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1. General Policies
5. Billing  Building Policy for DownloadBuilding Policy for Download
2. Reservations 6. Cancellation
3. Deposit 7. Parking
4. Payment for Damages 8. General Procedures

1. General Policies
  1. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times within the Williams Alumni Center.
  2. All groups are responsible for leaving the Williams Alumni Center facilities clean and orderly after use and are responsible for an damages incurred.
  3. A representative or employee of The Association of Former Students will be present at all events held in the Williams Alumni Center. Any complaints regarding the Alumni Center and its operation should be addressed to The Association’s Director of Events.
  4. Objects may not be affixed to the walls, ceilings or stairways of the Williams Alumni Center without prior approval. Items including, but not limited to the following are NOT permitted: confetti, glue, glitter, rose petals or silly string.
  5. Use of candles and/or open flame of any kind are not permitted inside the Williams Alumni Center nor on the grounds.
  6. Maroon and/or dark icing on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. is not permitted inside the Williams Alumni Center.
  7. Excluding red wine, no red drink or punch of any kind is permitted inside the Williams Alumni Center.
  8. Pets are not allowed inside the Williams Alumni Center except for service animals and the Texas A&M’s official mascot, Reveille.
  9. Sound amplification systems may not be used inside or outside the Williams Alumni Center without specific permission from The Association’s Director or Coordinator of Events assigned to your event.
  10. The use of special equipment must be approved by The Association’s Director of Events. General equipment such as projectors, etc., may not be brought into the facility. House equipment, with the exception of laptop computers, must be used.
  11. The Association’s Front Desk is not intended for event use and will not be used for event registration purposes or to display materials. Floral arrangements may be displayed with prior approval.
  12. The Association of Former Students will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles or for any liability arising from the use of the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center. Found articles will be left with The Association’s Director of Events.
  13. Modifications and exceptions to these policies may be made at any time it is considered appropriate by The Association of Former Students’ Director of Events.
  14. The Association of Former Students reserves the right to decline future scheduling of events for any organization if this building policy is not honored.

    2. Reservations  back to top

    If you are interested in reserving meeting space in the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center, please contact our Events Team at 979-845-7514 or to learn more about event opportunities and scheduling requirements. 

     All reservations are considered tentative and held for up to two (2) weeks until confirmed by the Director of Events. Events will be confirmed upon the execution of a signed contract and receipt of the deposit. Confirmed reservations are subject to cancellation by The Association of Former Students for the following reasons:

    • User fails to comply with the terms of the reservation;
    • User fails to comply with the conditions stated therein;
    • User fails to show adequate financial resources for presentation of the program;
    • User is not willing or able to adequately perform all required duties and responsibilities related to the program;
    • Texas A&M University is officially closed due to weather or other emergency conditions; or
    • A confirmed speaker is considered controversial and/or could potentially create a public relations concern for The Association for having hosted the event in the Williams Alumni Center.

    The Association of Former Students reserves the right to preempt any scheduled event and to cancel any event where misrepresentation is involved.

     All student organizations requesting facility usage must be approved by The Association of Former Students’ Director of Campus Programs prior to the event being confirmed by the Coordinator of Events assigned to student organizations. An advisor of the student organization must be present at the event from beginning to end.

    3. Deposit  back to top

    Use of meeting space in the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center requires a deposit for all organizations and groups using the facility. The deposit should be paid by cash, check or credit card within two (2) weeks of The Association confirming the event in writing. The deposit, which is not applied towards the rental fees, will be held to confirm the date of the event and cover any damage or additional clean-up resulting from the function. 

    If no damages are incurred, the full deposit will be refunded within one (1) week after the event. If there is damage to the Williams Alumni Center as a result of the contracted event, the amount of damage will be at the discretion of The Association’s Director of Events with the hosting organization to be accountable for any repair costs above and beyond the amount of the damage deposit on file. 

    For events where the deposit is made via credit card more than 60 days out from the scheduled event, The Association is only able to refund the deposit via check, which as stated above, will be done within one (1) week after the conclusion of the event.

    The deposit fee schedule is as follows:

    Campus and A&M System Entities  $500 
    Affiliate and Constituent Networks $250
    Student Organizations $150  

    4. Payment for Damages  back to top

    All users and sponsors shall be responsible for payment for damage to the Williams Alumni Center and its fixtures and equipment, whether caused by the user or its patrons.

    5. Billing  back to top

    All invoices will be prepared by The Association of Former Students and full payment is required one week (5 business days) prior to the scheduled event.

    6. Cancellation  back to top

    If an event is cancelled thirty (30) days or more before the scheduled function, a full refund will be issued. If an event is cancelled between 29-14 days before the scheduled function, the organization will forfeit one-half (1/2) of its deposit. Any cancellation occurring within thirteen (13) days will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit. 

    7. Parking  back to top

    There are 65 guest parking spaces on the east side of the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center and 6 disabled spaces on the west side near the Fountain Plaza. The Association cannot guarantee that a certain number of these spaces will be available during an event held during the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. However, with advance notice of two (2) business days, up to five (5) guest parking spaces can be reserved during normal business hours. Additional parking may be available for events beginning after 5:30 p.m. in The Association’s parking lot with advance notice of two (2) business days. The loading dock and service areas are reserved for caterers and deliveries only. An Association staff member will not be monitoring any reserved spaces. 

    8. General Procedures  back to top

    Any proposed use of the Williams Alumni Center must be appropriate to and suited to the size, structure, purpose and operating costs of the facility. All proposed events must be conducted in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Users must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Director of Events that they have the staff, experience, contracting authority, financial status or other qualifications necessary for carrying out the proposed program in a satisfactory manner.

    1. Review of Contracts. When reserving an event in the Williams Alumni Center, the Director of Events must be notified of intended speakers, performers, etc. All contracts related to the presentation of the hosting organization’s program, including contracts between the hosting organization and speakers, performers, subcontractors, managers and others, must be provided to The Association’s Director of Events within 14 days of the event.
    2. Hazards. If the Director of Events determines that a proposed program poses a potential hazard of public safety or is an inappropriate event for The Association of Former Students to host, the program may be canceled or denied at any point during the planning process. No user may install or operate any equipment, fixture or device, nor operate or permit to be operated any engine, motor or other machinery or use gas or other flammable substances in the facility without prior written approval by the Director of Events, and under such conditions and restrictions as the Director of Events may specify. All electrical connections must be made by The Association of Former Students’ personnel. No equipment, device or fixture may be used which, in the opinion of the Director of Events, endangers the structural integrity of the facility.
    3. Signs and Displays. Signs, messages or other materials may not be posted, displayed, distributed or announced in, on, or adjacent to the Williams Alumni Center without the prior written consent of the Director of Events. Such materials may not be fastened to any part of the facility except in spaces provided for this purpose and may not be permitted to interfere with crowd movement and safety. The Events Team will assist with hanging of appropriate and current signage as needed. Depending on the number of signs to be hung and complexity of sign locations the Events Team will ask for the assistance of the organization managing the event with hanging the signs to ensure all signs are placed as desired. Please have all materials delivered at least two (2) days before the scheduled set-up time to ensure the Events Team can efficiently prepare for your event.
    4. Smoking. The Williams Alumni Center is a smoke-free facility.
    5.  Exceptions. Any exceptions to the Williams Alumni Center Operations Policy and Procedures must be approved by The Association of Former Students’ Vice President for Administration.

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