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Pulling the Roll for a local Muster

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 April 19, 2019 9:39 AM updated: April 20, 2021 10:40 AM

Below is a step-by-step guide to pulling your Roll Call for local Muster chairs.

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The Roll Call, the most important part of the ceremony, is representative of the true meaning of Aggie Muster. We suggest you read the poem "Roll Call for the Absent" prior to the Roll Call and "In Memoriam" after. Both are provided in the Muster Videos, Songs, and Poems section of your Muster Chair Resources page.

Pull your Roll Call
The procedure to export your list of local names depends on whether you are a chartered A&M Club or an unaffiliated Muster group, and also depends on whether you are the person who created the event on our website.  

If you are the person who created the Muster event on our website 

1. Go to Directly below the "Special Notes" section, you will see the name of the Muster event you created.
2. Click the button to the right of your event, labeled "Muster Roll Call," and a new page will open. Do NOT click the "Export Roll Call to Excel" button on this page.
3. If your event IS affiliated with a chartered A&M Club, go to Step 4. If your event is NOT affiliated with a chartered A&M Club, skip Step 4 and go to Step 5.
4. Select the option to "Only show my organization's Roll Call." This will ensure that our system only pulls names from your Club’s geocode.
5. Click "Export Roll Call to Excel" and save the file to your computer.
6. Find the file you just saved to your computer and open it. It will show you a warning; you can safely ignore it and click "Yes."
7. If your event is affiliated with a chartered Club, your list includes only names from your Club's geocode. If your event is NOT affiliated with a Club, your list includes all of this year's names (about 1,400). Either list can be sorted by ZIP Code, city, county, state or Class year to identify the names you wish to call at your Muster.

If you are NOT the person who created the event on our website

1. Go to and click "Register your Muster."
2. Enter your local ZIP Code and click “Next step.” A list of Musters will appear; those closest to the zip code you entered will be listed first.
3. Note that the list includes Musters from prior years. Find the current year's version of your Muster and click "Select."
4. On the next page, do not change anything; just scroll to the bottom and click the “Save Event” button.
5. You now have the same rights as the creator of that Muster listing, so you can follow Steps 1-7 in the prior section of this email to download your Muster list.

You can reach The Association's Former Student Programs office for help during business hours at 979-845-7514, or email

Thank you for everything you are doing for Texas Aggies, and for keeping the Muster tradition strong!

For ease of reference, the shortlink to this how-to page is

Muster chairs, check your email inbox for guides like this and other assistance that The Association sends regularly!


Your donations allow The Association of Former Students to keep the tradition of Aggie Muster strong by maintaining the Worldwide Roll, helping Muster chairs plan events, sending hundreds of thousands of Muster invitations and financially supporting the student Muster on campus. Thank you! You can make a gift of any amount at

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