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Stephanie Cannon '06 May 16, 2013 10:11 AM

Story by Roberto M. Molar Candanosa '13
Communications Student Assistant

Scrolling through her Twitter feed, Alexandra Gonzalez ’15 came across a tweet from the Aggie Network about a new leadership program called Future Former Students. Designed to serve the entire Aggie family through each of Texas A&M’s core values, she knew right away she wanted to be involved.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to actively uphold each Aggie core value and advocate loyalty to Texas A&M through awareness, leadership and the Aggie Network,” Gonzalez said.

Launched by The Association of Former Students, the newly-formed Future Former Students is a group of aspiring student leaders chosen to serve as ambassadors for The Association. Throughout one year, students develop leadership skills that encourage lifelong leadership through service to the Aggie Network. Students will develop relationships with other Aggie leaders, current and former students, prospective students, Aggie families and faculty and staff of Texas A&M.

“Being part of the Aggie family is one of those things that you have to see with your own eyes. When you get your first ‘Howdy’ on campus you can’t help but get cheery and say ‘Howdy’ back. It’s a never-ending chain of love,” said Danielle Martinez ’15, international studies major and Future Former Student.

When Hung Nguyen '14 came to Texas A&M as an international student, he learned what it meant to be part of the Aggie family. "I didn't get to come to campus with my parents like many other students did," he said. He thought he'd be on his own on moving day, "but there were already Aggies there, voluteering to help me," he said. "The Aggies that I met that day weren't there to do a 'service.' They were there because they wanted to be in my life and to welcome me to join their Aggie family--Our Aggie family." Nguyen joined the Future Former Students to live out Aggie core values and to care for other Aggies, in the same way he received care.

Participation in Future Former Students will guide current students through a rotating one-year customized curriculum. Created by The Association specifically for Aggie leaders, it intertwines standard leadership principles with the core values of Texas A&M.

“The primary goal of this group is similar to that of Texas A&M University: to develop lifelong leaders of character dedicated to serving the Aggie Network and beyond,” said doctoral student Kevin Andrews ’11, who designed the program. He advises the group along with Ed Tarlton '08.

Members of this unique group will serve the Aggie community through several activities. They will host events at the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center, and share their Aggie stories at local A&M Clubs, on-campus student organization meetings and Fish Camp. Future Former Students will build relationships across the Aggie Network and will work to strengthen The Association by providing feedback about its programs and marketing. It’s also expected that these members will serve A&M after graduation through A&M Clubs, Constituent Networks and more.

They will also have access to mentorship from Aggies who share their interests. “Being part of an organization like this is more than awesome. What it really comes down to is that we are telling our story,” said Mariah Bastin ’15, a graduate student in international affairs and a Future Former Student. “How can we convince current, former and prospective students that we hold true Aggie values if we don’t tell them?”

The organization of the Future Former Students revolves around Texas A&M’s six core values. The group is divided into six teams with concentrations upholding Aggie excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service.

Members will choose a team based on their preferred area of interest and expand The Association’s reach into the campus community.

“Loyalty is the reason organizations like The Association of Former Students, and Texas A&M traditions exist,” Gonzalez said. She is the leader of the Loyalty team. “It means cultivating relationships, sharing in the Aggie Spirit and leaving our mark at Texas A&M for future generations to come.”

The inaugural program of Future Former Students accepted 50 students from a pool of 90 exceptional applicants. Members were selected based on personality, Aggie experiences, love for Texas A&M and a desire to give back to the Aggie Network. Selected members also demonstrated capacity for leadership and embracing their Aggie Spirit. “We wanted to select students who can help people fall in love, or back in love, with Texas A&M through the personal connections they create,” said Andrews.

“Being part of such an outstanding group of future leaders is one of the things I’m most looking forward to next year,” Martinez said. “It doesn’t matter how smart you are. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, which skills you have, where you were born or which family you come from. You can overcome all of that and more if you have drive, tenacity and a great support group.”

To find out more about the program and its membership requirements, visit

The 2013-2014 Future Former Students are:

Executive Staff

Jordan Harris '12
Applied Mathematics

Joshua Garcia '13

Group Leaders

Caleb Gottlich '13
Nutritional Sciences and Biomedical Sciences

Brittany Bounds '14

Crystal Perez '14
Biology and Psychology

Meghan De Amaral '15
Political Science

Alexandra Gonzalez '15

Patrick Patterson '13
Urban Science


Michael Rutledge '12
Educational Curriculum and Instruction

Keltin Jordan ‘13
Info and Operations Management

Patrick Patterson ‘13
Urban Science

Kalia Aparicio ‘14
Biomedical Sciences

Aaron Brooker ‘14
International Studies

William Carey ‘14
Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Hunter Cook ‘14
Construction Science

Traci Gibson '14
Political Science

Morgan Greco ‘14
Special Education

Cleveland Jones '14
Bioenvironmental Sciences

Nahua Kang ‘14

Hung Nguyen ‘14
Mechanical Engineering

Kwasi Perry '14

Ryan Schoenberg ‘14
Construction Science

Bethany Tolar ‘14

James Tollette ‘14
Petroleum Engineering

Tyler Wigington ‘14
Business Honors/Finance

Javier Zamorano ‘14

Jill Allen ‘15
Biology & Psychology

Mariah Bastin ‘15
International Affairs

Abel Betancourt ‘15

S. Allan Clayton ‘15

Ashlei Fong Kutchins ‘15

Damian Garcia ‘15
Human Resource Development

Sarah Gibson ‘15
Political Science

Jonathan Martinez ‘15
Bioenvironmental Sciences

Amanda Morris ‘15
Ag Communications and Journalism

Jose Rodriguez ‘15
Political Science and History

Alyssa Spruill ‘15
Agricultural Leadership and Development

Brandon Valenta ‘15
Business- Supply Chain Management

Gracie Wood ‘15
Political Science

Elizabeth Zavala ‘15
Business Management

Emily Drastata ‘16
Environmental Geosciences

Sunny Eklund ‘16

Jordan Glidewell ‘16
Agricultural Communications & Journalism

Elizabeth Gustitis ‘16

Jordan Hamilton ‘16
Interdisciplinary Studies

Evan Harmon ‘16

Sydney Huber ‘16
Political Science

Danielle Martinez ‘16
International Studies

Victoria Nutting ‘16
Basic Exercise Physiology

Angelica Perez ‘16

Kyle Sewell ‘16
Business Administration

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