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Aggie Muster thrives at local events

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 March 26, 2024 1:54 PM updated: April 16, 2024 11:16 AM

More than 200 Aggie Musters take place worldwide each year. Held in backyards and civic centers, perhaps with a potluck lunch or a catered dinner, each ceremony ranges in formality but all have the same Aggie Spirit. Aggie Muster, perhaps the most essential Aggie tradition, lasts a lifetime and every Aggie will be remembered.

We had an unusual chance to experience six different local Aggie Musters in 2019, when Musters fell on a range of dates because April 21 coincided with Easter. So from April 12 to 25, we plotted a route that covered as much geography as the gas tank would allow.

In Gonzales, they call all the fallen Aggies who ever lived there, every year. In Houston, a Silver Taps bugle team is made up of former students. In Robertson County, you might get a dessert brought by an incoming Aggie freshman scholarship recipient.

Read the full story in Texas Aggie magazine.

Take a look at a bit of each below, then check the worldwide Muster map to find yours for this year! If there's not one near you, host your own; we can help (

Across from NASA, Clear Lake Aggies Muster
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Chat about nitrogen tetroxide and booster rockets at this gathering with the Bay Area A&M Club.

Inspiration from an Aggie astronaut and leader
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“There are times in life when the most precious gift you can give another human being is the gift of your simple presence,” Col. Mike Fossum ’80 told the Denton County Muster.

Grilling and dominoes by the lake
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Drive through a field of wildflowers to chow down on desserts brought by new Aggie freshmen at the Robertson County Muster.

Former students sound Taps in Houston
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At the largest Muster outside College Station, the Houston A&M Club has its own beautiful traditions.

Muster at a cradle of Texas history
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In what may be a unique Aggie tradition, the Gonzales Muster calls all its Aggies every year, no matter how long ago they passed.

Club’s work pays off in scholarships at Muster
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At a lakeside lodge, the Highland Lakes A&M Club hands out scholarships they’ve raised from $3,000 to $5,000.

Helpful links:

Find your local Muster:
Host a Muster:
Report a name to the Muster Roll (a name can't be called if it's not reported):
Watch the campus Muster ceremony on MusterLife:
Listed to the Worldwide Muster Roll Call:

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