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Found Aggie Ring

Lisel Odom '89 July 17, 2014 9:05 AM

This lost-and-found Aggie Ring story was submitted by Lisel S. Odom '89.

This story begins the fall of 1988, my senior year. I'd just received my Aggie Ring in October and it was Elephant Walk, right before Thanksgiving weekend.  As you know, Elephant Walk is always crazy with lots of people.  As we approached the chemistry fountain a friend helped me into the fountain. My hands  were wet, I had shaving cream everywhere and, as he helped me into the fountain, my Ring slipped off my finger. I didn't realize it at first and I was farther down the route towards Fish Pond when I realized I'd lost my Ring. With so many people behind us, I had no choice but to finish Elephant Walk wondering where my Aggie Ring had ended up.   
When I returned to my dorm room I made a call to the facilities department. I was told they wouldn't clean or drain the fountains until the Thanksgiving holiday. I knew that I couldn't go home without my Aggie Ring, so with several friends with me, we went looking for my Ring. It was pretty cold that night but we were determined to search the chemistry fountain. So with flashlights and barefooted we begin walking through both the upper and lower fountains.  We found rocks, the chords for the fountain lights and even some money. By this time it was getting dark and we were all cold. It was about that time that one of my friends found something with her foot.

When she pulled her foot up, out of the dark murky water, we couldn't believe it. She'd found my Aggie Ring. Needless to say it felt good to have found it and be able to go home for the holidays to show off the Ring I'd worked so hard for and wear to this day. Thanks to my friends and their willingness to be cold and help me, we were able to do what most thought was impossible.

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