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Questions About Aggie Ring Day?

We're here to help! If you can't find the answers you're looking for here or on the pages linked on this page, feel free to contact us.

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Ring Tickets

Your Aggie Ring Day Ticket reserves your spot in an assigned group and gives you and your guests entrance into the Haynes Ring Plaza and the Alumni Center when your group number is called. Only the student picking up an Aggie Ring needs an Aggie Ring Day Ticket.

Aggie Ring Day Tickets will be available on beginning at 7:00 AM two weeks prior to Aggie Ring Day.

Group numbers have a limited quantity and tend to go fast, so if you would like a specific group please plan to pull your Aggie Ring Day Ticket as early as possible. Make sure to log onto the night before and stay logged in to keep things running smoothly. Thousands of Aggies will be accessing the website at the same time, so please be patient.

Once you have pulled your Aggie Ring Day Ticket, immediately screenshot it so you can present it on Aggie Ring Day when your group number is called; due to the large crowds, cell service may prevent you from pulling it up on Aggie Ring Day. You may also print it out and bring it with you. You can access your Aggie Ring Day Ticket on any time after you have pulled it.

Picking Up Your Ring

To pick up your Aggie Ring you will need your Aggie Ring Day Ticket and any two (2) of these forms of ID: Aggie Ring Receipt, Student ID, driver's license, passport.

Aggie Ring Day kicks off with Group 1 ticket holders. Groups will be called approximately every 15 minutes. You do not have to be present for all of Aggie Ring Day, but please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your estimated group time so you can receive your Aggie Ring as scheduled.

The entrance to Aggie Ring Day is located on the East side of the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center, near Throckmorton/Coke St. You will not be able to enter the Ring Plaza or Alumni Center until your group number is called.

Once your group number is called you and your guests will be invited to enter the Ring Plaza and line up under the banner that corresponds to the first letter of your last name. Shortly after you will be called into the Alumni Center to receive your Aggie Ring!

If you miss your Ticket group time, you will need to wait until the next "All Call."

Our Aggie Ring Day volunteers are happy to present your Aggie Ring to you. However, if you would like one of your guests to present your Aggie Ring to you, please inform the volunteer at your station.

After you receive your Aggie Ring, please quickly exit the Ring Delivery Room and Alumni Center through the designated exit. Once outside you are free to enjoy the photo stations and the rest of the Aggie Ring Day festivities.

If you are unable to pick up your Aggie Ring on Aggie Ring Day, you may come to the Alumni Center to pick it up at the Aggie Ring Office during normal business hours any day thereafter. You cannot pick up your Aggie Ring before Aggie Ring Day.

To make other arrangements, please contact the Aggie Ring Program during regular business hours at (979) 845-1050 or

Parking and Shuttles

There will be no guest parking available at the Alumni Center. We recommend all guests park in the West Campus Garage (WCG) and take the free Aggie Ring Day Shuttle to the Alumni Center. Credit cards are NOT accepted at the garage, but can be used to purchase pre-pay Ring Day parking. Pre-pay Ring Day parking is available for purchase in the WCG. Please visit Transportation Services for information on rates and availability

If you have a valid Texas A&M parking permit, you may park in your regular parking lot or in any available Lot 100 parking space.

The free Aggie Ring Day Shuttle picks guests up at the West Campus Garage (WCG) and will drop off at the Alumni center along Coke/Throckmorton St. Shuttle pick-up for guests leaving Aggie Ring Day, and wishing to return to the WCG, will be along Houston St., on the West side of the Alumni Center. The shuttle will also make an additional stop at the accessible guest entrance on the West side of the Alumni Center. See "Is accessible parking available?" for additional details.

The Shuttle will run non-stop from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM. Please allow at least 20-30 minutes (or longer, depending on traffic) for the Shuttle.

If you, or any of your guests, have mobility concerns or needs, we recommend that you take the Aggie Ring Day Shuttle from the West Campus Garage. All shuttles are ADA compliant, and will drop-off and pick-up at the Alumni Center’s accessible entrance.

Parking at the Alumni Center will not be available to the public on Aggie Ring Day.

No. There will be no guest parking available at the Alumni Center. We recommend that all guests park in the West Campus Garage (WCG) and take the ADA compliant Aggie Ring Day shuttle. This shuttle runs continuously throughout the day, and guest drop-off/pick-up is located on Houston St., on the West side of the Alumni Center, approximately 84 yards from the Alumni Center’s accessible entrance.

View the Aggie Ring Day shuttle map to plan for Aggie Ring Day.


Aggie Ring Day is considered an outdoor event and is thus subject to severe weather safety protocols. Severe weather includes lightning, tornadic activity, high winds, etc., during which it is considered dangerous for individuals to be outdoors.

In the event of unexpected severe weather, Aggie Ring Day will be delayed and guests encouraged to seek shelter in the Memorial Student Center, Koldus, or the University Center Garage (a tent is not considered safe shelter). If a tornado warning is issued, guests will be directed to the interior space of the east side of Kyle Field. Aggie Ring Day will resume as soon as it is safe.

If significant severe weather is forecasted to affect the majority of Aggie Ring Day, the event will be held at an alternate location. If there is a change in venue, the announcement and further instructions will be made by close of business the Monday prior to Aggie Ring Day via email,, Facebook, and Twitter.

Should extreme circumstances arise which could endanger our guests, we reserve the right to reschedule Aggie Ring Day.

We strongly encourage you to keep up with and the AggieNetwork Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the latest updates concerning Aggie Ring Day.

Rain showers will not delay Aggie Ring Day, so guests are encouraged to be prepared for rainy conditions. In the event of rain, entrance to the Alumni Center will still be restricted to the current Aggie Ring Day group number.

We encourage our guests to be aware of the forecast for Aggie Ring Day and dress appropriately. On hot days it is important to stay hydrated, and water will be available for purchase at the concession stands around the Alumni Center. You may also wait under the large tent to get out of the heat.

Ring Day Activities

There's lots to see and do on Aggie Ring Day. Photo stations will be available for you to take personal photos, Slovacek's will be handing out free sausage (while supplies last), Benjamin Knox will be selling and signing prints, the MSC Bookstore will be selling Aggie Ring Day t-shirts, and the Texas A&M Career Center will be on hand to give career advice for current and former students. Also, if any of your guests have an Aggie Ring that needs a shine, we will polish it for free!

You are more than welcome to take pictures in the Ring Delivery Area, but please be mindful of the other excited Aggies waiting to come in to get their Aggie Rings.

After you exit the Alumni Center, some great locations for personal photos include the Hansen Memorial Fountain on the Houston Street side of the Alumni Center, 2 ring crests on the grounds of the Alumni Center, the Interlocking Ring sculpture (a gift of the Class of ’94), and Bus 12.

Official Aggie Ring Day T-shirts will be available for $20, and concession stands will sell bottled water and Coke products. Credit cards and cash will be accepted. You will also have the opportunity to buy prints from Benjamin Knox '90.

Portable restroom trailers will be located the near the shuttle drop-off entrance of Aggie Ring Day on Throckmorton/Coke St., as well as in the circle drive along Houston St.

No seating is available.

The accessible entrance is located off of Houston Street. There is a waiting area for guests needing accessible accommodations, but you and your guests will not be permitted in the Alumni Center until your group number is called.

We do not have wheelchairs available to rent. Please consider bringing one if you or a guest is unable to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time.

ADA compliant portable restrooms will be available.


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