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Costa Rica & the Panama Canal

Rafting in Costa Rica

Courtney has received a lot mileage from friends and relatives over her zipline experience.
Ray Dickerson ‘67

We’ve had the good fortune of working with both Cal Discoveries and Traveling Aggies. You won’t find a better, friendlier, or more professional alumni travel program in the country
Tom Gonser

No better way to spend a cold frozen January than in the warm sun of Costa Rica!
Keith ‘89 & Jackie ‘78 Wheeler

I began my trip not knowing anyone and ended with fond memories and new friends.
Dr. Carol Cass ‘75

Carefree Caribbean

Caribbean Hideaways

Oceania is the best. Always fun to travel with Ags. We all have many stories to tell, some may be a bit embellished, but all are worth it!
Johnnie ‘69 & Rebecca Maroul

Beautiful scenery experienced with lots of new friends
Andi B. Heath

Trips with the Traveling Aggies are always fun. What a great way to make new Aggie friends.
Donald ‘69 & Yvonne ‘71 Piwonka

A cruise with Jennifer and her Traveling Aggies is not just a trip.... it's an adventure!
Jim B. Sterling CDR USN (Ret) ‘71

Take us back to St. Barts!
Robert M. Miller COL USAR (Ret) ‘67

Expedition to Antarctica


Our Antarctica trip gave us the opportunity to see the white continent up close. No words nor pictures can describe its beauty, one has to see it for themselves.
Anita Janszen ‘94

French cuisine on ice with Aggie fun who could ask for more
Daniel ‘77 & Carol Howes

Tahiti & French Polynesia


Absolutely unbelievable scenery, you have to see to believe. Pictures just don't do it justice.
Hubert Hillman ‘75

If you like your air conditioning, this trip is not for you.
Cindy D. Hillman

Great opportunity to meet people who you have something in common with.
Georgia Paris-Ealy

Best of Tanzania


Our trip to Rwanda was excellent, as was the trip to Tanzania. We made the trip up the mountain and were up close and personal with gorillas.
Damon Gowan ‘58

Life Changing
Sheena & Jack ‘72 Willoughby

Exploring Australia & New Zealand


We travel quite a lot. This was a dream destination and trip. Pampered everywhere. Excellent guide and hostess. One of the most fun trips and most relaxing vacation ever.
Joseph & Rebecca ‘75 Demeter

This is a great tour to expose people to Australia and New Zealand. The scenery is gorgeous.
Danny ‘70 & Jean ‘85 Shilk

My expectations were very high, but the trip actually exceeded them.
Stan Wylie ‘64

When your travels take you down under, go with the best.
Stephen & Kathleen Chubb

If you want to do the most and see the most Traveling Aggies tours are the ticket. Amazing how much territory and how many activities they can squeeze in.
Sue Carter

Well run trip!
Paul Ruckman ‘63

Australia was beautiful and exciting, but New Zealand was fabulous.
Charlie ‘69 & Judy Parada



Thoroughly enjoyed the trip, the itinerary was well thought out and we really explored the eastern part of Sicily.
Steven ‘80 & Phyllis Beckman

Italy the place to eat great food, drink very good wine and be merry!!!!
Theresa Connaughton

Great tour guides and destinations. This company takes care of you. My luggage was lost but I received it by the 4th day..
Barbara Mann

Highland Hills

The 2015 Traveling Aggies trip to HHR was a perfect combination of outstanding accommodations, unbelievable hunting and Aggie fellowship. We could not have had a better experience than we had.
Josh Norton ‘02

The Traveling Aggies program is 5 Star!!! Come join the best!!!
Stephen Cooper ‘78

Any journey is a process; but friends are a lifetime.
Steve LaMantia ‘81

Highland Hills Ranch is one of the premier upland game hunting lodges in North America. Traveling with fellow Aggies just makes it that much more fun.
Earl Wurzbach‘79

My advice, don't attempt to justify this trip. On the front end it’s just what you see on paper, photos and flight arrangements. Go with your gut. It is every bit as wonderful as you can imagine it and then some. On the backend, you will be beside yourself, realizing what you would have missed.
Kay Capps ‘83

