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Ensure You Get Class, Club, AggieNews Emails

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 January 29, 2021 11:01 AM updated: October 20, 2022 10:39 AM

It is not uncommon for Aggies to contact The Association asking, for example, “Why didn’t I get the email about my Class Reunion?”  

Even more Ags might be missing out on email invitations to local Musters, free All-Aggie Tailgates, Constituent Network summits and A&M Club happy hours.

These communications are sent by The Association using the email and location in your profile.

You can update the information and manage which emails you get. Read on to learn how!

Tip: To get local Muster updates, make sure the “Clubs” category is selected.

Clubs, Classes and Constituent Networks are part of The Association; so, instead of these groups each separately having to maintain an email list, they are able to send emails to all the Aggies in an area, Class or group through The Association.

There are many controls and limits to prevent this system being overused, and if you have ever clicked “unsubscribe from all” on an Association email, you cannot receive any category of Association emails unless you specifically opt back in.

Tip: If you forward an Association email to someone else and they click “unsubscribe,” that action removes you, not them, from all such emails. 

Even Club Presidents and Muster chairs have been accidentally unsubscribed. If you’re not getting Association emails and you think this happened to you, follow the steps under “Opt back in” below.

Updating your profile:

  • Visit to update your email address, mailing address (which includes the ZIP Code that is used to send you nearby events) and other information. 
  • Forgotten the email or password you used to create your account? Head to!

Here are steps to try if you are missing Association emails you should be getting:

  • Emails going to an old email address: Visit and make sure your current email address is listed.
  • Opt back in/manage your email categories: Visit to see all the categories of emails you can choose from. 
    IMPORTANT: At the top of this page, enter the email address that is currently listed in your profile.
    Choose your categories, select “Submit,” and watch for the confirmation email. When the email arrives, visit the link to verify.
    If you ever unsubscribed from all Association emails, or suspect you were unsubscribed accidentally, you MUST visit the link in this confirmation email to verify you want to re-join the mailing list.
  • Emails going to your “junk” folder: Add to your address book, trusted sender list or company white list.

More about a few of the email categories:

AggieNews is a once-a-month e-newsletter that goes to more than 240,000 former students. It’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on around Aggieland and The Association. Visit to see recent editions.

Class News includes emails such as Class Newsletters and invitations to Reunions and Mini Reunions. You’ll receive these based on the Class year in your profile.
If the Class year listed for you is wrong, you can correct it by editing your profile. Aggies typically give their Class as the year that’s four years after their first semester in college (two years for grad students) or the year they graduated. Both are used with pride!

Constituent Networks are common-interest groups within the Aggie Network, such as the Texas Aggie Bar Association, Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs, Texas A&M Hispanic Network, Black Former Student Network, Sea Aggie Former Student Network and more. View them all at

Corporate Partners are a limited number of leading brands selected by The Association that offer exclusive products, services, or discounts to former students. View them at

Aggie Ring category emails typically are sent to current students to help them with ordering their Aggie Ring or with details about attending Aggie Ring Day. Former students can get Aggie Ring information anytime at the following links:

Shortlink to this post:


The Association of Former Students is the oldest organization serving Texas A&M University in support of the ever-growing Aggie Network. We are HERE for Aggies during their days as students and former students, THERE for Aggies as they make their way around the world and EVERYWHERE the Aggie Network needs us to be. To help us help more Aggies, visit

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