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President of The Sul Ross Group

The Sul Ross Group is made up of all Aggies who have attended A&M from the Classes that have celebrated 55 years or more since graduation and reunites each year in College Station. The Reunions are organized by the president and first and second vice president. A common misconception is that the group is comprised of former Ross Volunteers, but that is not a prerequisite of being a member of the group. All Classes from the Class of ’66 and back have been officially inducted into the group and are welcome at the Reunion, even if an individual missed his or her induction. The group originally formed in 1947 when several Classes, who were students during the presidency of Lawrence Sullivan Ross, came together to enjoy one Reunion rather than organizing multiple Class Reunions. T.L. Smith ’98 and a few others are credited with the formation of the Sul Ross Group; while he served as General Chairman for the Reunions, he also funded the Reunions. Although the Sul Ross Group has evolved over more than 50 years, the general purpose remains the same.

Current Sul Ross Group President Joe Ashy '62 encourages all those eligible to be a member of the group — that is, any former student of A&M celebrating more than 55 years since graduation — be an active part of the group and to spread the word about this wonderful bunch of Aggies. The 2022 Sul Ross Group Reunion will take place March 2-4, 2022.

Please note: The SRG Board would like to be able to communicate with all fellow Sul Ross Group Members and widows via email. The SRG President and Board use this list to send information on the Sul Ross Group and Texas A&M related items. Messages can only be sent to members of the Sul Ross Group who join the list (opt in), so it is important to register. If you would like to receive the email messages, please complete the information in the box on the right side of this page.

Years President
2021-2022 Joe Ashy '62
2020-2021  Tom Reid '61
2019-2020  Tom Wisdom '60
2018-2019  Harvey Haas '59
2017-2018  J.L. "Corky" Frank '58 
2016-2017  Henry Hill '56 
2015-2016 Paul Holladay '56
2014-2015  Mike Trotter '55
Ridley Briggs '54
Harry Green '52
2011-2012 Weldon Kruger '53
2010-2011 Dan Clinton ’52
2009-2010 Doggy McClure ’50
2008-2009 Melvin Maltz ’47
2007-2008 Charlie Mattei ’49
2006-2007 Duke Hobbs ’47
2005-2006 Charley Garner ’44
2004-2005 Brig Gen Mike Cokinos ’43
Bob Epstein ’44
Hugh Scott ’40
Dial Martin ’39
Ed Ivy ’41
David “Tip” Parks ’40
Kurt Monier ’35
Connie Hinshaw ’39
Mike Dillingham ’35
Richard “Dick” Halter ’36
Richard S. “Steve” Stephens ’35
Searcy Bracewell ’38
W.G. “Breezy” Breazeale ’35
Kermit E. “Dutch” Voelkel ’30
Lester Potter ’28
Alfred I. Davies ’34
Hop Reynolds ’30
Homer Hunter, Class of 1925
E.L. Robinson, Class of 1921
Asa Hunt, Class of 1922
C. C. Krueger, Class of 1912
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505 George Bush Drive
College Station, TX 77840

Phone Number

(979) 845-7514

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