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Stephanie Cannon '06 August 16, 2013 4:27 PM updated: May 2, 2017 10:47 AM

By Jim Woodall ’50 

Project Aggie Valor is an effort to identify all former students who have been awarded the nation’s second-highest award for valor—the Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Air Force Cross. To our knowledge, no such list exists.

Listed below are the results to date. Readers are encouraged to provide information on other Aggies who should be added to the list.

To be eligible for this list, the individual must have been a former student when the award was earned. Information concerning this list should be sent to Jim Woodall ’50 at or (979) 693-1129. 

Legend: A-U.S. Army; N-U.S. Navy; MC-U.S. Marine Corps; AAF-U.S. Army Air Force; AF-U.S. Air Force:
DSC-Distinguished Service Cross; NC-Navy Cross; AFC-Air Force Cross; WW1-World War 1; WW2-World War 2; K-Korean War; VN-Vietnam War; IF-Operation Iraqi Freedom

Bennet Puryear Jr. ’06 MC NC WW1
George F. Moore ’08 A DSC WW2
Jesse L. Easterwood ’09 N NC WW1
William F. Bourland ’13 A DSC WW1
Herbert N. Peters ’13 A DSC WW1
Thomas C. Holliday ’13 N NC WW1
Harry L. Bennett Jr. ’14 A DSC WW1
Leslie W. Brown ’15 A DSC WW1
John H. Moore ’15 A DSC WW1
Charles F. Warren ’15 A DSC WW1
Mitchell H. Brown ’16 A DSC WW1
Andrew D. Bruce ’16 A DSC WW1
Herbert W. Whisenant ’16 A DSC WW1
Clyde N. Bates ’17 N NC WW1
Albert M. Bledsoe ’17 N NC WW2
Walter T. H. Galliford ’17 MC NC WW1
Otho K. Morrison ’17 A DSC WW1
John T. Walker ’17 MC NC WW2
John C. McKimmey ’18 A DSC WW1
Welborn B. Griffith Jr. ’23 A 2 DSC WW2
Robert B. Williams ’23 AAF DSC WW2
James E. Rudder ’32 A DSC WW2
Samuel S. Graham ’34 A DSC WW2
John R. Smith ’34 A DSC WW2
Henry V. Baushausen ’35 A DSC WW2
Odel M. Conoley ’35 MC NC WW2
Raymond L. Murray ’35 MC NC WW2; NC DSC K
Milton J. Landry ’36 A DSC WW2
Bruce W. Reagan ’37 A DSC WW2
Horace S. Carswell Jr. ’38 AAF DSC WW2
Andrew R. Cheek ’38 A DSC WW2
Clem B. Connally ’38 N NC WW2
Edgar J. Crane ’38 MC NC WW2
Rudyard K. Grimes ’38 A DSC WW2
David L. Hill ’38 AAF DSC WW2
George F. Singletary ’38 A DSC WW2
John M. Cook ’39 A DSC K
Dexter L. Hodge ’39 AAF DSC WW2
Herbert M. Mills ’39 A DSC WW2
Harry L. Brown ’40 A DSC WW2
Glenn E. Duncan ’40 AAF DSC WW2
George H. Gay Jr. ’40 N NC WW2
James F. Hollingsworth ’40 A DSC WW2; 2 DSC VN
Jay T. Robbins ’40 AAF 2 DSC WW2
Edwin A. DuBose III ’41 N NC WW2
Butler B.  Fowler, Jr. ’41 A DSC WW2
Thomas M. Horne ’41 MC NC WW2
Frank M. Pool ’41 A DSC WW2
John M. Stephens,  Jr. ’41 A DSC WW2
Charles W. Hodges ’42 AAF DSC WW2
Charles S. Martin Jr. ’42 A DSC WW2
Claude C. Nathan Jr. ’42 N NC WW2
Paul W. Stanley '42 A DSC WW2
Otheil J. Erlund ’43 A DSC WW2
Claude E. Lovett Jr. ’43 A DSC WW2
Robert S. Roberts ’43 A DSC K
Wesley M. Hays ’44 N NC WW2
William C. Knapp ’44 A DSC K
John K. Wells ’44 MC NC WW2
William L. Wathen ’45 A DSC WW2
William P. Brown Jr. ’46 MC NC WW2; NC K
James R. Taylor ’59 A DSC VN
Byron Stone ’60 A DSC VN
David B. Robinson ’62 N NC VN
Neil L. Keltner ’65 A DSC VN
Robert F. Wilke ’65 AF AFC VN
Richard L. Poling ’69 AFC VN
Eric A. Moser ’07 A DSC IF 

Total: 68

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