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Which Muster Calls A Particular Aggie’s Name?

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 March 10, 2017 12:44 PM updated: October 29, 2021 4:52 PM

Denton County's Muster in 2013.
Denton County's Muster in 2013.

More than 1,400 names appear on the worldwide Muster Roll each year. No individual Muster can call all the names, so each location uses a different list.

If you plan to answer “Here” for an Aggie at a Muster, here is how to make certain their name is listed and you are at the right place.

Please help out any family and friends who need this knowledge.

Check that an Aggie’s name has been added to the worldwide Muster Roll, which is maintained by The Association:

    (You can click on the column header "Name" to rearrange the list into alphabetical order.)

If it’s not there, please notify The Association so the name can be added:

Where will their name be called?

  • You can ask for a name to be added to the local Muster you are attending; a limited list is also called at the student campus Muster. See details below.
  • Also, each name is sent to the Muster closest to their last address in the former student directory (this is the "Club" listed beside their name on the Muster Roll). If you will attend that Muster, you can ensure the name is called by contacting that Muster chair to let them know you will be there to answer "Here."

Is every Aggie’s name called at the student-run campus Muster in Reed Arena?

  • Unfortunately not; in fact, though this is a common belief, it has never been the case. There are more than 1,400 names on the list each year, and there would not be time to read each aloud and respond “Here” at any individual Muster ceremony. However, all names known to The Association are read in the Worldwide Roll Call online; see below. 
  • The names called aloud at the student Muster in Reed Arena are primarily those of current students, Aggie relatives of current students, Aggie faculty/staff, and the 50 Year Reunion Class. The criteria include other categories and sometimes are changed from year to year; please be sure to see the student Muster Committee's exact wording at If your Aggie is eligible, check here to see if they are already on the list to be read in Reed Arena. If their name is not there, please contact the student Muster Committee by using the form here or calling (979) 862-1191 to request that the name be added.
    A list of all names is displayed, though not called, at the student Muster in Reed Arena.
  • The names called at the Brazos County Muster, often held on campus in the MSC, are primarily those of Aggies who lived in Brazos County. This Muster is organized by the Brazos County A&M Club.


Is every Aggie's name called aloud somewhere?

  • Yes. The Association will call every name that appears on the Worldwide Roll on April 21 at the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center and respond to each with "Here." This is a tradition The Association began in 2018. All can watch the livestream at 6:51 a.m. Central on April 21, or replay afterwards, at The website includes options to upload photos and recollections and post "Here" for individual Aggies.

Can I answer “Here” for them at the local Muster I am planning to attend?

  • Yes. If you’re attending one of the hundreds of Musters organized worldwide by A&M Clubs and individual Aggies, please contact the chair of that Muster and ask to have your Aggie friend or relative added to their Roll Call. You will want to let the Muster chair know that you’ll be attending in person to answer “Here.” You may be asked if you wish to hold a candle. Each local Muster is different; some include a meal, whether it's a dinner, casual picnic or family-style potluck.

How do I find the Muster closest to me, or to where I will be on April 21?

  • At, you can view all the reported Musters on a map or search the list (scroll down and type in a city or state). Each listing has contact information, location and details. February or March is a good time to check this page, as local Muster chairs add their events gradually. For example, if you check in January and see only a few Musters plotted, you could check back in March and learn that several have been planned closer to your location.
  • If there is no Muster near you, or if you are not able to Muster in person for any reason, you can join other Aggies to Muster online at On this site, you will be able to watch the Worldwide Roll Call, the student-run campus Muster and any local Musters that include their virtual events.

 Muster at Lake Travis, 2015

 Muster in San Antonio, 2014


Cy-Fair Muster, 2015


The Association of Former Students provides significant support to local Musters worldwide and the student-run campus Muster, maintains the yearly Muster Roll and sends out thousands of Muster invitations each year. This work is possible because of Association donors' annual gifts. Thank you! To help us help more Aggies, visit


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