The Eastern & Oriental Express

This was our first trip with the Traveling Aggies and AHI. Based on our experience, it will definitely not be the last. Our expectations were not just met, but exceeded.
Eddie Sewall ‘71

AHI does such wonderful and comprehensive trips to most interesting places.
Dr. James Waggoner

Waterways & Canals of Holland & Belgium


I came away from this trip with a greater understanding of the people of the Netherlands and their ingenuity in dealing with their problems.
Virginia Christian

The Amadeus Silver is a lovely ship and the crew was very kind and helpful.
Lisa Chaplin

The Traveling Aggies provide trips that are interesting and well planned. They use experienced, reliable tour operators and they group you with similarly aged, likeminded people who are genuinely Texas Aggie Fans. It is a great experience.
Leroy ‘60 & Barbara Machemehl

Springtime in Washington, DC

Capitol Building

I got to see everything I wanted to see and all the planning was done for me. Glad I didn't have to drive in DC.
Jackie Asbill

Traveling Aggies - the finest program that has ever happened to travel. BGT - when better travel programs are designed, BGT will design them.
Fred ‘61 & Sharon Hudseth

Springtime in Washington, DC is wonderful. Jennifer and Linda are the ultimate hostesses and the itinerary was great!!
Gary ‘81 & Tena ‘79 Gray

The Traveling Aggies surpass all other tour agents. Every trip we have had with the Aggies was exceptional!
Bill ‘53 & Sonya Carpenter

Organized, friendly travel.
Gerald Carpenter

Americas Adventure

The Americas Adventure lived up to the expectations we had. We saw so much and did so in a very safe and comfortable manner. The Oceania Cruise Line is superior and elegant.
Richard Love ‘62

Celtic Lands

Loved the Le Boreal small ship experience and the captain is very personable.
Janet and Henry Dodd

Traveling Aggies are always congenial and friendly and with great hosts like Andi and David, it’s even better.
Janet and Henry Dodd

Cosmopolitan Retreats

I love traveling with Aggies, they are great fun and such interesting people
Robert Walker ‘88

Swiss Alps & Italian Lakes

Italian Lakes

Italy and Switzerland were incredible. What a fantastic trip. All the details were managed beautiful. Incredible Sights, Incredible Food, Incredible People = Unforgettable Trip.
Jennifer Graybiel ‘96

Essential Europe

Essential Europe

It was the trip of a lifetime!
Sara White ‘15

This program was an amazing way to meet and learn with other Aggies in an incredible setting.
Jessica Lochte ‘15

This trip gave me the opportunity to travel the world and see many new sights with my fellow Aggies. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.
Krysta Nichols ‘15

This was a trip of a lifetime! Not only were we able to see all the main places in Europe, but we were able to experience the various cultures with fellow Aggie graduates! I highly recommend this trip to anyone who has the slightest interest in traveling to Europe. You will not regret it!
Ashton Machicek ‘15

Whether you are the type of person who likes to do your own thing and wander a new country or someone who likes an itinerary laid out before them this is a trip for you! It's the best of both worlds!
Chelsea Till ‘15

I had a blast getting to explore Europe with my fellow Ags!
Sutton Young ‘14

This trip was life changing, a great way to enter into the 'real world.'
Christine Dubbert ‘14

An experience that any Aggie would never regret!
Elizabeth Baliozian ‘14

This is an absolutely unbeatable deal for the graduating Aggie. It is truly the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to travel safely with likeminded people to see things we grew up knowing only the legends of. Every turn has the ability to take your breath away, every traveler is a new friend, and every memory will be cherished for as long as I live. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything (except for a few more trips)!
Michael Martin ‘15

What I loved most about this trip was being with 44 other Aggies traveling across Europe witnessing new and exciting experiences together.
Katie Stepke ‘15

Essential Europe was a great way to celebrate my graduation from Texas A&M. I loved traveling with fellow Aggies and immersing myself in rich cultures, history, and activities. I learned so much about others and myself. I can't wait to travel again with a great organization.
Brittney Jackson ‘15

