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Former Student Gives Back After Receiving Association Funds Years Prior

Langley Pembleton '21 October 16, 2020 1:45 PM updated: November 9, 2020 5:54 PM

The Association of Former Students is all about giving back. “They support the university, and the university is the next step in our stories that has helped mold us into the individuals we are,” said Yvette Halley ’11. She knows firsthand, what it means to pass it back. 

As an undergrad first-generation Aggie and college student at Texas A&M, Yvette turned to The Association for help. After she and her family found themselves in an unexpected time of need, Yvette requested student assistance funds from The Association that would help make it financially possible for her to continue pursuing a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences.

“The funds allowed me to take away that stress and continue in my studies without wondering, ‘What am I going to do now?’” said Yvette. “I was just very happy that there were organizations like The Association that make you feel like while things can seem hard, they’re just a hurdle that you have to get through.” Without this assistance Yvette said she “would have felt that impact for a long time.”

Yvette went on to pursue a Ph.D. in genetics at Texas A&M’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Full of gratitude for the assistance that made such a profound impact, she dedicated her dissertation to the former students of Texas A&M who provided the  funds she received from The Association years prior.

“I feel like The Association had such a large influence on me even getting the dissertation four years later,” said Yvette. “I wrote my little dedication in my dissertation to it, and I thought that would be the end of it--but now, I’ve decided to start passing it back.”

Five years after graduating with her Ph.D., Yvette donated the same amount that she received back to The Association in grateful remembrance of the support she received as an undergraduate student. “I feel like this is a good moment to just say thank you, and especially with everything that’s going on right now, I’m sure there’s a few students that need assistance,” she said.

Donations from Century Club members not only provide momentary relief for students at Texas A&M, but instill a lifetime mindset of selfless service and giving.

“Aggies treat giving as something we do to better the people around us and to help them be successful,” said Yvette. “Giving to The Association really does make an impact on students that are here, and that gift definitely helped me be successful.”

Donors to The Association make student support such as this possible. To give back to Texas A&M and help support Texas Aggies in Aggieland and around the world, visit

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