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Silver Taps at A&M

You hear about the Aggie Band
And the Spirit of Aggieland.
But few have heard the Farewell Hymn
Of Silver Taps at A&M.

    All day the flag flies at half-mast.
    A sign to us of a solemn task,
    To bid farewell to one who’s gone
    With Silver Taps, he’s not alone.

        The night is dark and very still.
        Where Sully stands the area fills
        With a silent crowd of those who care.
        Their hearts all joined in silent prayer.
            The Ross Volunteers, the honor guard,
            Speak for us all as their guns discharge.
            Twenty one guns now blast the air
            And fade away in the darkness there.

Then taps blows loud from the tower near.
And twice again so faint, so clear.
Like rustling wings of a soul in flight,
Silver Taps fades in the night.
    You stand spellbound, you scarcely breathe
    With heavy heart you turn to leave.
    Your Aggie friend no more you’ll see,
    Till Silver Taps is blown for thee.
        Silver Taps at A&M
        Will always be our farewell hymn.
        To those who’ve gone to heights unknown
        With Silver Taps, he journeys on.
by Mrs. Jeanette Hennigan

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