government Association Former Student Network), for Aggies with shared heritage, or even for Aggies with a shared hobby. In 2003, The Association of Former Students created a path for special-interest groups to join Classes and A&M Clubs as officially recognized organizations within the greater Aggie Network. 

A Constituent Network is a group of Aggies who share a common interest, who are not a traditional A&M Club or Class, and who have gone through the formal process of partnering with The Association of Former Students. These chartered networks are committed to:

  • Strengthening The Association of Former Students.
  • Promoting the interests and welfare of Texas A&M University.
  • Perpetuating ties of affection and esteem formed in university or college days.
  • Serving the student body.

Most Constituent Networks establish programs to further the educational and charitable interests of the particular Constituent Network and of Texas A&M University, including sponsoring programs and events for their members and establishing scholarships for A&M students.

Our Constituent Networks are an essential element critical to the success of furthering the Aggie Spirit, supporting Texas A&M and strengthening the worldwide Aggie Network.



Steps to becoming a Constituent Network

A chartered Constituent Network is a common interest group of Aggie that have:

  • gone through the formal process of partnering with The Association & Texas A&M University
  • received a Charter from The Association
  • agreed to promote active membership in The Association in addition to their own network
  • a common interest in staying connected to, promoting and supporting Texas A&M

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