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The Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center

The Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center

The newly enhanced Alumni Center showcases Texas A&M’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. Read more about the Building Enhancement Campaign.

The Haynes Ring Plaza features a 12-foot high bronze replica of the Aggie Ring, symbol of the Aggie Network.

Inside, interactive exhibits bring the legendary Aggie spirit to life.

In the Tribute Wall exhibit, two touch screen monitors mounted on columns in Flores Hall allow visitors to explore the lives of Aggies who have made an impact on The Association, Texas A&M, and the world.

“By making our history a living experience, it will help build and maintain the Aggie Spirit in both former and present students.”

Featured Quotations At The Williams Alumni Center

EXCELLENCE Core Value Wall

“In the heart of every Aggie dwells excellence: the unending drive to enrich the world around us.” – S. Shariq Yosufzai ’74

“We are what we think, therefore think excellence.” – Dorothy and Artie McFerrin ’65

INTEGRITY Core Value Wall

“A person with character has the judgment to know what is right and the courage to act on that knowledge.” – Sara and John H. Lindsey ’44

*original quote by retired Lt. General Dave Palmer

“Integrity has no price, only value that accrues throughout your life.” – Jorge A. Bermudez ’73

LEADERSHIP Core Value Wall

“Freedom, liberty, brotherhood, and justice all are enabled by ethical leadership.  May God grant that such leadership always remain at the core of the Aggie experience.” – Erle Nye ’59

“At Texas A&M you learn first to follow, then to develop and practice your leadership skills, and finally you become someone others want to follow.” – James R. Thompson ’68

LOYALTY Core Value Wall

“It was here that our lives were forever changed, and loyalty to one another and to a cause greater than self filled our hearts.” – Phillip D. Adams ’70

“Loyalty is the genesis of all Aggie Traditions.” – Claudia A. and Roderick D. Stepp ’59 

RESPECT Core Value Wall

“While respect is not given, but earned, being a Texas Aggie makes one deserving of such.” – Lauren and Glenn Hart ’78

“Aggies treat others with dignity and respect because every person is significant.” – Richard Kardys ’67


“When Aggies see a need, their energy and their selflessness draw others into the cause, and good things happen.” – Joe B. Foster ’56

“Selfless service is a core component of the good in our society.” – Ray A. Rothrock ’77


“The three keys to a successful life: integrity, excellence, and service.” – Patti and Weldon Kruger ’53


“Leadership is something that can be strengthened through hard work and opportunities. Texas A&M provides those opportunities to grow one’s leadership potential.” – Bonnie B. and Otway B. Denny, Jr. ’71, Denny Room

“Nourish your mind with academic pursuits, and nourish your soul with friendships different from those in your past, experiences that challenge you and causes that inspire you. In doing so, you will earn an education, not just a degree.” – Carole and Van Taylor ’71, Taylor Room


“As Aggies, we are recognized by our Rings, but we are known for our commitment to excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service.” – Gina L. Flores and William H. “Bill” Flores ’76


“Texas A&M has instilled in me that integrity is the cornerstone for life’s values, principles, and actions.” – Sondra and Ronald L. Skaggs ’65

“With deep roots in agriculture, Texas A&M understands the value of seeds.  Most universities plant seeds of learning; A&M also plants seeds of character that flourish for a lifetime.” – Melanie Jones Toler ’76 and P. William “Bill” Toler ’76

Building & Exhibits
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Association Leadership
Interactive Exhibits
Six interactive exhibits tell the stories of Texas A&M's proud past
Tribute Wall
Tribute Wall
Explore the lives of Aggies and their impact on The Association, Texas A&M, and the world.
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