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  1. How and where can I post my news?
  2. How can I get automatic updates of content on the site?
  3. How do I update my Aggie Profile?
  4. How can I get an Email Address?

1. How can I post my news?

Former Students can post updates in the following categories:
  1. Former Student News: This is where you can post your major announcements. This is similar to the information you'd read in your Class Newsletter.
  2. Silver Taps: If you have information for Silver Taps, you can use the Online Form, or send an email to
  3. Aggie Baby Central: This is where you can post baby announcements.
  4. Announcements: This section is for Club Presidents and Class Agents to post related announcements.
To post, visit either your Class Page or your Club Page. You must be logged in to post (Club Presidents and Class Agents have the ability to post news for non-Former Students, like spouses). Once you are logged in, you will see a "create post" beside the category into which you can post information. The following fields should be filled out:
  1. Title: A brief title of the what you are announcing.
  2. Allow anonymous users to read this post: This lets you control access to who can read your post. If you uncheck this box, only authenticated Aggies who are logged into will be able toread your post.
  3. Date fields: Some posts let you mark dates (Baby's Birthday, Date of Event, etc). Check the box next to the date type you'd like to associate with your post. Once you do so, the Date Picker will be enabled so you can choose a date.
  4. Body: This is where you will type in your announcement. You have the option to Bold, Italicize, and Spell Check your text.  If you type in links, we will automatically link them for you once the information is posted.
  5. Media Upload Tool: This is where you can upload up to 3 photos to go with your post (either .jpg or .gif).  There are no file size restrictions. We will automatically optimize your image for downloading
Once you Publish your information, it will show up under your Class and Club pages.  You can always Edit or Delete your post by finding your post on your Class or Club page under the proper category, clicking on the link to view the full posting, and then using the "edit" or "delete" links on that page.

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2. How can I get automatic updates of content on the site?

When you visit your Class Page or your Club Page, you will see an RSS icon (a small orange square) next to the Post Type (Club Announcement, Former Student News, Silver Taps, etc). If you click on the RSS icon, you will be taken to the RSS feed for that particular Post Type.

There are many types of programs that will automatically read this RSS feed and treat it like email.  If you use Google/Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, you can integrate this feed with your existing accounts.

Additionally, these feeds can also be streamed directly into your website.  If you are using a Drupal site provided by the Association, we can help you setup these feeds.

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3. How do I update my Aggie Profile?

After you Login, you will see your name at the top-right of the site. This link will take you to your Aggie Profile Tools, where you can update your:
  1. Aggie Profile: This includes your contact information, Student Life & Activities, Family & Aggie Legacy, a profile photo, and more. More information on your Aggie Profile.
  2. Username and Password: This is where you can update your username and password.
  3. Email: Please see the following section on Email.
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