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Membership in the SGA Former Student Network is open to any individual who was a member of any SGA affiliated or chartered group active during the time of their enrollment at Texas A&M University.

The purpose of the SGA Former Student Network is to:

  • Provide a formal career network and leadership structure for former members of the Texas A&M Student Government Association (SGA).
  • Create a formal avenue of communication and social connection with all former SGA members around the nation.
  • Support the development and growth of SGA as necessary and able.

Through our efforts, the SGA Former Student Network seeks:

  • Stimulate interest in Texas A&M University and encourage loyalty in its former students.
  • Establish programs to further the educational and charitable interests of the SGA Former Student Network and Texas A&M University, including the sponsorship of programs and event for its members, and to publish newsletters.
  • Assist in furthering the purposes of The Association of Former Students, and
  • Increase participation in The Association of Former Students.

Upcoming Events:

SATURDAY, AUG. 31 Constituent Network Tailgate - The Association Tailgate Tent (505 George Bush Dr., College Station, TX 77840)


2023-2026 Board members:

Chair of the Board:

Natalie Koehler '99

The Chair shall preside over all meetings and have general supervision of the working of the Network. The President shall appoint all committees and chairpersons of committees and have such other powers as the membership shall designate. The President, or his/her designee, shall represent the Constituent Network on The Association Leadership Council. 

Vice Chair of the Board:

Mathew Timmons ’00

The Vice Chair shall keep a permanent record of all proceedings of membership; and facilitate the yearly elections of the Network in December of their year in office. The Vice Chair shall stand in for the Chair in any meeting where the Chair finds themselves incapable of attending.


Michael Werner ’92

The Treasurer shall keep all bank and financial records. The treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of any dues of the Network, and be the chief budgeting officer for any events or functions of the Network.

Communications Director:

Allison Murray ’08


The Communications Director will be responsible for all formal communication sent through the Association and Network members. The Communications Director will be responsible for timely and consistent communication with the Network. Works to increase membership in the Constituent Network and directs efforts to update member contact information in The Association’s database, as well as locate “missing” members. The Director may work on various aspects of membership updates and additions throughout the year.

Programming Director:

Ellen Bullock Starr ’89

 The Programming Director shall be oversight of a yearly Network event, gives input for events, speakers, and workshops to be organized by the Constituent Network; advises and assists members who wish to organize their own events; and, coordinates with The Association on Network events.
SGA Student Director:

Jacquelyn Askew '20

 The SGA Student Director shall exist as a formal connection and presence of the voice of current students on the Board of Directors. This SGA student shall be selected by the currently sitting Student Body President of Texas A&M no later than December 15th of each year and shall be the only officer that serves in their term for 1 year.

Alumni Director:

Jud Chappell ’90

 The Alumni Director will be responsible for the regular engagement between former SGA students and current SGA student leaders. They will work in collaboration with the Programming Director and SGA Student Director to continue to refine communication and mentorship between current SGA students and Network membership through formal mentorship matching.


Requirements of the Board of Directors:

  • 2-year term
  • Attendance at Biannual Board Meetings; special sessions called by the Chair
  • Any person who is a member of The Association or friend and supporter of Texas A&M University shall be eligible for a Board position if they were a member of any SGA affiliated or chartered group active at their time of enrollment at Texas A&M University

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505 George Bush Drive
College Station, TX 77840

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(979) 845-7514

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