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Our Leadership Council is the governing body of The Association of Former Students. By virtue of its right to elect our organization’s Board of Directors, this group ensures the programs and operations of The Association are consistent with our Charter and are in the best interest of The Association.

Leadership Council members are official volunteer representatives of The Association of Former Students among the various A&M Clubs, Classes, Areas and Constituent Networks from which the Council’s members are elected.

In accordance with The Association’s Bylaws, each member of our Leadership Council must be an Active member (someone who contributes the minimum gift to our Annual Fund each year) and is expected to attend at least one regularly scheduled semi-annual Council meeting each year.  During these meetings, current information on the activities of The Association and Texas A&M University is presented, and business requiring Council approval is carried out. In addition, development sessions are held to exchange ideas, views and suggestions.

Our Leadership Council is composed of ten groups:

  1. The Association’s Board of Directors

    • The Board of Directors of The Association of Former Students is elected each year at our Fall Leadership Council Meeting and takes office on January 1 of the following year. Our Board is composed of The Association’s Executive Committee, which consists of the Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Chair Elect, President and CEO (who is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and Board) and no more than 14 Directors.
  2. Living Past Chairs of The Association

    • Past Chairs of The Association of Former Students continue to provide leadership to The Association by serving as active members of the Council.
  3. President of the Sul Ross Group

    • The Sul Ross Group includes all Classes that graduated at least 55 years ago.
  4. Class Agents

    • Each organized Class of former students has an elected set of Class Agents who serve as liaisons between their Class and The Association. Class Agents are first elected during the student body elections of their senior year and serve until the Class holds its first formal reunion.
  5. A&M Club Presidents

    • Much of the work of The Association of Former Students is done through our worldwide network of A&M Clubs, each led by an elected President.
  6. Area and National Representatives

    • The Association’s Area and National Representatives assist local A&M Clubs by gathering and distributing information from The Association and Texas A&M University. Representatives may have served in numerous A&M Club positions, are active within the Aggie Network and have a wealth of experience that enables them to assist local Aggies in their respective areas.
  7. Representatives at Large

    • The Chair of the Board may appoint up to thirty (30) non-voting Representatives at Large each year to serve for a three-year term. Representative persons appointed to this position can include any state or federal elected officials who are former students and other friends of Texas A&M or The Association.
  8. The President of each Class on the Texas A&M Campus

    • In an effort to include representatives of the student body, the President of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes on the Texas A&M campus are voting members of our Leadership Council.
  9. Student Loan Fund Trustees

    • The Student Loan Fund Trustees have sole and distinct supervision of the handling and lending of funds acquired by The Association of Former Students for loans to students attending Texas A&M. The Trustees are empowered to make rules and regulations for the proper conduct of student loan fund operations.
  10. Constituent Network Representatives

    • The President or designated representative of each chartered Constituent Network serves on the Leadership Council.

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