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Saturday: Getting Your Ring At The Rec!

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 April 10, 2019 6:16 PM updated: April 11, 2019 11:47 AM

Click the map above to enlarge.
Click the map above to enlarge.

Due to the potential for severe weather in College Station on Saturday, and with highest priority given to everyone's safety, Saturday’s Ring Day (April 13) is moving from the Alumni Center to the Rec Center.

Friday’s Ring Day is staying at the Alumni Center. Information here:

In fact, if you'd like to pick up your Ring a day early (and avoid the weather), there are several hundred time slots available Friday morning, and you can switch at!

What to know for Saturday

1. Park on West Campus

The Rec Center is next to the West Campus Garage, which offers a $5 Ring Day rate. (You can pre-pay online; select “Ring Day.”) 

Also, any valid campus parking permit will let you park in Lot 100, or you can pay regular rates to park in the Cain Garage. No Ring Day shuttles will be operating. The designated ride-share and personal drop-off location for Saturday is on Olsen Blvd. southbound along the Reed Arena curb area.

Enter the Rec through the main doors, which face the West Campus Garage. Then just follow the signs!

2. Check 
Throughout the day, we will post status updates at They will include whether the day is proceeding on schedule and any other important announcements or useful tips. Updates will also be posted on Twitter at @AggieRingDay.

3. No need to arrive early

You and your group don’t need to arrive at the Rec more than 15-20 minutes before your group time (printed on your Ring Ticket). The lines look long, but they move quickly!

Due to the move, normal Ring Day concessions, vendors and booths will not be offered at the Rec location. Once you are inside the Rec, the Smoothie King restaurant is open as usual. Rec rules mean you may only carry in beverages in resealable plastic containers.

4. Don't forget your Ring Ticket, Ring Receipt and ID

Your Ring Ticket gets you in to Ring Day.

  • It also shows your group number/time. You can screenshot it ahead of time. 

Your Ring Receipt and ID prove that the correct Aggie is picking up your Aggie Ring! 

  • If you do not have your Ring Receipt, you will have to show two forms of ID. Acceptable IDs include your driver's license, your Texas A&M student ID, a military ID, or a passport. 

5.  Be aware of surroundings and your guests’ needs

There is no seating available in the Ring delivery areas; floors may become slippery if outdoor conditions are wet; and you won’t be able to remain inside the building to take photos, because the next group will be entering to get their Rings. 

Watch the weather forecasts, and remember to check for updates.

Our priorities are to keep you safe and get your Aggie Rings on your fingers as quickly as possible - we are delighted to celebrate this day with you!


Ring Day FAQ

What is a Ring Ticket?

Your Ring Ticket reserves your spot in an assigned group and gives you and your guests entrance into the Ring delivery areas when your group number is called. Only the student picking up an Aggie Ring needs a Ring Ticket.

How do I use my Ring Ticket?

Once you have pulled your Ring Ticket, immediately screenshot it so you can present it on Ring Day when your group number is called; due to the large crowds, cell service may prevent you from pulling it up on Ring Day. You may also print it out and bring it with you. You can access your Ring Ticket on any time after you have pulled it.

What if my arrival at Ring Day is delayed and my group number has already passed?

If you miss your Ticket group time, you will need to wait until the next "All Call" (which happens once per hour). You will still get your Aggie Ring!

Will someone present my Aggie Ring to me?

Our Ring Day volunteers are happy to present your Aggie Ring to you. However, if you would like one of your guests to present your Aggie Ring to you, please inform the volunteer at your station.

What happens after I get my Aggie Ring?

Check to make sure the engraving inside is correct, and move your group away from the Ring delivery table and toward the exit, so the next group can enter. 

What if I can't make it to Aggie Ring Day?

If you are unable to pick up your Aggie Ring on Ring Day, you may come to the Alumni Center to pick it up at the Aggie Ring Office during normal business hours any day thereafter. You cannot pick up your Aggie Ring before Ring Day.

To make other arrangements, please contact the Aggie Ring Program during regular business hours at (979) 845-1050 or

The Association has operated the Aggie Ring program since 1969, ensuring that the proper academic qualifications are met for ordering and that the design and appearance are protected. The Ring Office operates on funds provided by Association donors. Lend your support at

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