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Rain In The Forecast For Aggie Ring Day

Scot Walker '90 September 19, 2018 5:32 PM updated: September 20, 2018 2:26 PM

Aggie Ring Day starts in less than 48 hours, and we need to share some important information about the weather forecast for Friday.

As of today, the forecasts report a high probability of rainfall on Friday. Of course, weather forecasting is inherently uncertain and a lot could change between now and Friday, but based on current information, the highest rainfall chances appear to be in the afternoon, starting around 1 p.m., and continuing into the early evening.

It is important to understand that Aggie Ring Day is an outdoor event. Guests at Ring Day will be inside the Alumni Center for 15 minutes at most; the rest of your time will be spent outside, exposed to the elements. If it rains, you will get wet, and there will be no place that you can quickly take cover. With that in mind, we encourage all visitors on Friday to bring umbrellas. We also suggest you carefully consider your choice of clothing and footwear.

Rain by itself is a comfort issue, not a safety issue, so based on the current forecast, there are no changes to the timing or location of Friday's event. However, there is a small possibility of lightning, high winds or other severe conditions that might impact the delivery of Rings on Friday.

What Happens If There Is Lightning?

Texas A&M has installed a Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System that predicts when lightning is about to strike within its defined detection perimeter. The system measures the electrostatic field in the atmosphere where lightning originates, allowing it to provide a warning even though there may be no visible evidence of lightning.

When the Thor Guard system activates, all outdoor events on the A&M campus must be suspended, and they cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last detected strike. Ring Day is classified as an outdoor event and is subject to such delays if the Thor Guard system detects lightning.

During such a delay, all Ring Day activities would cease, and students and guests would be urged to seek shelter at the MSC or the Koldus Building. Once cleared to do so, Ring deliveries would resume at the point they were left off.

Watch For Another Update From Us Thursday

We will post another update Thursday with an updated weather forecast, details of any impact we expect the weather to have on Ring Day, and other important planning information.

How We Will Communicate With Ring Recipients On Friday

We will constantly monitor conditions and forecasts throughout the day on Friday. In the event of any delays or other changes, there are several ways that we will communicate the latest information during Ring Day.

If you have a Twitter account, the best way to ensure you get the latest information directly from us is to sign up for text alerts by texting “follow AggieRingDay” to 40404. We promise not to send you texts for any purpose other than Aggie Ring Day status reports, and you can unfollow once Aggie Ring Day is over.

Delays or changes will also be communicated to guests on-site via our public address system and by members of our staff using bullhorns. We will also post regular status updates on our website at You can also receive status reports by following @AggieRingDay on Twitter.

In the event of major delays or disruptions, we will also email Aggie Ring recipients using the email address you gave us when you ordered your Ring.

Alternatives To Friday Ring Delivery

Ring recipients have the option to opt out of Ring Day and visit our office during regular business hours next week to receive their Rings. They can also choose to have the Ring shipped; please email us at if you would like to arrange shipping.

Houston Street Will Be Closed All Day Friday

Unrelated to the weather, we were notified by Texas A&M Transportation Services this week that they will close Houston Street from George Bush Drive to Joe Routt Boulevard for the duration of Aggie Ring Day to eliminate the possibility of vehicle-pedestrian conflicts.

All Ring recipients and guests should park in Lot 100 next to Reed Arena (free, using any valid A&M parking permit) or pay to park at the West Campus Garage (you can pay in advance using your phone). From Lot 100 or WCG, you will ride the free Aggie Ring Day Shuttle to the Alumni Center. Eight shuttles will run continuously, and all are ADA-compliant and accessible.

Shuttles begin running approximately 1 hour before Aggie Ring Day festivities begin, and will stop running about 45 minutes after the close of Aggie Ring Day.

You may also park in the new Cain Garage, but note that the Aggie Ring Shuttle will not stop at Cain.

You will not find parking at the Alumni Center.

Thank You For Your Patience

Please know that we understand the importance of this day to all Aggie Ring recipients. You earned your Aggie Ring by virtue of your academic achievement, and it is our goal to have your Aggie Ring on your finger as soon as is reasonably and safely possible.

We congratulate you on your accomplishment, and we thank you for your patience as we try to ensure a memorable day for you and more than 4,000 other Aggie Ring recipients and tens of thousands of special guests.

Thanks and gig 'em!

The Association of Former Students

Please share this information with any guests you have invited to your Ring Day!


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