You're speechless during the travel, but return with stories to tell!
Meghan Strawser‘15

There truly is no better way to meet and get to know fellow Aggies than experiencing and traveling throughout Europe with them!
Jenna Ingram ‘14

This was the perfect way to travel after graduation! The timing, people and location made for the perfect Europe adventure!
Jordan Birdsong ‘15

Fantastic opportunity to see multiple locations all over Europe with a group of recent Aggie alumni who want to have just as much fun as you do.
Matt Tomberlin ‘15

More than memories are created when a grand adventure is taken with fellow Aggies . . . great friendships are created too!
Jennifer Taylor ‘15

If you want to see all of Europe in a short 3 weeks for an unbeatable price, go on this trip. There is nothing like traveling the world with fellow Aggies we have an innate bond that allows us to share our experiences overseas in a remarkable way. It was the trip of a lifetime and opened my eyes to the world around me!
Amy Albers‘15

Getting to explore Europe and making new friends before starting the real world was a great experience. Would recommend!
Herman Tsai ‘14

This was a great opportunity to determine favorable places to return to for future travels.
Kevin Wessels ‘15

It was a once in a life time trip that I will never forget! I'm so glad I got to share it with other Aggies. I experienced so many new things on this trip! Worth it! Go on the Greece extension! It's so worth it!
Caitlin Sprowls ‘15

Traveling with the Traveling Aggies is the way to go. Not only do you have more of an insight to the places you go, but you make friends and memories along the way.
Sarah Locke ‘15

I can honestly say I had the time of my life. The perfect post grad trip!
Sarah Deardurff ‘15

It was incredible to graduate & continue to grow & learn with fellow Aggies as we explored Europe.
Lexi Page ‘15

One of the best experiences of my life. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go on this trip and see some of the most amazing sites with some of the best people I have ever met. Memories I will never forget!
Tiffany Sandoval ‘15

Going on this trip with my fellow Aggies to celebrate our recent accomplishments was the perfect way to end my career as a student at Texas A&M! Whether we were sipping wine in Paris, parasailing in Greece, or just gazing at the beautiful landscapes and singing on the bus, it was always a good time.
Ashley Anderson ‘16

The Traveling Aggies provided me a chance to see the world, make lifelong friends, and most importantly, gave me the chance to find myself.
Suzanne Smith ‘14

The best way to see Europe? 24 days and 40 fellow Ag's!
Kimberly Hookanson ‘14

Traveling with the Traveling Aggies and AESU during the Essential Europe trip was a great experience. Gaining a group of friends and travel companions with other Aggies and seeing some of the best historical destinations in Europe is more than worth the price of the trip. Essential Europe is a great combination of educational experiences as well as having a blast and gaining more culture. I would recommend it to any graduate who is looking for the trip of a lifetime!
Meghan Wied ‘15

Without a doubt the best time I've ever had in my life. An unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.
Blake Johnson ‘14

Despite not being an Aggie, I felt a great sense of being a part of the group. It was great to see the immediate camaraderie among the group and how I felt like a part of the group the instant I started talking with everyone. All in all, I'm glad that I went with a bunch of Aggies, and I'm glad a T'Sip like me could tag along without too much fuss!
Jared Mortus

This trip was, without doubt, the best time of my life and every graduate should try to make this happen while they still have some free time.
Woodrow Morgan ‘14

Essential Europe was the perfect trip right out of college to see the world, experience other cultures all while making lifelong friendships and memories.
Erin Aolkenstein ‘15

Great sights to see with a variety of people.
Tierney Leoard

The most life changing experience.
Claudia Alanis ‘15

A trip you'll never forget.
Haley Jones ‘14

It was a great experience seeing the world before entering the real world.
Megan McHugh ‘14

Greece: Athens & the Island of Poros


Traveling with The Traveling Aggies makes one seem part of a family almost immediately.
Margaret Nixon

Traveling Aggies is the most enjoyable way to travel.
Craig White ‘72

Traveling with the Aggies is a guaranteed great time for all!!"
Steve Saroff

Traveling with fellow Ags gave us an immediate sense of family and friendship. The trip was much more enjoyable sharing with our extended family of Aggies.
Cliff Blackerby ‘02

