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Mosaic Masterpieces

September 19, 2013 - September 29, 2013

Like the multicolored fragments of a treasured mosaic, the diverse ports on this voyage combine to create a masterpiece. Feel the unique energy of bustling Casablanca, the legendary star of Morocco. Savor delicious flaons, sweet pastries from Ibiza. Admire the works in the Picasso Museum in Málaga, and view Baroque masterworks in the remarkable Museum of Fine Arts of Seville. Stroll the historic Lisbon neighborhoods nestled in the shadow of St. George's Castle. Walk among the ruins of the ancient Roman theater in Cartagena. The militaristic history of British Gibraltar is both contrast and complement to the carefree delights of Barcelona's living statues along La Rambla.

Aboard Oceania Riviera

Tour Provider: Aggie Alumni Travel

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Trip Details
Per Person Pricing (USD)
C - Deluxe Oceanview $3,225.00
B4 - Veranda Stateroom $3,725.00
G - Inside Stateroom $3,854.00
B1 - Veranda Stateroom $4,025.00
F - Inside Stateroom $4,054.00
A4 - Veranda Stateroom $4,125.00
A3 - Veranda Stateroom $4,225.00
A2 - Veranda Stateroom $4,325.00
A1 - Veranda Stateroom $4,525.00
B3 - Veranda Stateroom $5,354.00
B2 - Veranda Stateroom $5,454.00
PH1 - Penthouse 1 $6,025.00
PH3 - Penthouse 3 $7,054.00
PH2 - Penthouse 2 $7,254.00
AIR: Included

Sept 19
Barcelona, Spain
Sept 20
Barcelona, Spain
Sept 21
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Sept 22
Ibiza, Spain
Sept 23
Cartagena, Spain
Sept 24
Malaga, Spain
Sept 25
Gibraltar, UK Territory
Sept 26
Casablanca, Morocca
Sept 27
Cadiz, Spain
Sept 28
At Sea
Sept 29
Lisbon, Portugal
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