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No university or other public funds and no money from The Association’s Annual Fund are being used for the building enhancement project. Annual Fund dollars support a wide spectrum of student, staff and faculty activities, and that support will continue. The leadership of The Association is committed to a separate capital fundraising campaign for the building project.

The project costs, including architectural and engineering fees, furniture, technology, and branding, are estimated at $16 million, which includes reserves for additional maintenance and operations. The Association staff, as well as Board members and volunteers, are being called upon to cultivate and solicit the needed funds.

All former students are encouraged to help fund these enhancements. For information about becoming a donor, contact Allison Seibert '11 at (979) 845-7514 or


Tribute Wall
Tribute Wall
Tribute Wall
Tribute Wall
Tribute Wall
Tribute Wall
Gina and Bill Flores '76
Verlin and Howard Kruse '52
Phyllis and Mitch Robertson '71
JoAnn and Jon Hagler '58
Mollie and H. Bartell Zachry, Jr. '54
Meredith and Ray Rothrock '77
Reta and Bill Haynes '46
Willard Clark, Jr. '67
Denise and Jorge Bermudez '73
Charlie Seely '55
Bonnie '10 and Jim Creel '69
Barbara and Arno Krebs '64
Tedi '90 and Chuck Ellison '76
Shariq Yosufzai '74
Cynthia and Hal Hornburg '68
Jim Mayo '70
Phil Adams '70
Alice and Erle Nye '59
Flora and Billy Pete Huddleston '56
Lauren and Glenn Hart '78
Claudia and Rod Stepp '59
Bonnie and Otway Denny '71
Carole and Van Taylor '71
Telea and Paul Stafford '90
Lisa '91 and Porter Garner '79
Lyle Lovett '79
Kathy and Mike Havel '76
Susan and Jess Rickman, III '70
Sara and John Lindsey '44
Linda '82 and Steve '81 LaMantia
Frances and Clifford Taylor, Jr. '49
Jo and Donald Keprta '56
Andrea and David Heath '76
Jennifer Lindsay '88
Modesta and Clayton Williams, Jr '54
Shelley '78 and Jeff '78 Potter
Melanie '76 and Bill '76 Toler
Donna Beth and Jim Thompson '68
Ron Spies '73
Barbara '82 and Pat '80 Kasper
Jordan Baucum '06
Logan Freeman '00
Patti and Weldon Kruger '53
Patricia and Chaz Neely '62
Jessie and Richard Kardys '67
Jacquie and Richard "Dick" Brady '52
Julie and Scott Kleberg '80
Harriett and Joe B. Foster '56
Audrey and James Nelson '49
Dorothy and Artie McFerrin '65
Midway Companies
Sue '78 and Doug '67 Bailey
Pam '79 and Hearne '77 Williford
Pamela and Bill Mahomes '69
Kathryn Greenwade '88
Susan and Clay Bright '78
Sondra and Ron Skaggs '65
Christy Kim '96
Dare Lovett '96
Suzanne Miks '01
Ted Kollaja '84
David Wyckoff '72
Hal Sharp '72
Edward Folse '89
Tim Vuong '86
Paul Homeyer '85
Lucian Nesline '99
Dat Lien '98
Glenda Mariott '79
Rhonda and Frosty Gilliam '80
Hilda and George Nancarrow '44
Becky and Jerry Boles '71
Bob Surovik '58
Laura and Michael A. Schuett
Patricia and Charles Wiseman '57
Melissa Fisher '89
James Elmore Hudson III '93
Holly and Scott D. Josey '79
Traci and Kamal Ariss '83
Kathleen '81 and Robert Gibson
Deanne and Marty Holmes '87
Phoebe and Dale Watts '71
Stacey and Bo Bradbury '89
Kay and Britt Rice
Cecilee '95 and Larry '00 Herd
Johnette '70 and Jon '68 Jarvis
Sue and Duke Burnett '60
George W. Seagraves II '80
Barbara A. and Ralph F. Cox '53
Jean Hollis Richardson
Dr. LuAnn G. Ervin '84
Karla and Sen. Jeff Wentworth '62
Jane and R. Ken Williams '45
Valerie and John P. Williams '77
Col. and Mrs. William J. Beck '42
Carol and Richard F. Phillips '76
Wilma Wells and Oliver Guiberteau
Marijo and James R. English Jr. '46
Wilhelmina and Frederick T. Philips '43
Sue and Louis E. Capt '54
Barbara and J. Michael Trotter '55
Ray R. Barrett Jr. '55
Connie '79 and Bobby J. "Buzz" Miller '76
Jan '78 and Ronald Knecht '78
Linda A. '79 and Clint D. '78 Smith
Kathryn and Marvin J. Schneider '60
Susanne M. and Melbern G. Glasscock '59
Dr. Robert M. Jones '71
Michelle '93 and Ken McClintock '94
Patsy and Dick Kistner '65
Kim and Brad Blaha
Gordon K. Montgomery '61
Patricia and Herb Schwarz '49
LTC. Fred Dollar '44
Judith and Ashton B. Geren Jr. '44
Cynthia and George P. Mitchell '40
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