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The Traveling Aggies are pleased to offer Undiscovered Italy - Apulia.


May 8 - 16, 2012


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Price From $2,395 per person


Kissed by the Adriatic sun, southern Italy’s Apulia region is a land of olive trees, impressive Norman castles and charming hilltop towns overlooking aquamarine seas. Settle into Polignano a Mare, a town with a decisively Greek feel and a spectacular coastal setting. Walk along narrow cobblestone streets to see its Old Town and other highlights. Travel to Leece to admire its lace-like baroque architecture and to Ostuni to view dazzling white buildings. Delight in the quaint fishing village of Trani. Marvel at the unique pointed, helmet-like roofs of the houses in Trulli, and the cave houses and caverns in Sassi. Discover the legacy of the famous Hohenstaufen Emperor, Frederick II, with a tour of the 13th century Castel del Monte. Join us on this exciting adventure to one of Italy’s little-known regions and discover why this area has been settled, and contended for, since time immemorial.