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Texas A&M Students Help Build Entrepreneurship In Panama

Posted by Stephanie (Jeter) Cannon '06
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Global Business Brigades is a national organization with a mission to create sustainable change by empowering students and communities. The organization and its Texas A&M chapter provide hands-on international business experience by taking a group of students on a weeklong trip to Central America each semester, helping local entrepreneurs realize their dream of escaping poverty and experiencing true economic development.

Most recently, the A&M group traveled to Panama, where the students worked with local business to develop
business plans and teach business strategies in the hope that the knowledge they shared would help the  community’s economic growth and create independence that would benefit the community in the long run.

With funding support from donors to The Association of Former Students’ Annual Fund, the students were  able to meet their fundraising goals and focus on the work they traveled to do, while gaining experience  through teaching business strategies in an international setting.

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