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The Aggie Family Steps Up To Buy Aggie Ring For Cadet Chaplain

Scot Walker '90 April 19, 2013 11:21 AM

By Wes Mays '81
Reprinted from Dallas County Aggie Moms Club e-newsletter

Late last year, the Coppell A&M Club circulated a story about Matt Shinn '14, from Coppell, a junior in the
Corps of Cadets, serving as his outfit’s chaplain. In July 2012, Matt's father was found near his bicycle in front of the YMCA building in Coppell; efforts to resuscitate him by Coppell EMS were unsuccessful. Mr. Shinn’s death was quite sudden and unexpected. Due to family financial circumstances, Matt told his mom that he did not want to place financial hardship on her and would do without an Aggie Ring.

The good news is that Aggies stepped up and provided over $2,000 to the Matt Shinn Ring Fund. Matt ordered his Aggie Ring in January. The fund paid the entire $1,285 amount. The remainder of the funds were given to Matt to help pay for his senior year.

On April 12, I had the good fortune to attend Aggie Ring Day and present Matt Shinn his Class of 2014 Aggie Ring. His mother was present, along with members of the First United Methodist Church and one of his high school teachers. Also present at Ring Day was Texas A&M University President Dr. R. Bowen Loftin '71. I explained that the Coppell A&M Club, Aggie Moms Club, and members from our email list had provided Matt’s Ring. Dr. Loftin literally said “thank everyone for what they’ve done.” I asked him if he would present the Ring and he said he would be “honored.”

I blew a whistle and then announced very loudly that Matt Shinn was receiving his Ring courtesy of Aggies from all over. I opened the box to present the Ring, only to have Matt discover that the Ring box was empty. Dr. Loftin quickly stepped up and explained that he usually kept a few spares in his pocket. One of the attached photos is of Dr. Loftin putting Matt’s Ring on his finger.

Matt cried. Well, we all did.

Overall, Matt had a pretty good weekend. A sincere “thank you” to everyone who participated and helped Matt.

Wes Mays '81

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