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Susan "Sue" Owen '94 December 22, 2020 10:56 AM updated: December 22, 2020 12:01 PM

The Association of Former Students website has more than 625,000 profiles, viewed over 5 million times since 2012, with contact information for 98% of living former students.

Now, profiles have a new look and new features! Personalize yours, unlock badges and manage your settings.

What’s new

  • One spot to manage settings
    Click the "Edit" link at the top of your profile to update information and settings, manage email addresses and more.
  • Unlock badges!
    Fill out your information such as student organizations and former student leadership positions to add to your profile.

Get started!

  • Log in at AggieNetwork.comcreating an account is fast and free. (Forgot your login? Here’s help!)
  • In your profile, edit “Student Activities and Leadership” and “Former Student Leadership” to unlock badges.
  • Update your physical address. Based on your location, you can receive emails from local A&M Clubs, Muster invitations or notifications about other nearby Aggie activities.
  • Manage your email preferences (be sure the email address matches the one on your profile).

Common questions

  • I forgot my old login - what do I do?
    Visit to reset your password. That page also has options if you can’t remember which email address we have on file.
  • Why is my friend or relative not listed in the directory even though they went to A&M? How can they be added?
    There are some gaps in the records, and prior to 2005 we only received lists of graduates from the university, rather than all enrolled students. Help us make the record complete! If they are not in the former student directory and attended A&M at least one semester, they can email with their full name while a student (e.g. maiden), date of birth, year(s) attended and major. Our staff can then work to verify with A&M’s registrar. (Since 2005, we have received lists of students enrolled as of the 12th day of classes.)
  • My Class year is wrong; how do I fix that?
    Head to “Edit” at the top of your profile and update Class in your “Personal and Employment Info.”
  • Which Class year should I use?
    Your Class year is typically four years from your first semester in college (two years for grad students) or the year you graduated. Both are used with pride, and either can be used on your Aggie Ring.
  • My major or other academic information is listed incorrectly - can you fix it?
    Email with your full name, exactly what is incorrect and exactly what it should be. Our staff can work to verify and make the update.
  • Why am I not getting certain emails I want (like Class Reunions, Club newsletters, Muster invitations or A&M news)?
    It could be going to an old email address, to a “junk” folder, or you might have opted out of Association emails in the past (most A&M Club/Class/Muster emails are sent by The Association). Here are three steps to try! Wrong email: Check to see which email is listed in your profile, and update it if needed. Opt back in/manage your categories: Visit to see all the categories of emails you can choose from; enter the email address listed in your profile, select “Submit,” and watch for the confirmation email. (If you ever unsubscribed from all Association emails, you MUST visit the link in this confirmation email to verify you want to re-join the mailing list.) Going to “junk” folder: Add to your address book, trusted sender list or company white list.

What can I do while logged into

  • Find An Aggie: Look up old friends and classmates by name or partial name, geographical location, by company or job title, by Class year and student organizations.
  • Make links: Use the URL shortener built by The Association.
  • 5 free email accounts: Permanent, free email accounts with Google storage.
  • Save your email: Recent grads, port your expiring email account with all its files and emails over to your new account.
  • HireAggies: If you have both an account and an A&M degree, you have lifelong free access to — a platform with thousands of job openings and Aggie resumes.

More ways to use

The Association of Former Students has a bold vision to engage 100,000 donors annually for Texas A&M by the end of 2020. To learn more, visit To help us help more Aggies, make a gift at

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