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Don’t Wait Till April To Add A Name To Muster Roll

Susan "Sue" Owen '94 February 17, 2019 5:06 PM updated: February 21, 2019 9:39 AM

It’s commonly believed that the names of all Aggies are called at the student Muster in College Station.

That’s not the case. And every Muster calls a different roll.

But nearly any local Muster can add a name if they know you or other loved ones are attending to answer “Here.”

To make sure your Aggie’s name is on the Roll Call at the Muster you plan to attend:

  • Find a Muster near you:
  • Contact the Muster chair and say you want to answer “Here” for a specific person.

For 2019, you’ll find more than 170 Musters already mapped at Each event has the Muster chair’s contact information. These volunteers are already well into planning and preparation for April's events.

Check last year’s list, too. If there was a Muster near you in 2018, odds are good it will be organized again in 2019. 

Make sure the Aggie's name is on the Worldwide Roll Call (this creates obituary notices for them, including the Silver Taps listings in The Association's magazine):

These steps are ones that you can help grieving family or friends with.

They may be assuming they need to head to College Station. The Association gets a great number of phone calls in April from Aggies trying to find a Muster or change plans last-minute. Such distress can make an already difficult time harder.

Please help others! They do not need to wait until April, and may be relieved to make plans early.

Make sure that, whenever they are ready for the information, they have these links:

Remember that even more Musters will pop up on the map as April approaches. (Also, if an Aggie passes away soon before April 21 and the family is not ready, recognition can be deferred until the following year.)

An additional recognition: The Association began in 2018 an annual practice of reading aloud all 1,600-plus names to ensure that each is answered with "Here." This reading, the Live Worldwide Roll Call, will take place again at the Alumni Center in 2019.

Especially important for those attending Musters this year: Be sure to doublecheck the date.

In 2019, many Musters will be on April 22 and other dates, because April 21 will coincide with Easter, and Muster chairs try to schedule their events so that the largest number of people can attend.

The student Muster on campus is one of many opting for April 22. Please help fellow Aggies who may need this information: Most Aggies' names are not called here. Like other Musters, it calls mainly the names of Aggies from its local community. In this case, that's primarily current students and their immediate family. Learn more:

You may also be able to help family and friends by letting them know what to expect at a specific Muster.

Local Musters can be very different from the formal event held in Reed Arena.

Some may include a speaker, a meal or picnic. You may be asked if you want to hold a candle for your Aggie. An A&M Club might elect officers or hand out scholarships, because these are usually the largest annual gathering of Aggies in each area.

Camaraderie and social activities are an important part of the event: The dual purposes of Muster are to bring Aggies together and to demonstrate that those we have lost are still with us.

Muster doesn’t happen without the action of hundreds of individual Aggies.

Your help, this year and every year, is greatly appreciated.

The Association of Former Students sends packets to Muster chairs and speakers, issues thousands of Muster invitations and provides step-by-step support as over 300 Musters are planned each year. The Association’s records and web staff also maintain the online Worldwide Roll, which is updated daily. Donor support makes these services possible:

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