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Muster Chairs Working Hard To Plan For April

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 January 12, 2021 11:49 AM updated: January 15, 2021 1:44 PM

Hundreds of Muster chairs are already hard at work to make plans safely, whether in-person, virtual or flexible, for Aggie Musters in April 2021.

This month, Muster chairs are filling out requests to The Association for Muster invitations, address labels and more. (See below how to ensure you receive yours.)

Over 40 Musters for 2021 are already listed at More Musters will be added, and even pre-planned events may change, so it is particularly important this year that you get the latest updates from your local Muster chair as Aggies prepare to honor this beloved tradition that connects us all. 

Note to Muster chairs: Jan. 22 is the deadline for out-of-state Musters to request Association invitation/mailing resources; the deadline for Musters in Texas is Feb. 1. Visit or contact us at for assistance.

Make sure you receive your local Muster information

Local Muster emails and postcards are sent by The Association based on the physical address in your profile. Make sure your location and email address are up to date at

You can check at any time to see if a Muster is planned for your area. If you don’t see one listed yet, can help you contact last year’s Muster chair for your area.

Also, many A&M Clubs are on social media; check for links.

Help others who need Muster information

Every year, there are families who need assistance learning about Muster. You can help them, whether it’s by finding out details on the Muster closest to them, describing what to expect at a local or virtual Muster, or ensuring that their Aggie’s name has been added to the worldwide Muster Roll ( 

One vital piece of information they may need is that not all Aggie names are called at the student-run campus Muster. This is a widespread belief, but in fact no Musters call the entire roll. Help them with this information if needed; you can guide them to the criteria for the campus Muster or help them contact a local Muster chair to ensure the name is called at the virtual or in-person Muster they plan to attend. Also, all names will be read aloud online and answered with “Here” in The Association’s Live Worldwide Roll Call.

Don’t wait until April to add a name

Aggie Musters around the world pull names from The Association of Former Students’ worldwide Muster Roll. This list is updated daily, and you can help Muster chairs by making sure names are added in advance of April 21. Visit to learn more.

Muster support from The Association

Each year, The Association provides assistance to hundreds of Musters, Muster chairs and individual Aggies to ensure the Muster tradition stays strong and connects as many of us as possible. In 2020, that included creating the Muster Live website, which united nearly 50,000 Aggies safely online. Thank you for your contributions to The Association that make this work possible. 

The Association of Former Students is the oldest organization serving Texas A&M University in support of the ever-growing Aggie Network. We are HERE for Aggies during their days as students and former students, THERE for Aggies as they make their way around the world and EVERYWHERE the Aggie Network needs us to be. To help us help more Aggies, visit

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