It was fun traveling with Aggies similar in age and lifestyle and not to have to do all the planning!
Jane Brown ‘77

Everything about the trip, from the accommodations to the sights we saw and the people we traveled with, were wonderful! We had a great time.
Robert Buckley ‘80

Paris Immersion


The Travelling Aggies is a great way to travel for those of us who are too busy to bother with all of the details.
Edward ‘77 & Bernadette ‘79 Guerra

I learned a lot of French while I was there, which is what I was hoping. Here's a French word for you, Le Whoop.
Dennis ‘82 & Ashley McQueen

The organized group activities were a perfect balance with individualized exploration.
Steve ‘74 & Rita Holloway

Cruise The Face of Europe

Cruise Ship

The 14 Day River Cruise allows the traveler to see the Danube, as well as the Rhine River.
Thomas Jackson ‘66

It was a great trip.
Margaret Killingsworth ‘74

We thought the whole trip was amazing. It was the trip of a lifetime!
Robert & Shelley Hallum

Treasures of the North

Traveling with fellow Aggies is always a pleasure. We are so spoiled with Oceania and their staff. We will never travel on any other cruise line. Jennifer Bohac always makes traveler feel at home on the sea and with her special "Jen" tours.
Carolyn Dierksen ‘82

We have enjoyed every Traveling Aggie trip we have taken, you do such a good job with everything involved with a trip.
Neal ‘68 & Sonja Adams

At sea mutinies are led by Jennifer! She leads a takeover by Traveling Aggies of Oceania ships! Fun times!
Bob Schneider ‘64

Great Journey through Europe

We thoroughly enjoyed everything about the trip, but what made it exceptional was the camaraderie we developed among all of the Aggies on the trip. That was what distinguished this trip from just any other cruise/tour.
Bob Avant ‘75

Touring with the Traveling Aggies offers a great opportunity to travel with and meet/interact with other Aggies of all ages, while seeing and experiencing wonderful travel opportunities.
Joe Burch ‘66

An inspiring, beautiful and informative journey.
Don Hellriegel

Rhine River Cruise – Amazing.
Sharon Avant

Cathedrals beyond compare.Excellent tour guides.
Charles Menke ‘63

This was a trip that I think everyone should take at least once in their lifetime. The accommodations were great and the scenery breathtaking. Loved everything about it.
Tommy ‘66 & Susan Giesenschlag

At the end of each day, our group of friends would look at each other and say, "It's been another great day!
Janet Deschamps ‘78

Machu Picchu to the Galapagos


The combination of the Amazon, Machu Picchu and Galapagos was FANTASTIC. Adventure of a lifetime.
Christopher ‘73 & Karen Claunch

Machu Picchu to the Galapagos plus the pre-trip on the Amazon was a well-coordinated mega-trip for us. We enjoyed all of the locations, guides and accommodations. We felt safe and well cared for and we especially liked the group of Aggies (and friends) that we traveled with.Stan ‘62 & Carol Wellso

This was our first trip with the Traveling Aggies. We are already planning our next trip and we are looking forward to many more in the future. What a great experience!
Joe ‘71 & Betty Setlemeyer

We have thoroughly enjoyed many Aggie trips which are always fun and well organized. There is nothing better than traveling with fellow Aggies and friends!
Larry ‘68 & Susan Zatopek

Great Parks of California

San Francisco, California

We always know that the Traveling Aggies trips will be interesting, besides being well taken care of by the operators they have chosen.
Harold ’58 & Ann Conrad

Having been on 24 Traveling Aggie trips we have never been disappointed and enjoy meeting new Aggie travelers and seeing Aggies we have traveled with on previous trips.
Robert ’62 & Patricia Harris

Unforgettable sights, knowledgeable tour guides, excellent accommodations arranged by Orbridge and wonderful companions to share it with. A great experience.
Tom ’58 & Carrol Kolle

Beautiful country. We experienced parts of California we never knew existed.
David ’70 & Deidra Fleisher


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