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Aggie Muster Media Resources

To assist A&M Clubs, Muster Groups and anyone gathering for Aggie Muster, The Association of Former Students has organized a collection of media resources that can be used as part of a Muster ceremony.

Below are songs, poems, audio and video.

Even more items – such as a customizable Muster program, printable sign-in sheets, social media graphics and Muster logos you can use – are available at The Association’s Aggie Muster Brand Guide.



To download MP3 audio files, click on the "Download" link, then right-click and select "Save as."

  1. Aggie War Hymn (Lyrics) (Download)
  2. The Spirit of Aggieland (Lyrics) (Download)
  3. Silver Taps (Download)
  4. 12th Man (Download



  1. Muster Ceremony Invocations
  2. Muster Ceremony Closings
  3. Roll Call for the Absent
  4. In Memoriam
  5. The Last Corps Trip
  6. Aggie Muster Day
  7. Silver Taps at A&M
  8. Stand for Me
  9. The Spirit of Muster
  10. Silver Taps at Aggieland
  11. Softly Call the Muster, Gently Call the Roll



  1. Ross Volunteers rifle volleys, audio file (1:28)(Download)
  2. Buglers playing Silver Taps, audio file (5:10)(Download)
  3. E. King Gill, Class of 1924, tells the 12th Man story at the 1964 campus Muster (15:24) – Introduced by Maj. Gen. J. Earl Rudder ’32. Recording courtesy of Pat Nance ’64. (Listen or download)
  4. Full audio from 1964 campus Muster (37:05) – With songs, speeches, Roll Call and Silver Taps. Recording courtesy of Pat Nance ’64. (Listen or download)



To download MP4 video files, click on the “Download” link, then right-click and select “Save video as.”

  1. Opening remarks from Porter S. Garner III ’79, President and CEO of The Association of Former Students (3:02) (YouTube) (Download)
  2. Muster remarks from Marty Holmes '87, Vice President at The Association of Former Students (12:23) (YouTube) (Download)
  3. National anthem music video slideshow (1:33) (YouTube) (Download)
  4. Texas, Our Texas music video slideshow (1:19) (YouTube) (Download)
  5. The Spirit of Aggieland music video slideshow (1:19) (YouTube) (Download)
  6. Aggie War Hymn music video slideshow (3:05) (YouTube) (Download)
  7. Reading of "In Memoriam" (0:56) (YouTube) (Download)
  8. Reading of "The Last Corps Trip" (2:41) (View on YouTube) (Download)
  9. History of ’42 and ’46 Musters on Corregidor (2:42) – Created in 2016 by The Association for dedication of Corregidor Aggie Ring Collection and narrated by Fred McClure ’76 (chairman of 1976 student Muster; speaker at 1981 campus Muster). (YouTube) (Download)
  10. Aggie Muster documentary trailer (0:30) - Trailer for "Aggie Muster," a documentary history of Muster produced by The Association of Former Students. With narration. (Download)



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