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16 Aggies Helped Create 'Toy Story 4'

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 June 21, 2019 1:02 PM updated: June 27, 2019 8:54 AM

Since 1989, Texas A&M's visualization program within the College of Architecture has sent a steady stream of Aggies into the growing field of digital and electronic visualization.

Sixteen of them helped create "Toy Story 4," expected to top $150 million this weekend in North American theaters. That would be the second-largest opening for an animated film - right behind last year's "Incredibles 2," which employed 25 Aggies! (See more related stories below.) 

If you're an active member of The Association of Former Students, you've helped further the education of talented Aggies such as these. Your donations averaging less than $200 have added up to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to the College of Architecture, home of the Visualization Laboratory.  

Here are the "Viz Lab" Aggies of Pixar who brought Buzz and Woody's fourth adventure to life:

Jean-Claude Kalache '93, director of photography: lighting
Jesse Weglein '03, interim lighting lead technical director
Austin Goddard '15, art production coordinator
Patrick James '96, technical director
Robert Graf '09, technical director
Chris Chapman '95, technical director
Gary Bruins, effects supervisor
David Verona '14, rendering technical director
Laura Murphy '12
Don Bui '06
Bob Moyer '03
Sajan Skaria '00
Kevin Singleton '01
Seth Freeman '03
Jon Reisch '02

Jonathan Kiker '05

More Aggie Viz Lab good bull:

October 2018: Models of 'Monsters, Inc.' characters on display at Texas A&M's Langford Building C

November 2017: Texas A&M Viz grad tells A&M audience about creating 'Zootopia' city

March 2017: 15 VizLab Alums Helped Bring Oscar Winner 'Zootopia' To Life

Last year alone, the combined gifts of 57,423 former students, friends and supporters allowed The Association of Former Students to provide $13.6 million of support to Texas A&M. Learn more here and lend your support at


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