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Friday: Ring Day At The Alumni Center

Caitlin "Cait" Shields '11 April 10, 2019 6:17 PM updated: April 10, 2019 8:40 PM

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Click the map above to enlarge

Although the potential for severe weather is affecting Saturday’s Ring Day, the Friday (April 12) forecast is sunnier, and Ring distribution will remain at the Alumni Center. (View Saturday’s information at

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What to know

1. Entry point is different than previous Ring Days

The entrance to Ring Day has moved to the Alumni Center's parking lot, which is on the east side of the building, by Throckmorton Street.

If you ride the Ring Day Shuttle from West Campus Garage or Lot 100, you will be dropped off at the correct entrance.

If you are using a ride-share service (Uber or Lyft), you'll be dropped off near the correct entrance, just a short walk up Throckmorton Street.

If you are walking from campus, use the sidewalk on Throckmorton Street (beside the vice president's house) instead of using the sidewalk along Houston Street (beside Kyle Field).

If you need a disability-accessible entrance, take the free Ring Day Shuttle and tell the driver you need to get off at the ADA-compliant entrance, where there is a ramp.

2. Park on west campus and take the free Ring Day Shuttle

Any valid campus parking permit will let you park in Lot 100. Or, you can pay just $5 to park in the West Campus Garage (you can pre-pay online; select “Ring Day”) or pay regular rates to park in the Cain Garage.

The Ring Day Shuttle runs between the West Campus Garage and the new Ring Day entry at the Alumni Center. It’s free to ride, ADA-accessible and will run until about 45 minutes after the end of Ring Day.

Please note that Houston Street near the Alumni Center will be closed to all traffic except the Ring Day Shuttle, and there is no parking available at the Alumni Center on Ring Day.

3. Check

Throughout the day, we will post status updates at They will include whether the day is proceeding on schedule and any other important announcements or useful tips. Updates will also be posted on Twitter at @AggieRingDay.

Your group time (printed on your Ring Ticket) is the approximate time at which your group will be called onto the Haynes Ring Plaza. You will be let into the building after 15 minutes after that.

4. Don't forget your Ring Ticket, Ring Receipt and ID

Your Ring Ticket gets you in to Ring Day.

  • It also shows your group number/time. You can screenshot it ahead of time.

Your Ring Receipt and ID prove that the correct Aggie is picking up your Aggie Ring!

  • If you do not have your Ring Receipt, you will have to show two forms of ID. Acceptable IDs include your driver's license, your Texas A&M student ID, a military ID, or a passport.

5. Make thoughtful decisions — and check your email!

Ring Day is a celebration of remarkable achievement, but it is also crowded, loud, and logistically complex. In order to safely manage a crowd of tens of thousands, the entire day is carefully scheduled, and all movement into, out of, and around the Alumni Center is carefully controlled. There is no seating at all, and you will not be able to linger inside the building to celebrate or take photos, as we have to clear the building to make room for the next group.
Before you arrive for Aggie Ring Day, please consider all these factors, as they can affect the health, safety, and comfort of you and your guests.

While you are at Aggie Ring Day, please be aware of your surroundings, listen for announcements and be prepared for the possibility of last-minute changes due to weather or other events beyond our control.

If you are receiving an Aggie Ring at this Ring Day, you have received emails from us with instructions, information and helpful links, and will receive another Wednesday night.

If you are coming to Ring Day as a guest of a Ring recipient, please visit for more information!

The Association has operated the Aggie Ring program since 1969, ensuring that the proper academic qualifications are met for ordering and that the design and appearance are protected. The Ring Office operates on funds provided by Association donors. Lend your support at

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